RPSC RAS Pre Question Paper 2023 Test

General Information about RPSC RAS Prelims Question Paper 2023

Exam BoardRajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC)
Exam NameRajasthan State and Subordinate Services Combined Competitive (Preliminary) Examination, 2023
Exam Date01-10-2023
Answer Key issue date01-10-2023
Final Answer key issue date20-10-2023
Exam ModeOffline
Question paper languageHindi & English
Question paper typeObjective
SubjectGeneral Knowledge and General Science
Total Question150
Maximum Marks200
Negative Marking1/3
Time03.00 Hours

Note :- The answers to all the questions given in this question paper have been taken from the official answer key of Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC).

This question paper includes questions related to the following subjects :-

  1. History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan
  2. Indian History
  3. Geography of World
  4. Geography of India
  5. Geography of Rajasthan
  6. Indian Constitution, Political System & Governance
  7. Political and Administrative System of Rajasthan
  8. Economic Concepts and Indian Economy
  9. Economy of Rajasthan
  10. Science & Technology
  11. Reasoning & Mental Ability
  12. Current Affairs

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General information about the test :-

Test NameRPSC RAS Pre Exam Question Paper 2023
Test FeeFree
Test ModeOnline
Total Question150
Time Period03.00 hours
Minimum Passing Marks40%

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RPSC RAS Pre Exam Question Paper 2023 Test

In this test, all the questions asked in the question paper of RPSC RAS Pre exam 2023 have been included.

1 / 150

1. Which of the following statement (s) is/are true for Atal Bhujal Scheme in Rajasthan ?

(I) Atal Bhukal Scheme has been running by Government of Rajasthan with the Financial assistance of Govt. of India.

(II) The focus of this scheme is on better management of ground water as well as to prevent its reducing level.

Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

2 / 150

2. In which sea do river Elbe and river Rhine drain their water ?

3 / 150

3. In which of the following scheme, the main objective is to promote the use of appropriate methods, care and services during pregnancy, safe delivery and lactation period to improve the health and nutritional status of pregnant and lactating women and their infants (0-6 months) ?

4 / 150

4. Consider the following statements regarding Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) :

(I) The chairman and members of the commission are appointed by the Governor of Rajasthan.

(II) The chairman or any other member of the commission shall only be removed from his office by order of the President.

5 / 150

5. Recently the Ecuadorians have made a historic decision by rejecting oil drilling by a referendum in which of the following biodiverse regions of Amazon ?

6 / 150

6. A family has eight members. E is the mother of F and G. A is the son-in-law of E. C is the daughter of G. D is the maternal grandfather of C. D has one son and one daughter. H is the sister-in-law of G. B is the niece of F. How is F related to A ?

7 / 150

7. 9th ‘India Region Conference’ of the Common Wealth Parliamentary Association was held in which of the following cities ?

8 / 150

8. \frac{2}{3} of a principal amount is deposited in the bank at compound interest at the rate of 10% per annum and rest of the principal amount is deposited in the post office at the simple interest rate of 15% per annum. if the difference between compound interest and simple interest for two years be ₹ 480, then total principal amount is equal to

9 / 150

9. Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology is situated at

10 / 150

10. As per a notification issued recently by the Department of Forest, Environment and Climate Change of Rajasthan, how many wet-lands are there in the State ?

11 / 150

11. In which Rajput Thikana Moti Lal Tejawat was working on the post of Kamdar prior to launching the Aki Movement ?

12 / 150

12. Which one of the following is not a part of Rajasthan Urban Drinking Water Sewerage and Infrastructure Corporation Limited ?

13 / 150

13. Identify the incorrect statement regarding Judicial Interpretation of Article 21 after Supreme Court’s verdict in Maneka Gandhi Case, 1978.

14 / 150

14. Consider the following statements :

(I) The Kashmir Humalayas are famous for ‘Karewa’ formations.

(II) Nalagarh Dun is the largest of all Duns.

(III) Namcha Barwa mountain peak is located in Arunachal Himalayas.

(IV) ‘Valley of Flowers’ is situated in Himachal and Uttarakhand Himalayas.

