Rajasthan VDO Pre Question Paper 2021 (28-12-2021) Third Phase (Test)

General Information about Rajasthan Village Development Officer (VDO) Preliminary Examination 2021 (28-12-2021) Third Phase

Exam BoardRajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB)
Exam NameVillage Development Officer (VDO) Preliminary Exam
Exam Date28-12-2021
Exam PhaseThird Phase (Morning Shift)
First Answer Key issue date31-01-2022
Final Answer key issue date12-04-2022
Exam ModeOffline
Question paper languageHindi & English
Question paper typeObjective
Total Question100
Maximum Marks100
Negative MarkingNegative marking is not applicable.
Time2 Hours

Note :- The answers to all the questions given in this question paper have been taken from the official answer key of Rajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB).

This question paper includes questions related to the following subjects :-

  1. Current Affairs (State, National and International Level)
  2. Geography and Natural Resources. (World, India and Rajasthan)
  3. Agriculture and economic development with special reference to India and Rajasthan.
  4. History and culture. (India and Rajasthan)
  5. General mental ability.
  6. Reasoning power and analytical ability.
  7. English
  8. Hindi
  9. Mathematic
  10. Administrative structure in Rajasthan at state, district, tehsil and panchayat level.
  11. Basic knowledge of computer.

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General information about the test :-

Test NameRSSB Village Development Officer (VDO) Preliminary Exam Question Paper 2021 (28-12-2021) Third Phase
Test FeeFree
Test ModeOnline
Total Question100
Time Period2 hours
Minimum Passing Marks40%

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Rajasthan Village Development Officer (VDO) Prelims Exam Question Paper 2021 (28-12-2021) Third Phase (Test)

In this test, all the questions asked in the question paper of Rajasthan Village Development Officer (VDO) Prelims exam 2021 (28-12-2021) Third Phase have been included.

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1. What is called the ‘Mausar’ in the customs of Rajasthan?

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2. Phuldol fair of Shahpura is held in the month of-

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3. A fast train takes 3 hours less then a slow train for a journey of 900 km. If the speed of the slow train is 10 km/hr less than that of the fast train, then what is the speed of the fast train?

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4. Who invented the High Level Language ‘C’?

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5. If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and the breadth is decreased by 20% then the percentage increase or decreases in the area of the rectangle is-

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6. Select from the given options the sentence which correctly transforms the following Direct speech sentence in reported speech.

Sentence : “Please, could you tell me the answer?”, he said.

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7. The output quality of a printer is measured by-

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8. The founder of ‘Jain Vardhman Vidyalaya’ established in 1907 AD was-

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9. In a queue of students, Rajesh is fifth from the left and Manish is sixth from the right, When they interchange their places among themselves, Rajesh becomes thirteenth from the left. Then, position of Manish from the right is-

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10. Rajasthan contributes about …… percent of total crude oil production in India.

11 / 100

11. किस विकल्प में संधि-विच्छेद सही नहीं हुआ है?

12 / 100

12. Match the following-

Sect – Main centre/Headquarters

(a) Charandasi Sect – (I) Jodhpur

(b) Alkhiya Sect – (II) Bikaner

(c) Gudhar Sect – (III) Delhi

(d) Nawal Sect – (IV) Dantara (Bhilwara)

Codes :

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13. In a certain code language, ‘GREEN’ is coded as 79555 and ‘YELLOW’ is coded as 753365, then the code for ‘WHITE’ is-

14 / 100

14. Bhatner fort was built by-

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15. First scientific classification of Rajasthan painting was presented by-

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16. Who among the following is credited to be first to bring camels to Marwar?

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17. Area bounded by the curve y = 2x – x2 and the line x + y = 0 is-

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18. The committee constituted for merger of Matsya Union in Greater Rajasthan was-

19 / 100

19. In 2020-21, the sectoral contribution of the industries sector in the total Gross State Value Added (GSVA) of Rajasthan, at current prices is-

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20. Which of the following types of forests occupy the largest percentage in India?

21 / 100

21. किस विकल्प में शब्द-युग्म का अर्थ-भेद सही नहीं है?

