RPSC RAS Pre Question Paper 2013 (31-10-2015) Test

General Information about RPSC RAS Prelims Question Paper 2013 (31-10-2015)

Exam BoardRajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC)
Exam NameRajasthan State and Subordinate Services Combined Competitive (Preliminary) Examination, 2013
Exam Date31-10-2015
Final Answer key issue date18-02-2016
Exam ModeOffline
Question paper languageHindi & English
Question paper typeObjective
SubjectGeneral Knowledge and General Science
Total Question150
Maximum Marks200
Negative Marking1/3
Time03.00 Hours

Note :- The answers to all the questions given in this question paper have been taken from the official answer key of Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC).

This question paper includes questions related to the following subjects :-

  1. History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan
  2. Indian History
  3. Geography of World
  4. Geography of India
  5. Geography of Rajasthan
  6. Indian Constitution, Political System & Governance
  7. Political and Administrative System of Rajasthan
  8. Economic Concepts and Indian Economy
  9. Economy of Rajasthan
  10. Science & Technology
  11. Reasoning & Mental Ability
  12. Current Affairs

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General information about the test :-

Test NameRPSC RAS Pre Exam Question Paper 2013 (31-10-2015)
Test FeeFree
Test ModeOnline
Total Question150
Time Period03.00 hours
Minimum Passing Marks40%

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RPSC RAS Pre Exam Question Paper 2013 (31-10-2015) Test

In this test, all the questions asked in the question paper of RPSC RAS Pre exam 2013 (31-10-2015) have been included.

1 / 150

1. Eutrophication of water body results from

2 / 150

2. Jamanadas, Chhotelal, Baksaram and Nandalal are associated with which of the following styles of painting?

3 / 150

3. The Mudra Yojana of the Government of India is designed to

4 / 150

4. Match the items in List-I with items in List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below :

List-I (Specialization)

(a) Taxation

(b) Agriculture

(c) Monetary Policy

(d) Indian Economy, Planning and State Level Reforms

(e) Fiscal Policy

List-II (Name)

(I) M. Govinda Rao

(II) C. Rangarajan

(III) Arvind Pangariha

(IV) Ashok Gulati

(V) Parthasarthy Shome

Codes :

5 / 150

5. C-130J Super Hercules is world’s most advanced air lifter being used by Indian Air Force. These air lifters (air craft) are made by

6 / 150

6. The meeting town of North-South and East-West corridor super-highway is :

7 / 150

7. What is not true about the Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission? Read the following statements and select the correct answer from the codes given below :

(I) The Commission became fully functional from May, 2000.

(II) The Commission comprises of one full time Chairman and two members.

(III) A former Chief Justice or a former Judge of a High Court can become Chairman of the Commission.

(IV) Justice A.S. Godara was the Chairman of the commission from July 2000 to July 2005.

Codes :

8 / 150

8. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?

9 / 150

9. Land Acquisition Bill was passed by Lok Sabha with how many amendments?

10 / 150

10. Ena’s age was square of a number last year and it will be cube of a number next year. How long must at least she wait before her age he again the cube of a number?

11 / 150

11. Shalini ranks seventh from the top and twenty-seventh from the bottom in her class. How many students are there in the class?

12 / 150

12. Tejaji Fair is organised at

13 / 150

13. Six persons A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting around a table. A and B do not sit next to each other. E and F are opposite each other. C is sitting to the immediate right of F. If A is not between E and C, then D is not next to F. Which of the following is not an arrangement (in clockwise direction) satisfying the conditions given above?

14 / 150

14. Match the following :

(a) Strait of Gibraltor

(b) Strait of Malacco

(c) Strait of Bering

(d) Strait of Hormuz

(I) Between Indonesia & Malaysia

(II) Between Gulf of Persia and Gulf of Oman

(III) Between Africa and Europe

(IV) Between Asia and North America

15 / 150

15. The sect which believed in abiding nature of destiny :

16 / 150

16. Match the following :

Architectural Style –

(a) ‘Lotus bud’ fringe on the underside of the arch

(b) Emergence octagonal tomb

(c) Use of Bodegoi in the pillar

(d) Massive entrance gate with inclined walls

Associated Dynasty-

(I) Sharqi

(II) Vijay-nagar

(III) Khaljis

(IV) Tughluqs

Codes :

17 / 150

17. For human nutrition, tomatoes are a rice source of

18 / 150

18. List if few satellites manufactured by ISRO is given below along with the date of their launch. Which two of the following Satellites failed to reach the orbit?

