Rajasthan Gram Sevak & Hostal Supritendent Grade-II Question Paper 2016 (Test)

General Information about Rajasthan Gram Sevak & Panchayat Secretary or Hostal Supritendent Grade II Exam 2016

Exam BoardRajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB)
Exam NameGram Sevak & Hostal Supritendent Grade II
Exam Date18-12-2016
Answer Key issue date2017
Final Answer key issue date2017
Exam ModeOffline
Question paper languageHindi & English
Question paper typeObjective
Total Question120
Maximum Marks100
Negative Marking1/3
Time2 Hours

Note :- The answers to all the questions given in this question paper have been taken from the official answer key of Rajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB).

This question paper includes questions related to the following subjects. :-

  1. Current Affairs (State, national and international level)
  2. Geography and Natural Resources (World, India & Rajasthan)
  3. Agriculture and Economic Development with Special Reference to India and Rajasthan
  4. History and Culture (India & Rajasthan)
  5. General mental ability.
  6. Reasoning power and analytical ability.
  7. English, Hindi and Mathematics (10th class level).
  8. Administrative structure in Rajasthan at the state, district, tehsil and panchayat level.
  9. Basic knowledge of computer.

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General information about the test :-

Test NameRajasthan Gram Sevak & Hostal Supritendent Grade-II Exam 2016
Test FeeFree
Test ModeOnline
Total Question120
Time Period2 hours
Minimum Passing Marks40%

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Rajasthan Gram Sevak & Hostal Supritendent Grade-II Question Paper 2016 (Test)

In this test, all the questions asked in the question paper of Rajasthan Gram Sevak & Hostal Supritendent Grade-II Exam 2016 have been included.

1 / 120

1. In US President’s election 2016 Donald Trump was a candidate of :

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2. Sort out the word which is different in some sense in the following group.

(I) Geometry, (II) Algebra, (III) Trigonometry, (IV) Maths, (V) Arithmetic

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3. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below-

List-I (Lift Canal) – List-II (Beneficiary Districts)

(a) Jai Narain Vyas – (I) Bikaner, Nagaur

(b) Choudhary Kumbha Ram- (II) Jodhpur, Bikaner

(c) Panna Lal-Barupal – (III) Jodhpur, Jaisalmer

(d) Dr. Karni Singh – (IV) Hanumangarh, Churu

Codes :

4 / 120

4. In an alloy proportion of Zinc, Copper and Lead is 2 : 3 : 1. In another alloy the proportion of Zine, Copper and Lead is 5 : 4 : 3. A third alloy is prepared by mixing both alloys in same quantity. The proportion of Lead, Copper and Zinc in the third alloy will be.

5 / 120

5. किस विकल्प के सभी पद कर्म

6 / 120

6. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of World’s Oceans/Seas in descending order of area occupied?

7 / 120

7. How many unemployed persons have been estimated in total 3 crore labour force of Rajasthan as per population census 2011?

8 / 120

8. In which Agricultural Year during the last three decades more then 90 percent villages of Rajasthan were hit by unprecedented famine and drought?

9 / 120

9. If in a certain language, ENTRY is coded as 12345 and STEADY is coded as 931785. Then how will the word TENANT is coded?

10 / 120

10. What will be the next number in the given series?

3, 28, 4, 65, 5, 126, 6, ________?

11 / 120

11. Which of the following is not a function of District Collector?

12 / 120

12. Fill in the blanks choosing the correct set of prepositions:

________ mistake I opened Sylvia’s letter instead _______ my own. She was very angry ______ me and said that I’d done it _______ Purpose

Options :

13 / 120

13. Who discharge the duties of Governor in his absence?

14 / 120

14. In a class of 105 students out of three subjects Maths, Physics and Chemistry each student studies at least one subject. In these 47 students studies Maths, 50 students studies Physics and 52 students studies Chemistry and 16 Maths and Physics. 17 Maths and Chemistry and 16 Physics and Chemistry students studies both subjects.

What will be the number of those students who studies only two subjects?

15 / 120

15. निम्नलिखित में से किस समूह के सभी शब्द पर्यायवाची हैं-

16 / 120

16. ‘Namadi and Rangdi’ are characteristic of which language?

17 / 120

17. Which one of the following would be the best strategy for ecology-friendly sustainable development in Indian agriculture?

18 / 120

18. Who was the Guru of Balindji?

19 / 120

19. The most suitable antonym of the word ‘misanthropist’ is :

Options :

20 / 120

20. Molana Village is famous for which handicraft art?

21 / 120

21. लोकोक्ति का युक्तियुक्त अर्थ है-

22 / 120

22. Which of the following statements regarding climatic conditions of Rajasthan is/are correct? Select the correct answer using the codes given below-

(I) Climatic conditions of Rajasthan exhibit extremity of temperature and rainfall.