Code :

15 / 150

15. A bill was passed by Rajasthan Assembly in 2023 to establish second Rajasthan Veterinary and Animal Sciences University at

16 / 150

16. Which is the incorrect pair ?

17 / 150

17. Which of the following fort of Rajasthan is not a Giri Fort ?

18 / 150

18. Which are the largest Bauxite and Mica producing States in India ?

Bauxite – Mica

19 / 150

19. If the median A and mode B of following distribution satisfy the relation 7 (B – A) = 9C, then find the value of C :

(Class)- Frequency

(0-30)- 4

(30-60)- 5

(60-90)- 7

(90-120)- 4

20 / 150

20. Which of the following institutions launched a centralised Web Portal ‘UDGAM’ recently ?

21 / 150

21. The problem of desertification is least in which of the following continents ?

22 / 150

22. Identify the incorrect statement regarding Council of States (Rajya Sabha).

23 / 150

23. A statement is followed by two assumptions I and II. Consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumption/s is/are implicit in the given statement :

Statement : If it does not rain throughout this month, most of the farmers would be in trouble this year.

Assumptions :

(I) Timely rain is essential for farming.

(II) Most of the farmers are generally dependent on rains.

24 / 150

24. Who among the following discovered ‘Surkotda’, a site of Harappan culture ?

25 / 150

25. Gopal Krishna Gokhale founded Servants of India Society in the year

26 / 150

26. Which one of the following statement is not correct regarding “No-Confidence Motion” ?

27 / 150

27. Which among the following is a Narcotic analgesic drug ?

28 / 150

28. Which of the following were the members of State Reorganisation Commission formed by Indian Government in August, 1953 ?

(I) Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru

(II) Justice Fazal Ali

(III) K.M. Pannikar

(IV) Hridayanath Kunjaru

Select the correct answer by using the code given below :

29 / 150

29. Among the following which is not an Industrial Region of U.S.A. ?

30 / 150

30. If S represents the area of a square inscribed in a circle and T represents the area of an equilateral triangle inscribed in the same circle, then which of the following is correct ?

31 / 150

31. The East-West Corridor connect __________ to ___________.

32 / 150

32. In April, 2023, a Bench of Rajasthan State Information Commission is approved by State Government to be established at which city ?

33 / 150

33. Which of the following personalities has been nominated for the Sahitya Academy Yuva Puraskaar 2023 for the Rajasthani language ?

34 / 150

34. The Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project is a joint venture of-

35 / 150

35. Which of the following is not a measure of selective credit control ?

36 / 150

36. Which of the following recommended the post of Rajpramukh to be abolished in Rajasthan and the arrangement of the Governor was made instead ?

37 / 150

37. In a group of 400 boys, each boy plays atleast one of the games cricket, hocket and football. 185 play cricket, 165 play hockey and 160 play football. 40 boys play only cricket and football. 20 boys play only hockey and cricket. 10 boys play only hockey and football. how many boys play all the three games ?

38 / 150

38. In Rajasthan, which agency is entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of PM-KUSUM Yojana (component A) i.e. installation of small solar power plants of 0.5 MW to 2 MW capacity ?

39 / 150

39. The men of which sect of Rajasthan perform the Agni Dance (Fire dance) ?

40 / 150

40. Which is not a correct match ?

Lake – Location in State

41 / 150

41. Which of the following is wrongly matched ?

42 / 150

42. In which dynasty did Chandragupta II marry his daughter Prabhavati and strengthened his position ?

43 / 150

43. Three students A, B and C of a school receive cash prize in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5 in a competition. Then the school principal gives ₹ 4,000 to each student. As a result now the cash prize of A, B and C becomes in the ratio 5 : 6 : 7. How much did B get in the competition ?

44 / 150

44. Which of the following scheme is associated with slogan – “Koi Bhukha Na Soye” ?

45 / 150

45. Kalakhuta, Leelwani, Nardiya, Timmamori are producing regions of which mineral in Rajasthan ?

46 / 150

46. Government of Rajasthan enacted the Rajasthan Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act in year

47 / 150

47. Recently C.A. Bhavani Devi of India won a Bronze Medal in the Asian Fencing Championship. She lost to player of which country in the Semi-final ?

48 / 150

48. The author of ‘Lalit Vigraharaj’ drama was-

49 / 150

49. Species of Plasmodium which causes Malignant Malaria :

50 / 150

50. A solid cube has been formed with 64 smaller cubes. How many smaller cubes will not be visible in any condition ?

51 / 150

51. A statement is followed by two conclusions I and II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then consider the two conclusions and decide which of them logically follows :

Statement : After joining, Municipal Commissioner told to people of city “A’ – “My first and foremost task is to beautify this city like Indore.”

Conclusions :

(I) The people of city “A” are not aware about the present condition of the city.

(II) The Commissioner has worked in Indore and has good experience of beautifying cities.

52 / 150

52. If in a material one dimension is reduced to the Nano range while the other two dimensions remain large, the structure so obtained is known as

53 / 150

53. A Committee constituted in 2014 under the Chairmanship of Narpat Mal Lodha is related to which of the following subjects ?