Satellite – Launch Date

(I) GSAT-2 – 8th May, 2003

(II) GSAT-4 – 15th April, 2010

(III) GSAT-5P – 25th December, 2010

(IV) GSAT-12 – 15th July, 2011

19 / 150

19. The place which is famous for its terracotta craft :

20 / 150

20. The Thrust Areas of Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) include

(I) Water supply

(II) Sewerage facilities

(III) Public Transport facilities

(IV) Creation of parks and recreation centres especially for children.

(V) Storm water drain to reduce flooding

Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

21 / 150

21. The President’s power to veto a Bill for amendment of the Constitution has been taken away, by substituting the word, “shall give his consent” by which amendment?

22 / 150

22. Who amongst these was not a Chairperson of Rajasthan State Human Right Commission?

23 / 150

23. The Lorraine Region of France is famous for :

24 / 150

24. Match the following :

Book – Author

(a) Hammirayan – (I) Badar

(b) Veermayan – (II) Mancharam Sevag

(c) Raghunath Rupak – (III) Dursa Adha

(d) Kirtar Bavani – (IV) Bhandau Vyas

Codes :

25 / 150

25. Kiwi is

26 / 150

26. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below the lists.

List-I (Welfare Schemes of Government of India)

(a) Nai Roshni Programme


(c) Pradhanmantri Jan-Dhan Yojana

(d) Swavlamban Scheme

List-II (Its content)

(I) Women Empowerment

(II) Financial Inclusion

(III) New Pension System

(IV) IT Training

Codes :

27 / 150

27. Consider the following statements :

(I) Through 44th Constitutional Amendment, 1978, all the Directive Principles of State Policy have been given preference over Fundamental Rights mentioned in Articles 14 and 19.

(II) Supreme Court has laid down in its verdict in Minerva Mills case, 1980 that the preference given only to Directive Principles of State Policy mentioned in Article 39 (b) and (c) over Fundamental Rights mentioned in Articles 14 and 19 is Constitutional.

28 / 150

28. Which statement about aspirin is not true?

29 / 150

29. How many squares does the following figure contain?

30 / 150

30. Indicate the vital change in the measurement of National Income of India recently.

31 / 150

31. Who amongst the following was the first Chief Secretary of Rajasthan?

32 / 150

32. Which one of following is the theme of the World Population Day 2015?

33 / 150

33. The Ram Krishna Mission was founded by Swami Vivekanand in the year

34 / 150

34. As on September 11, 2015, which district of Rajasthan stood first in achieving the annual target of Constructing toilets?

35 / 150

35. “Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights” is a book written by

36 / 150

36. A girl wants to go to the school. She starts from her home which is in the east and she gets a crossing. The road to the left ends in woods, the straight ahead is the market. In which direction is the school?

37 / 150

37. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below the lists.

List-I (Provision of Constitutional Amendment)

(a) Right to form Co-operative societies under Article 19 (1) (c)

(b) Protect SC/ST reservation in filling backlog of vacancies.

(c) Formation of National Judicial Appointments Commission.

(d) Restrict the size of Council of Ministers.

List-II (Number of Constitutional Amendment)

(I) 81st Amendment, 2000

(II) 91st Amendment, 2004

(III) 97th Amendment, 2012

(IV) 99th Amendment, 2015

Codes :

38 / 150

38. The number of rhombus in the following figure formed by the set of same equilateral triangles is

39 / 150

39. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below the list :

List-I (Coal/gas mines) – List-II (District)

(a) Kesardesar – (I) Jaisalmer

(b) Kapurdi – (II) Nagaur

(c) Matasukh – (III) Bikaner

(d) Tanot – (IV) Barmer

Codes :

40 / 150

40. Kshetrapal has been an important aspect in the culture of Rajasthan as

41 / 150

41. The number of all integers ‘n’ for which n2 + 48 is a perfect square, is

42 / 150

42. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below :

List-I – List-II

(a) 11 July – (I) World Literacy Day

(b) 12 August – (II) National Sports Day

(c) 29 August – (III) International Youth Day

(d) 8 September – (IV) World Population Day

Codes :

43 / 150

43. Which one of the following areas in India, is a hotspot of biodiversity?

44 / 150

44. ‘Pankodakasannirodhe’ was the penalty in Mauryan administration, charged for

45 / 150

45. A person met with an accident and there is no time to check his blood group, which of the following blood should be given to him?