(II) During the last ten years amount of rainfall has decreased in western desert part, while increased in Mewar.

(III) Sudden onset of South-East moisture laden winds over an intensely heated landmass is the root cause of scarce rain in Western Rajasthan.

(IV) Climatically major part of Rajasthan lies in sub-tropical zone.

Codes :

23 / 120

23. Which of the following changes occurred in cropping pattern of Rajasthan since First Plan Period till 2012-13 is/are correct?

(I) Area under cereals has increased from 42.5 to 56.0 percent.

(II) Area under pulses has declined from 21.0 to 13.5 percent.

(III) Area under oilseeds has increased from 6.2 to 20.5 percent.

(IV) Area under cotton, sugarcane, guar, fruits, vegetables, spices and fodder crops has increased from 16.8 to 23.5 percent.

Select the correct answer using the following codes-

24 / 120

24. Choose the correct set of articles to fill in the blanks : (Use ‘X’, if there is no article)

He said, “As ______ matter of _____ fact, there was ______ explosion in ______ last house I visited; and Mr. Beans, ______ owner of _______ house, was burnt in _______ face.

Options :

25 / 120

25. What will be the square root of \frac{(0.1)^2-(0.01)^2}{0.001×0.1}+1

26 / 120

26. When did NITI (National Institute for Transformation of India) Aayog came into existence?

27 / 120

27. Out of Rs 20,000/- Prakash gives some amount on loan at simple interest rate 8% per annum and rest amount at simple interest rate \frac{4}{3}% per annum. At the end of year he earns Rs 800/-. The amount given at 8% rate will he _______

28 / 120

28. What is the root cause of shifting tendency of Indian cotton textile industry from Mumbai toward Ahmedabad?

29 / 120

29. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below-

List-I (Tribes of Rajasthan) – List-II (Major Habitats)

(a) Sahariya – (I) Dungarpur, Banswara

(b) Garasiya – (II) Udaipur, Sirohi

(c) Damore – (III) Baran, Kota

(d) Mina – (IV) Jaipur, Dausa

Codes :

30 / 120

30. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee was on :

31 / 120

31. What for the ‘Chanduji ka Gadha and Bodigama Places’ are famous?

32 / 120

32. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below-

List-I (Particulars) – List-II (Spots)

(a) World’s wettest spot – (I) Iqique

(b) World’s driest spot – (II) Mawsynram

(c) World’s northernmost town – (III) Ushuaia

(d) World’s southernmost town – (IV) Ny-Alesund

Codes :

33 / 120

33. In class of 105 students out of three subjects Maths, Physics, Chemistry each student studies at least one subject. In Maths 47, in Physics 50, and in Chemistry 52 students studies. 16 in Maths and Physics, 17 in Maths and Chemistry and 16 in Physics and Chemistry students both subjects.

What will be the number of students who studies all three subjects?

34 / 120

34. Choose a sentence with the correct Indirect form of Narration:

Direct : “I will sell the TV set if you keep quarrelling about the programme”. said their mother. “No, don’t do that ! We will never quarrel”, said the children.

Options :

35 / 120

35. Approximately how many persons in total population of Rajasthan have been estimated as poor in 2011-12 according to C. Rangrajan Expert Group Report 2014?

36 / 120

36. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below-

List-I (Minerals) – List-II (Mining Areas)

(a) Emerald – (II) Rajmahal, Bageshwar

(b) Garnet – (II) Rajmahal, Bageshwar

(c) Manganese – (III) Leelawani, Kalakhuta

(d) Copper – (IV) Kolhan, Bhagoni

Codes :

37 / 120

37. Which of the conclusions obtained from poverty rations calculated for Rajasthan according to Suresh Tendulkar method is/are correct?

(I) Poverty ratio in rural areas of the State has increased by 10.3 percent between 2009-10 and 2011-12.

(II) Poverty ratio in urban areas of the State has declined by 9.2 percent between 2009-10 and 2011-12.

(III) Poverty ratios in the State have declined in both the years 2009-10 and 2011-12 compared to India.

(IV) Poverty ratio in 2011-12 was estimated 14.7 percent for Rajasthan and 21.9 percent for India.

Codes :

38 / 120

38. Consider the following about the State High Court :

(I) Article 213 provides that there shall be a High Court for each State.

(II) Judges of High Court are appointed by President.

(III) Under Article 226, it has power to issue certain writs.

(IV) As per the provision of the Constitution of India common Hight Court can be established for two or more States.