54 / 150

54. Study the given statement then decide which of the suggested course of action follows logically :

Statement : The meteorological department has issued a notification forecasting less rainfall during next year’s monsoon.

Course of Action :

(I) The government should make arguments to provide water to the affected areas.

(II) The farmers should be advised to be ready for the eventuality.

55 / 150

55. When Matsya Sangh was merged into Vrihat Rajasthan ?

56 / 150

56. Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli is located in

57 / 150

57. Rajeshwari Kumari, who stood fifth in the recently held World Championship at Baku, Azerbaijan, has qualified for the Paris Olympics. She is related to which of the following sports ?

58 / 150

58. To identify practical applications of artificial intelligence, “AI for Good Global Summit 2023” was recently held in which of the following countries ?

59 / 150

59. Which Ministry is associated with the ‘Mera Gaon Meri Dharohar’ ?

60 / 150

60. Which one of the following Commission did recommend the establishment of an Inter-Government Council in place of Inter-State Council ?

61 / 150

61. Which of the following sections of the Right to Information Act is not related to the functions and powers of the Central Information Commission ?

62 / 150

62. Which institution in India has been selected for Gandhi Peace Award 2021 ?

63 / 150

63. Mahi Kanchan and RCB 911 are hybrid variety of-

64 / 150

64. In the year 2022-23, contribution of which sub-sector in Gross State Value Added (GSVA) at current prices of service sector of Rajasthan was maximum ?

65 / 150

65. Which one of the following diseases is not a bacterial disease ?

66 / 150

66. Five girls are standing in a ground at a certain distance. Rekha and Beena are 18 meter apart form each other. Veena is standing somewhere in the mid of Rekha and Beena. Pinky is standing 5 meter North to Rekha. Rekha is 12 meter West to Veena. Yamini is standing 8 meter South to Beena. What is the shortest distance between Pinky and Yamini ?

67 / 150

67. Which sector is likely to show highest increase in the real Gross State Value Added (GSVA) at constant basic prices (2011-12) in the year 2022-23 over previous year ?

68 / 150

68. On 23th August 2023, Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas successfully test fired ASTRA missile, this missile is

69 / 150

69. In which of the following cities India’s first 3D printed post office has been inaugurated recently ?

70 / 150

70. Consider the following statements regarding inflation :

Statement (I) : Head-line inflation refers to the rate of change in the Consumer Price Index Number, a measure of the average price of a standard basket of goods and services consumed by a typical family.

Statement (II) : Core inflation measures the change in average consumer prices after excluding from the Consumer Price Index certain items of volatile prices such as food and fuel.

of these statements,

71 / 150

71. National Research Centre on camel is located at

72 / 150

72. The rank of India in Global Happiness Index 2023 is

73 / 150

73. In the Presidential Election, 2022, the vote value of each member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly was-

74 / 150

74. Consider the following statements regarding Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme :

(I) It guarantees per year 125 days employment for families residing in Urban Areas.

(II) After registration, the eligible candidate has to be provided employment in 30 days.

75 / 150

75. Consider the following statements regarding the Constituent Assembly of India :

(I) The final session of the Constituent Assembly was held on 24th January, 1950.

(II) Dr. Rajendra Prasad was declared to be duly elected to the office of President of India in this final session.

76 / 150

76. The renowned artist Muhammed Shah was a court artist (Painter) of which Maharaja of Jaipur ?

77 / 150

77. India defeated Malaysia in the final of Fourth Asian Champions Trophy of Hockey on 12th August, 2023. In which stadium this match was played ?

78 / 150

78. Out of total Oxygen present in the earth’s atmosphere, the estimated production of oxygen by Amazon forest through photosynthesis is

79 / 150

79. As per the advance estimates of the year 2022-23, what percent share is Rajasthan’s GSDP estimated to contribute in India’s nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ?

80 / 150

80. The National Tiger Conservation Authority has accorded the fifth tiger reserve in Rajasthan at

81 / 150

81. Find the probability that the product of four numbers is divisible by 5 or 10.

82 / 150

82. NTU is the unit for measuring

83 / 150

83. The Arab traveller Suleman visited India in the reign of Pratihar King-

84 / 150

84. Which agency is funding upgradation of 801 km of 11 state highways in Rajasthan State Highways Development Program-II project ?