46 / 150

46. Three of the following pairs of numbers have the same relationship. The odd pair is

47 / 150

47. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below :

List-I – List-II

(a) Government of India Act – (I) 1935

(b) Cripps Proposals – (II) 1940

(c) August Offer – (III) 1945

(d) Wavell Plan – (IV) 1942

Codes :

48 / 150

48. 16 Janpadas of the age of Mahajanapada have often been mentioned in the Buddhist literature. Which of the following Janpadas have been mentioned by Panini in his Ashtadhyayi?

(I) Magadh, (II) Ashmak, (III) Kamboj, (IV) Chedi, (V) Vatsa

Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

49 / 150

49. Which one of the following diseases is not due to contamination of water?

50 / 150

50. Identify the instrument/s which is/are not aerophone.

(I) Surnai, (II) Algoja, (III) Nagfani, (IV) Kamayacha

Choose the correct option :

51 / 150

51. In the Constitution which part is concerned with the Panchayats ?

52 / 150

52. Which State of India is located in the north of tropic of Cancer?

53 / 150

53. The most important office after the ruler in the kingdoms of medieval Rajasthan was known as

54 / 150

54. Which of the following is not a biotic component of the ecosystem?

55 / 150

55. After how many years India has won Cricket Test Series in Sri Lanka?

56 / 150

56. FM broadcasting service uses the range of frequency bands between

57 / 150

57. Which crop group out of the following contains crop/crops that cannot be used for biofuel production?

58 / 150

58. In 1920s, with the objective of political awakening who published newspaper ‘Rajasthan’ from Beawer?

59 / 150

59. Over which of the following territories of erstwhile Rajputana did the Varik dynasty rule?

60 / 150

60. In the recently held HIL auction, the costliest Indian Hockey player was

61 / 150

61. The district not benefitting from Jawai project is

62 / 150

62. For how many times President Rule was promulgated in Rajasthan?

63 / 150

63. Which is not the iron ore mining area?

64 / 150

64. Statement : Most of the institutions in India have adopted on-line system of examination.

Assumptions :

(I) It may happen that examinees from all parts of India are expert in computer.

(II) On-line system of examination helps in recruiting more qualified persons.

Which of the following is correct?

65 / 150

65. In which district of Rajasthan a war Museum is built up which was inaugurated recently?

66 / 150

66. Identify the name of the player, who was awarded ‘Arjun Award’ in 2014, after the intervention of Delhi High Court.

67 / 150

67. Who said, recently, that ‘The Future of India as a democratic country is at risk’?

68 / 150

68. Which of the following texts has not been written by Kumbha?

69 / 150

69. How many services are given guarantee under the Rajasthan guaranteed Delivery of Public Services Act, 2011?

70 / 150

70. Who among following from Rajasthan was awarded Padmashri in 2015 for contribution to medicine?

71 / 150

71. Which river in the Rajasthan state has lowest drainage area?

72 / 150

72. The retina is outgrowth of the

73 / 150

73. Which type of agriculture is suitable for high land area of equatorial region?

74 / 150

74. The cost of the components X, Y, Z of a machine worth ₹ 24,000 in 2008 is given as Pie Chart.

In the following year. the cost of the components X, Y, Z increased by 10%, 20% and 10% respectively. The cost of the three components respectively in 2009, was :

75 / 150

75. The following map is showing the location of lift canals of IGNP in Rajasthan as (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv). Identify and answer the correct sequence as given below the map :

76 / 150

76. Assertion (a) : The primary objective of India’s federal design was to weave a nation out of its many diverse parts and protect national integration.

Reason (r) : Accommodation of diversities has built a stronger, not weaker, Indian nationhood.