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below :

39 / 120

39. What is ‘Jannotan’ in Rajasthani Culture?

40 / 120

40. Which key of the keyboard is mainly used to cancel the program?

41 / 120

41. If at the rate of 12\frac{1}{2}% per annum the compound interest is Rs. 510/-. What will be the simple interest on same amount for the same period at the same rate of interest?

42 / 120

42. Rajasthan desert is quite unlikely from other deserts situated in similar latitudes of the World. What is the logical perception about desertification process here?

43 / 120

43. Choose one of the following sentences which is the correct Passive Voice of the sentence given below : (Do not mention the agent).

ACTIVE VOICE : You will have to pull down this skyscraper as you have not complied with the town planning regulations.

44 / 120

44. In which of the following games, India has won World Cup in October 2016?

45 / 120

45. Shortcut command for align the text in centre?

46 / 120

46. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below-

List-I (Mountain Types) – List-II (Region)

(a) Young folded – (I) South-Eastern coast of North America

(b) Old folded – (II) Western coast of North America

(c) Volcanic – (III) South-Western coast of North America

(d) Fault-block – (IV) Circum-Pacific belt

Codes :

47 / 120

47. Choose the correct set of English translation of the following Hindi Word: (in right order)

मुद्रास्फीति ; वेतन वृद्धि ; प्रतिलेखन

Options :

48 / 120

48. A cycle seller gives 10% discount on marked retail price and still earns 26% profit. If marked retail price of the cycle is Rs. 840/- Then how much money was paid by the seller for that cycle?

49 / 120

49. किस विकल्प में उपसर्ग से रहित शब्द है-

50 / 120

50. शुद्ध स्थानापन्न शब्द नहीं है-

51 / 120

51. During which Maharaja’s rule ‘Ramprakash Theatre’ was established in Jaipur?

52 / 120

52. Highest capacity of the storage are-

53 / 120

53. Which of the following facts about unemployment rates in Rajasthan is/are correct according to 68th round 2011-12 of National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) usual status adjusted (UPSS) mode?

(I) 0.9 percent males of total labour force are unemployed in rural areas.

(II) 3.2 percent males of total labour force are unemployed in urban areas.

(III) 3.1 percent persons of total labour force are unemployed in whole State.

(IV) Unemployment rates are much higher in rural areas than urban areas.

Codes :

54 / 120

54. Who is considered as Lokdevi of Alwar region?

55 / 120

55. Odd out the incorrect statement regarding livestock numbers in Rajasthan-

56 / 120

56. Goods and Service Tax (GST) Council of India is headed by :

57 / 120

57. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below-

List-I (Mountain Peaks) – List-II (Continents)

(a) Kilimanjaro – (I) South America

(b) Vinson Massif – (II) Australia

(c) Mount Kosciusko – (III) Antarctica

(d) Aconcagua – (IV) Africa

Codes :

58 / 120

58. If the cost of production of an article is \frac{2}{5} of its marked retail price, If it is sold at 10% discount then what will be profit?

59 / 120

59. If the value of (102)2 is 10404, then value of \sqrt{104.04}+\sqrt{1.0404}+\sqrt{0.010404}

60 / 120

60. On the basis of industrial potentialities assessed by various Public Sector Financial organisation (RICO, RFC, RAJSICO etc.) which districts of Rajasthan have been included in category ”A?

61 / 120

61. Consider the following two statements?

Assertion (A) : State Governor holds his office during the pleasure of the President.

Reason (R) : Governor is appointed by the Prime Minister.

In the context of the above two statements which one of the following is correct?

62 / 120

62. Which of the following development programmes are not directly related with improvement of tribal economy in Rajasthan?

(I) Modified Area Development Approach and Cluster Project

(II) Rajasthan Mission on Livelihood (RMOL)

(III) Mewat, Dang and Magra Area Development Programme

(IV) Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna (SGSY)

Codes :

63 / 120

63. Tropic of cancer and 80° East longitude divide India into four quadrants. In which quadrant are the maximum cotton growing areas located?

64 / 120

64. The Speed of modem is measured in which unit?

65 / 120

65. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below-

List-I (Soil Types) – List-II (Climatic Regions)

(a) Aridisols – (I) Arid and semi-arid

(b) Inceptisols – (II) Semi-arid and humid

(c) Alfisols – (III) Sub-humid and humid

(d) Vertisols – (IV) Humid and super-humid

Codes :

66 / 120

66. Which is the fastest memory?

67 / 120

67. Which of the following statements regarding population trends in Rajasthan is/are correct? Select the correct answer the codes given below-

(I) Decadal growth rate of the State population has declined 9.97 percent during 1991-2011.