85 / 150

85. Kalisindh Super Thermal Power Station is located at-

86 / 150

86. Which of the following expression shows the formula of Gross Fiscal Deficit ?

87 / 150

87. Satellites TeLEOS-2 and Lumelite-4 were launched in April 23 from Sriharikota by the launcher

88 / 150

88. The Chandrabhaga fair is held every year in the month of Kartik at-

89 / 150

89. Which of the following do not grow in polluted area ?

90 / 150

90. Through which Amendment Act, the existing, ‘Village Level Workers’ has been substituted by the ‘Gram Vikas Adhikari’ ?

91 / 150

91. Images of consonants of the capital English alphabets are observed in a mirror. What is the number of images of these which look like their original shapes ?

92 / 150

92. With which of the following Prajamandal Movement Kanhaiya Lal Mittal, Mangilal Bavya and Makbul Alam were associated ?

93 / 150

93. According to Article 217 (1) of the Constitution, a Judge other than the Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court is appointed by the President after consultation with-

94 / 150

94. United Nation’s General Assembly has recently elected Dennis Francis to serve as President of its 78th session. He belongs to which of the following countries ?

95 / 150

95. Choose wrong statement regarding proteins :

96 / 150

96. In July 2023, a new variety of urea was launched by the Prime Minister of India at Sikar, Rajasthan. What is the name of this new variety of urea ?

97 / 150

97. Which one of the following is a group of millet crops ?

98 / 150

98. Match the following List-P (CAG) with List-R (Articles) :


(a) Appointment of CAG

(b) Duties and Powers of CAG

(c) Form of Accounts of the Union

(d) Audit Reports


(I) Article 148

(II) Article 151

(III) Article 149

(IV) Article 150

Select correct option.

99 / 150

99. Which of the following is NOT a tool of fiscal policy ?

100 / 150

100. Consider the following statements regarding Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission :

(I) Commission has one chairperson and four members in accordance with the provisions of The Protection of Human Rights (Amendment) Act, 2006.

(II) At present, Justice Gopal Krishna Vyas is its chairperson.

101 / 150

101. Which of the following poet was given the title of ‘Andhra Kavita Pitamah’ by Krishnadev Ray ?

102 / 150

102. What can be the minimum strength of Rajasthan’s Council of Ministers ?

103 / 150

103. The brave Chauhan ruler of Ajmer who conquered Delhi and annexed it in his kingdom was-

104 / 150

104. Which areas of India receive rainfall from North-East Monsoon ?

(I) Tamil Nadu Coast

(II) Gujarat Coast

(III) Southern Andhra Pradesh

(IV) South-East Karnataka

Codes :

105 / 150

105. Next term of the following sequence is :

A3/2 B2, C9/2 F18, E15/2 J50, G21/2 N98, ?

106 / 150

106. The spread of which of the following Sufi sect was mostly limited to Sindh, Multan and Punjab ?

107 / 150

107. India’s Kamaljeet clinched Gold Medal on 24th July, 2023 in Men’s individual 50 metre Pistol Event at ISSF Junior Shooting World Championship 2023. In which of the following countries was the event held ?

108 / 150

108. Arrange the following units of measure for digital information into correct order, starting with the smallest unit first and going to the largest unit :

(I) Kilobyte, (II) Byte, (III) Megabyte, (IV) Terabyte, (V) Gigabyte, (VI) Bit

109 / 150

109. The Red Blood cells of a person with Blood group ‘O’ contains Agglutinogen :

110 / 150

110. Which of the following fact is not correct about Mukhya Mantri Laghu Udhyog Protsahan Yojana (MLUPY) of Rajasthan ?

111 / 150

111. Which three rivers of the following form ‘Triveni’ Sangam ?

112 / 150

112. Which of the following statement related to automobile sector is not correct ?

113 / 150

113. What position is achieved by India in the medal telly of FISU World University Games 2023 ?

114 / 150

114. The Stupa of Bharhut is a fine example of-

115 / 150

115. Seven persons P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are sitting in a row. T and U Have one person in between them. V is immediate right to P. Q is immediate left to U. There is one person between S and P. S is not the neighbour of V. V and U have two persons between them. R is immediate left to P. Which person is sitting exactly in the middle of the row ?

116 / 150

116. Consider the following statements regarding State Election Commission, Rajasthan :

(I) It was constituted in July, 1994 under Article 243 K of the Constitution of India.

(II) It is a single member commission headed by the State Election Commissioner.

117 / 150

117. In the excavation of which of the following ancient site the huge collection of iron materials is found related to Malava Republic ?

118 / 150

118. “m” men and “n” women are to be seated in a row so that no two women sit together. If m > n, the number of ways in which they can be seated, is

119 / 150

119. A student multiplied a number by \frac{3}{5} instead of \frac{5}{3}. What is the percentage error in the calculation ?