77 / 150

77. The ‘Man and Biosphere Programme’ (MAB) by UNESCO was started in :

78 / 150

78. Consider the following events and select their correct chronological order from the codes given below :

(I) Formation of Naujawan Bharat Sabha

(II) Formation of Swarajist Party

(III) The Dandi March

(IV) The Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy

Codes :

79 / 150

79. Which District is not covered under National Bamboo Mission?

80 / 150

80. Match items in List-I with items in List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below :

List-I (Medium Irrigation Project)

(a) Gagrin

(b) Piplad

(c) Gardada

(d) Takli

List-II (District in which situated)

(I) Kota

(II) Bundi

(III) Jhalawar

(IV) Baran

Codes :

81 / 150

81. Identify the correct pair of enzyme and its function :

82 / 150

82. Who won Silver Medal in World Badminton Championship this year (2015)?

83 / 150

83. Match List-I with List-II and identify correct answer from the codes given below :

List-I (Case)

(a) A.K. Gopalan Vs State of Madras

(b) Romesh Tapar Vs State of Madras

(c) Sankari Prasad Vs Union of India

(d) Champakam Dorairajan Vs State of Madras

List-II (Subject)

(I) Equality in admission to educational institutions.

(II) Parliament’s power to amend the Constitution.

(III) Procedure for preventive detention

(IV) Restrictions on free speech

Codes :

84 / 150

84. In a certain code language “567” means “black tall man”, “859” means “curly black hair”, and “167” means “fat tall man”, then in this code language “1” stands for :

85 / 150

85. Which amongst the following statements is/are true about V.D. Savarkar?

(I) He founded Abhinav Bharat – A revolutionary organization
(II) In order to inspire Indian nationalist he wrote the biography of Mazzini.
(III) He also authored “The Indian War of Independence – 1857” which provides nationalist view of the revolt of 1857.
(IV) He jumped into the sea from the sailing ship in order to escape British captivity.

Choose the correct answer :

86 / 150

86. Given below are two statements, one is labelled as Assertion (a) and the other is labelled as Reason (r).

Assertion (a) : Sarkaria Commission recommended that Article 356 should be sparingly used.

Reason (r) : The political parties that came to form the Government at the Centre misused the Article 356.

Codes :

87 / 150

87. Amongst the following who was appointed as the first Director General of the Unique Identification Authority of India created in June, 2009?

88 / 150

88. Match List-I (Finance Committees for 2015-16 in the 14th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly) with List-II (Chairman thereof) and select the correct answer by using the codes given below the lists :

List-I (Finance Committees for 2015-16 in the 14th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly)

(a) Committee on Public Accounts

(b) Committee on Public Undertaking

(c) Committee on Estimates ‘A’

(d) Committee on Estimates ‘B’

List-II (Chairman thereof)

(I) Mohan Lal Gupta

(II) Madan Rathore

(III) Pradhyuman Singh

(IV) Dr. Gopal Krishna

Codes :

89 / 150

89. Statement : A large number of graduates of Indian universities are not eligible for employment.

Courses of Action :

(I) Universities should be given more freedom in deciding subject matters of the syllabi.

(II) World ranking foreign universities should be inspired for opening their campus in India.

Assuming the truth of the above statement decide which of the above courses of action follows according to the statement?

90 / 150

90. Which of the following match is not correct in regard to the origin of Harappan civilization?

91 / 150

91. Which of the following is an inorganic gaseous pollutant of air?

92 / 150

92. In the following letter series arrangement, some of the letters are missing which are given in that order as one of the alternatives below it. Choose the correct alternatives :



93 / 150

93. Government of India has launched a scheme of “Housing for All” by the year

94 / 150

94. If POTATO is coded as 3, then the code of MASK will be

95 / 150

95. Civil Service Day is celebrated on

96 / 150

96. As per State Election Commission, in Urban Local Bodies General Election 2015, State Polling Percentage was

97 / 150

97. Direct Cash Transfer Scheme of Kerosene on Pilot Basis in Rajasthan started from

98 / 150

98. Deserts have phreatophytes, i.e.. Plants that have

99 / 150

99. Consider the followings about Raja Ramanna :

(I) He had directed the team of scientists which carried out the test of nuclear device.

(II) He was awarded Padma Vibhushan in 1976.