22 / 100

22. Pick up an appropriate option from the given alternatives to which this sentence can be a response-

“No, I haven’t.”-

23 / 100

23. In context of network topology, match the following-

(a) Mesh – (I) Multipoint connection

(b) Star – (II) Bulk Wiring

(c) Bus – (III) Hub

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24. ‘Saheliyon ki Bari’ was built by-

25 / 100

25. In 2021, the Thomas Cup Trophy was lifted by-

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26. Arrange the following mountain peaks of Rajasthan in the increasing order of height-

Gurushikhar, Achalgarh, Kumbhalgarh, Taragarh

27 / 100

27. Match the following-

(A) Words – (B) Antonyms

(a) Conspicuous – (I) Opaque

(b) Transparent – (II) Clear

(c) Obsolete – (III) Concealed

(d) Obscure – (IV) Contemporary

Codes :

28 / 100

28. Here, a statement is followed by three assumptions numbered I, II and III. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions, decide which of the assumption/assumptions is/are implicit in the statement and choose your answer accordingly.

Statement : The book on Vedic maths is so prepared that even a layman can study it, in the absence of a teacher.

Assumption :

(I) A layman wishes to study Vedic maths without a teacher.

(II) A teacher may not always be available to teach Vedic maths.

(III) A layman generally finds it difficult to learn Vedic maths on its own.

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29. What rank did Udaipur from Rajasthan get in the ranking of 100 cities under Smart City Mission?

30 / 100

30. Who presided the 7th All India States’ Peoples’ conference held at Udaipur?

31 / 100

31. Study the following figure carefully and answer the question. Rectangle represents Mathematicians. Circle represent Geologists. Triangle represents Scientist. Square represents Engineers.

The Scientist who are Geologists also, but not Engineer of Mathematician-

32 / 100

32. Fill in the blank with the correct preposition-

He has been ill ………. last three months.

33 / 100

33. In active voice the sentence will be read as- “Many amusing stories are told about Mark Twain.”

34 / 100

34. Identify the incorrect pair of Panchayati Raj institutions intermediary level and related state-

35 / 100

35. Which one of the following (Research Institute-Location) is not correctly matched?

36 / 100

36. Which of the following is called the ‘Khajuraho of Rajasthan’?

37 / 100

37. If tan h (x + iy) = p + iq, then \frac{p}{q} =

38 / 100

38. To whom the Sarpanch gives his/her resignation letter?

39 / 100

39. ‘Sagat Raso’ is written by-

40 / 100

40. Which of the following are true statements?

(I) Primary storage units have faster access time and less storage capacity as compared to secondary storage units.

(II) Primary storage units have sequential access.

(III) Secondary storage units are non-volatile storage.

41 / 100

41. Which tree/plant is used more for ‘beverages’ in Bhil tribe?

42 / 100

42. Which Sufi Saint received the title of ‘Sultan-i-Tariqin’?

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43. What is output of MS Excel function = LEFT (“RAJASTHAN”, 3) & MID (“GANGA”, 2, 2)?

44 / 100

44. Choose an invalid pair-

45 / 100

45. After ten years war, China gave in. (Choose the correct meaning of the underlined phrasal verb)

46 / 100

46. How many cantonments of British soldiers were there in Rajasthan at the time of the beginning of the revolt of 1857?

47 / 100

47. Which of the following is correct sequence in context of first to fifth generations of computers?

48 / 100

48. Which among the following pair (Provision – Article) is incorrect in reference of Panchayat Raj?

49 / 100

49. If three numbers are in the ratio 4 : 5 : 6 and their L.C.M. is 3600, then H.C.F. of these numbers is-

50 / 100

50. असंगत विलोम शब्द-युग्म का चयन कीजिए-

51 / 100

51. Salim Sagar and Suraj Kund water ponds are located at-

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52. In which of the zonal council Rajasthan is included?

53 / 100

53. What was the tenure of last President Rule in Rajasthan?

54 / 100

54. Which of the following tribes lives in the Bay of Bengal Islands of India?

55 / 100

55. The annual simple interest on some money is \frac{25}{16} of the principle. If the the numbers representing the rate of interest and the number of years are equal, then the rate of interest is-

56 / 100

56. Choose the correct option that expresses the meaning of the underlined idiom-

They have been at daggers drawn for weeks over their distribution of ancestral property.

57 / 100

57. When was the State Secretariat established in Rajasthan?

58 / 100

58. A cube is coloured red on one face, green on the opposite face, yellow on another face and blue on a face adjacent to the yellow face. The other two faces are left uncoloured. It is then cut into 125 smaller cubes of equal size.

How many cubes are uncoloured on all the faces?