120 / 150

120. Read the following statements carefully :

Statement 1 : According to TIME Magazine, S.S. Rajamouli has been named among the top “Pioneers” of 2023, while Shahrukh Khan has been named among the top “Icons” of 2023.

Statement 2 : The TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people list has been divided into six major categories – Leader, Titan, Pioneer, Artist, Icon and Innovator.

Select the correct option among the following :

121 / 150

121. Which of the following group of districts are correctly arranged in descending order as per the amount of monsoon rainfall they receive ?

122 / 150

122. Who was the President of the special session of Indian National Congress held in Calcutta in September, 1920 in which the resolution of Non-Cooperation Movement was passed ?

123 / 150

123. Which of the following statement is not correct regarding the Chief Minister of Rajasthan ?

124 / 150

124. Which of the following options indicate one of the important objectives of (Indira Mahila) Shakti Udaan Scheme ?

125 / 150

125. Following table shows runs scored by four batsmen in both innings of a test match. Who is the fastest run scorer in the test match ?

First Inning-

Batsman- Runs scored – Balls faced

P – 79 – 91

Q – 05 – 12

R – 14 – 76

S – 37 – 50

Second Inning-

Batsman- Runs scored – Balls faced

P – 56 – 154

Q – 50 – 85

R – 61 – 99

S – 13 – 55

126 / 150

126. Which of the following is NOT a Public good ?

127 / 150

127. In which of the following palace built by Akbar in Fatehpur Sikri the Buddhist architecture was followed ?

128 / 150

128. Who was appointed first Raj Pramukh of Rajasthan ?

129 / 150

129. Where will the “Artificial Intelligence of Things Innovation Hub” be established in the Rajasthan ?

130 / 150

130. Which of these companies is established by Government of Rajasthan with the aim to regulate developing needs of Information Technology skills in 21st century ?

131 / 150

131. Match the following List-P (Directive Principles) with List-R (Articles) :


(a) Equal justice and free legal aid

(b) Protection of the environment

(c) Right to Work

(d) Protection of Monuments


(I) Article 48 A

(II) Article 39 A

(III) Article 41

(IV) Article 49

Select correct option :

132 / 150

132. Choose the district of Rajasthan which had the lowest decadal population growth rate between 2001-2011.

133 / 150

133. In Rajasthan, the Energy Conservation Day is celebrated on

134 / 150

134. Myopia and Hypermetropia can be respectively corrected by

135 / 150

135. Tehsildar is appointed by-

136 / 150

136. The first sugar industry based on beet-root was established at-

137 / 150

137. Consider the following statements :

(I) The Lok Sabha Election of 1989 marked the end of, what Political Scientists have called, the ‘Congress System’.

(II) Indian National Congress emerged as the single largest party in the 1989 Lok Sabha Elections.

138 / 150

138. What is the similarity between Jharol (Udaipur), Kurada (Nagore) and Sabania (Bikaner) ?

139 / 150

139. Which of the following scheme is an attempt to make rural areas socially, economically and physically sustainable regions ?

140 / 150

140. As per the India State of Forest Report 2021, the forest cover in terms of vegetation cover is 16,654 square km, it is __________ percent of Rajasthan’s geographical area.

141 / 150

141. Which of the following statement, related to Pharmaceutical sector is not correct ?

142 / 150

142. The author of ‘Achaldas Khichi re Vachanika’ is

143 / 150

143. Which is not a correct match ?

Wildlife – District

144 / 150

144. India’s first ever outdoor Museum ‘Shaheedi Park’ has been recently inaugurated in which city ?

145 / 150

145. Which of the following schedule of the Constitution of India was added to the Constitution by the first Constitutional Amendment ?

146 / 150

146. The names of how many local dialects are mentioned in the Katha collection called Kuvlayamala ?

147 / 150

147. Which of these natural resources is considered as non-renewable resource ?

148 / 150

148. Which of the following file format is not a video file format ?

149 / 150

149. In a certain code language, ABONDONMENT is written as DNOBAOTNEMN and ESTABLISHED is written as BATSELDEHSI. Then in the same code language, GERMINATION will be written as ?

150 / 150

150. A statement is followed by two arguments I and II. Choose which of the argument/s is/are strong :

Statement : Should all diesel engines be replaced by electric engines in trains ?

Arguments :

(I) Yes, diesel engine causes a lot of pollution.

(II) No, India does not produce enough electricity to fulfil even the domestic needs.

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