(II) Population density of the State has increased more than six times during 1901-2011.

(III) Trend of sex ratio of the State has been even during 1901-2011.

(IV) Literacy rate of the State has increased more then eight times during 1951-2011.

Codes :

68 / 120

68. DNS stand for-

69 / 120

69. Multimedia contains?

70 / 120

70. The most suitable ‘one word substitute’ of the following words are; (in right order); (a) fear of confined spaces; (b) a person who has an irresistible desire to steal.

Options :

71 / 120

71. To which form the ‘Sugan Chiri’ is considered as Lokmata

72 / 120

72. Which of the following development programmes in Rajasthan were amalgamated in Swarnjayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna (SGSY) since 01 April, 1999?

(I) Integrated Rural Development (IRDP) and Training to Rural Youth in Self Employment (TRYSEM)

(II) Development of Women and Children (DWCRA) and Industrial Tools Supply in Rural Areas (SITRA)

(III) Ganga Kalyan Yojna (GKY) and Million Wells Scheme (MWS)

(IV) Jawahar Rojgar Yojna (JRY)

Codes :

73 / 120

73. A car driver starting from Bengluru at 8.30 A.M. wants to reach a place 300 km away from Bengluru at 12.30 Noon. At 10.30 A.M. he finds that he has covered only 40% distance. How much speed of the car he has to increase to reach at stipulated time?

74 / 120

74. Examine the following statements regarding development of barren land in Rajasthan and select the correct answer using the codes given below-

(I) Currently (2013-14) barren land constitutes about 19 percent of total reported area for land use purpose in the State.

(II) Old fallow land has recorded about 18 percent decrease over the last 30 years in the State.

(III) Onus of development of barren land in the State lies with the National Wasteland Development Board.

(IV) Integrated Barren Land Development Project is being currently run in 10 districts of the state with the co-operation of Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).

Codes :

75 / 120

75. On the basis of legal status (31 March, 2011) examine the following statement regarding forests of Rajasthan and select the correct answer using the codes given below-

(I) Of the total forest area in Rajasthan reserved and protected forests respectively constitute 55.84 and 37.94 percent.

(II) Maximum reserved forests in the State are found in Udaipur and Chittorgarh districts.

(III) Maximum protected forest in the State are found in Baran and Karauli districts.

(IV) Maximum unclassified forest in the State are found in Bikaner and Ganganagar districts.

Codes :

76 / 120

76. Where is ‘Danchand Chopra’s Havelli’ Situated in Rajasthan?

77 / 120

77. In which period ‘Amrawati Stupa’ was built?

78 / 120

78. In which of the following Maharaja’s Darbar ‘Gandharv Baisi’ was present in the form of 22 poets, 22 astrologers, 22 singers and 22 other subject specialist?

79 / 120

79. Who discovered the ‘Bharhut Stupa’ in the year 1873 A.D.?

80 / 120

80. Fill in the blanks using the correct tense (of the verb):

When I ______ (open) the door, I ______ (see) a man on his knees. He ______ (listen) to our conversation and I _______ (wonder) how much he ______ (hear)

Options :

81 / 120

81. Council of Ministers of a State is accountable to :

82 / 120

82. The number of students in a school increases and decreases by 10% respectively in every alternate year. If there was increase in the year 2000 then in how much percentage what happened in the number of students in the year 2003 in comparison to year 2000.

83 / 120

83. शुद्ध विपरीतार्थी युक्त विकल्प है-

84 / 120

84. The most suitable set of Synonyms of the word ‘generous’ is :

Options :

85 / 120

85. Six people, Parul, Rajendra, Satish, Tarun, Vishal and Prakash, were all born on the same day of the year. But each was born in different six consecutive years. It is also known that _______

(I) Parul is older than Satish

(II) Rajendra is older than both Tarun and Vishal

(III) Prakash is 2 years older than Tarun

(IV) Parul was born either in 1962 or in 1963

(V) The oldest member of the group was born in 1960

Read the above information and Answer the following question ____

Que – Which of the following group is correctly listed from the youngest to the oldest?

86 / 120

86. A, B, C, D, E and F are cousins. No two cousins are of the same age, but all have birthday on the same date. The youngest is 17 years old and E the oldest is 22 years old. F is somewhere between B and D in age. A is older than B. C is older than D.

Which of the following statement is not possible?

87 / 120

87. Arrange the following posts of a State secretariat in hierarchy (Higher to lower) order by using the code given below.

(I) Secretary

(II) Deputy Secretary

(III) Special Secretary

(IV) Assistant Secretary

Code :

88 / 120

88. In view of increasing number of dark and grey zones in Rajasthan Central Ground Water Authority of India has put total ban on exploitation of ground water in which of the administrative blocks of the State?