59 / 100

59. वाक्यांश के लिए एक शब्द के संदर्भ में असंगत विकल्प चुनिए-

60 / 100

60. The watershed of which district of Rajasthan in included in the ‘Neeranchal Project’?

61 / 100

61. If (-) means (÷), (+) means (×), (÷) means (-) and (×) means (+), then which of the following equation is correct?

62 / 100

62. To open the existing presentation in MS-PowerPoint, which of the following shortcut key is used?

63 / 100

63. Wandur National Park (Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park) is located in-

64 / 100

64. Mangrove forest are found in the deltaic part of which of the following rivers?

(I) Ganges, (II) Godavari, (III) Krishna

65 / 100

65. Jaisalmer was established in-

66 / 100

66. Find the mission number-

67 / 100

67. The world’s greatest earthquake belt is-

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68. In which year Rajasthan State Commission for Women was established?

69 / 100

69. Which steel plant was set up before Independence of India?

70 / 100

70. Mani Kaul’s film ‘Duvidha’ is based on the work of-

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71. The cost of 6 pens and 3 pencils is ₹ 84. If one-third of the cost of one pen is equal to the cost of one pencil, then what is the total cost of 4 pens and 5 pencils?

72 / 100

72. Two parallel chords of a circle are length of 6 cm and 8 cm. If the distance between them is 1 cm, then the radius of circle is-

73 / 100

73. Consider the following screen parts of MS Word 2019-

(I) Quick Access Toolbar

(II) Document Tab

(III) File tab on the Ribbon

(IV) Status bar

Which of the above offers the save, undo and repeat option?

74 / 100

74. Maximum characters in a cell, a worksheet can contain are-

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75. In the following figure, the difference between rectangles (except squares) and triangles is-

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76. Match List-I with List-II and identify the correct answer from the code given below-

List-I – List-II

(a) Maharana Pratap Armed Battalion – (I) Udaipur

(b) Sardar Patel Police University – (II) Jaipur

(c) First All Women Staff Police Station – (III) Jodhpur

(d) Mewar Bheel Core – (IV) Pratapgarh

Codes :

77 / 100

77. Match Column I with Column II to form correct proverbs-

Column- I

(a) A leopard ……….

(b) Every cloud ……….

(c) Don’t cry ……….

(d) Jack of all trades ……….

Column- II

(I) ………. has a silver lining

(II) ………. can’t change its spots

(III) ………. master of none

(IV) ………. over spilt milk

Codes :

78 / 100

78. Fill in the blank space in the sentence given below selecting appropriate set of words from the following options-

………. by long queues and bad weather the voters ………. their way to polling stations any way they could.

79 / 100

79. निम्नलिखित शब्दों पर विचार कीजिए-

(I) विरहिणी, चहारदीवारी

(II) आध्यात्म, स्वास्तिक

(III) माहात्म्य, साप्ताहिक

(IV) अनाधिकार, भवनिष्ठ

किस विकल्प के सभी शब्द शुद्ध हैं?

80 / 100

80. Who has been awarded “Water Steward of the year”, 2021 award for water conservation?

81 / 100

81. प्रत्यय की दृष्टि से असुमेलित विकल्प का चयन कीजिए-

82 / 100

82. ‘Veer Bharat Sabha’ was established by-

83 / 100

83. In Rajasthan, inserting a gold nail in the middle of teeth by a woman is called-

84 / 100

84. Rajasthan Eco-Tourism Policy was released in-

85 / 100

85. असंगत का चुनाव कीजिए-

86 / 100

86. If x∈R, then the minimum value of (x2 – 6x + 13) is equal to-

87 / 100

87. ‘तीन लोक से मथुरा न्यारी’ का अर्थ है-

88 / 100

88. Choose the correct form of the verb/tense from the given sets of options to fill in the blank space in the sentence-

“When we got to the theatre the play ………. already ……….”

89 / 100

89. Rajasthan Solar Park Development Company Limited (RSPDCL) is developing which one of the following solar projects?

90 / 100

90. If it was Sunday on 18th December 1982, what was the day on 23rd December 1984?

91 / 100

91. Who is the present Chairperson of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India?

92 / 100

92. Gavri is a folk drama, based on the story of-

93 / 100

93. Vinit said, “This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother.” Who is Vinit to the girl?

94 / 100

94. If y = x – x2 + x3 – x4 + ………. ∞, then x =

95 / 100

95. Which of the following Glacier is located in the Nubra valley?

96 / 100

96. ‘Mount Popa’ volcano is located in-

97 / 100

97. समास की दृष्टि से अनुचित विकल्प पहचानिए-

98 / 100

98. In which place of Rajasthan, there isn’t Patwari Training school?

99 / 100

99. शब्द-प्रकृति की दृष्टि से असुमेलित विकल्प का चयन कीजिए-

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100. Choose the wrong pair (State – Number of assembly members) from the following options-

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