89 / 120

89. Who built the famous Fort of Mandu?

90 / 120

90. Two things were sold at same sale-price. One thing got 10% profit and another suffered 10% loss. The difference of their purchase price will be in multiple of which number, Tell ________

91 / 120

91. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

92 / 120

92. What is ‘Aulondi’ in Rajasthan Culture?

93 / 120

93. If in a code language “PLAYER” is written as “AELPRY”. Then in the same language “MANAGER” will be written as ________ ?

94 / 120

94. The ratio of ages of A and B 4 years before was 2 : 3. And after four (4) years it will becomes 5 : 7. After 2 years their age will be _____ ?

95 / 120

95. 1 Nibble is equal to-

96 / 120

96. A person walks 8 km in the East direction. There from, he moves 5 km. in the North-West direction. From that place he walks 6 km. in the South direction. His last point will be in the direction _______ from starting point?

97 / 120

97. In Bhil tribe who wears ‘Kachawo’?

98 / 120

98. Which Lok Devata is known by name of ‘Jaharpeer’?

99 / 120

99. ‘आ’ प्रत्यय से निर्मित हिन्दी कृदन्त (सभी शब्द युग्म) शब्द समूह है-

100 / 120

100. Which of the following statements regarding physical features of Rajasthan is/are correct? Select the correct answer using the codes given below-

(I) Hadauti plateau is bounded by Main Boundary Fault in North-West.

(II) 41.50 percent are of western sandy plain is sand dune free region.

(III) Structurally, physical features of Rajasthan form part of northern great plains and peninsular plateau of India.

(IV) Aravalli in the present time exist as residual mountains.

Codes :

101 / 120

101. A completes \frac{7}{10} part of work within 15 days. Thereafter with the help of B, he completes the rest of the work within 4 days. B alone will be able to do it in how many days.

102 / 120

102. What is the full form of ISDN?

103 / 120

103. Consider the following about State Legislative Assembly :

(I) It’s term is Five Year

(II) It is chaired by Chief Minister

(III) It is directly elected by the people

(IV) Governor is empowered to dissolve it

Code :

104 / 120

104. 1 Kilobyte is equal to-

105 / 120

105. ‘Bam dance’ is famous at which place?

106 / 120

106. On which part of the body ‘Ballaya’ ornament is wore?

107 / 120

107. What will come at the place ___(?)____ in the given series?


108 / 120

108. किस समूह में यण-सन्धि रहित शब्द है-

109 / 120

109. Two trains of same length are moving in the same direction at the velocity of 46 km per hour and 36 km per hour respectively. The fast train crosses the slow train in 36 seconds. What is the length of each train?

110 / 120

110. अशुद्ध अर्थयुक्त युग्म शब्द वाला विकल्प है-

111 / 120

111. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below-

List-I (Wetland Ecosites) – List-II (States)

(a) Bhoj – (I) Himachal Pradesh

(b) Chandratal – (II) Madhya Pradesh

(c) Schlur – (III) Tripura

(d) Rudrasagar – (IV) Jammu-Kashmir

Codes :

112 / 120

112. Identify the INCORRECT sentence: (in which the Verb is not in Agreement with the Subject).

Options :

113 / 120

113. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below-

List-I (Percentage of Tribes in Total Population of Rajasthan, 2011) – List-II (Major Habitats)

(a) Less than 20 % – (I) Baran, Bundi, Karauli

(b) 20 to 25 % – (II) Chittorgarh, Rajsamand, Jhalawar

(c) 26 to 50 % – (III) Udaipur, Sirohi, Dausa

(d) 51 to 80 % – (IV) Banswara, Dungarpur, Pratapgarh

Codes :

114 / 120

114. Who established the ‘Alkhiya Sect’ (Sampradaya)?

115 / 120

115. मुहावरे का युक्तियुक्त अर्थ नहीं है-

116 / 120

116. Which is odd word in these? Tell

(I) Birbal, (II) Abul Fazal, (III) Tansen, (IV) Faiz Ahmad, (V) Todarmal

117 / 120

117. A person takes a some amount on loan at 3% per annum simple interest payable annually. Immediately he gives it on loan at 5% per annum compound interest payable half yearly. At the end of year he earns profit of Rs 330/-. How much amount he tooks on loan?

118 / 120

118. Panchayati Raj is a system of :

119 / 120

119. What is ‘Cheda Fhadna’ in Bhils?

120 / 120

120. Which of the following articles of the Constitution was inserted through the 73rd amendment regarding Panchayats?

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