(III) He was made Union Minister of State for Defence in 1990.

(IV) He had written a book entitled ‘The Structure of Music in Raga and Western System’.

Select the correct answer by using code given below :

100 / 150

100. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below :

List-II (Books)

(a) Gandhian Constitution for India

(b) The Republic of India

(c) The White Umbrella

(d) The Politics of India since Independence

List-II (Authors)

(I) D. Mackenzie Brown (Brian Sewell)

(II) Sriman Narayan

(III) A. Gledhill

(IV) Paul. R. Brass

Codes :

101 / 150

101. The following map is showing the major concentration of tribes in Rajasthan as (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv). Identify and answer the correct sequence as given below the map.

102 / 150

102. Who has been appointed chairman of India’s Oscar Jury for the 88th Academy Awards?

103 / 150

103. A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called

104 / 150

104. Mizoram has been granted the status of a State by which of the following Constitutional Amendments?

Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

105 / 150

105. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

Oil Refineries – Set up by

106 / 150

106. Which factor can be highly supportive in achieving economic growth rate of 8% or more in the near future in India?

107 / 150

107. The following map is showing the location of ports of eastern coast of India as (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv). Identify and answer the correct sequence as given below :

108 / 150

108. Which Indian State has the highest percentage of children suffering from malnutrition?

109 / 150

109. The Fundamental Duty to uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India is mentioned at number.

110 / 150

110. Which Super-critical power plant has the highest installed capacity at present in Rajasthan?

111 / 150

111. In which years was the office of Divisional Commissioner abolished and revived thereafter?

112 / 150

112. Which one of following Goddess Temples is situated in Sambhar Lake?

113 / 150

113. Consider the following statements :

(I) None but the best candidates can clear the exam.

(II) Some of those who clear the exam pass with good marks.

(III) Some of those who pass with good marks get awards.

Which one of the following inferences can be drawn from the above statements?

114 / 150

114. The Rajasthan Panchayat Act (Amendment) Bill, 2015 was passed by Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha on March 27, 2015. It provides for Eligibility qualifications of local leaders-

(I) Availability of a Toilet in the house

(II) Candidates for Zila Parishad- B.A. Degree

(III) Candidates for Panchayat Samitis- 10th Class Pass

(IV) Candidates for Sarpanches – (8th Class) and in Scheduled Areas (5th Class) respectively

Codes :

115 / 150

115. Who was appointed as the Chief Minister of the United Rajasthan which was formed on 25th March, 1948?

116 / 150

116. Which of the following is the greatest?

\sqrt{59}-\sqrt{51}, \sqrt{37}-\sqrt{29}, \sqrt{87}-\sqrt{79} and \sqrt{79}-\sqrt{71}

117 / 150

117. In which crop production, Rajasthan occupies first position in the Country, for the year 2013-14?

118 / 150

118. If 23 × 5 = 26 and 13 × 8 = 19, then 39 × 7 =

119 / 150

119. Major coal types found in Rajasthan state is

120 / 150

120. If the arithmetic mean of a, b, c is \frac{M}{3} and \frac{1}{a}+\frac{1}{b}=-\frac{1}{c}, then the arithmetic mean of a2, b2, c2 is

121 / 150

121. In a certain code language ‘goolo yarn’ means ‘blue sky’; ‘silko spadi’ means ‘bicycle race’ and ‘goolo silko’ means ‘blue bicycle’. Which word may mean ‘race car’?

122 / 150

122. Choose the incorrect pair :

Water body – Location (District)

123 / 150

123. What is the missing number ‘x’ of the series 18, 30, 48, 72, 96, x ?

124 / 150

124. Golden rice is

125 / 150

125. Assertion (a) : Anju Bobby George of India, who won an Silver Medal in long jump in the Third World Athletics of 2005 has been declared a Gold Medal Winner in 2014.

Reason (r) : The Russian athlete Tatyana Kotava (2nd position) was disqualified during her Dope test.

Codes :

126 / 150

126. In the first general elections to State Assembly of Rajasthan, the Political Party which secured second highest number of seats after Congress was

127 / 150

127. Which one of the following is not correct about Ranchhor Bhai Rebari?

128 / 150

128. Poverty-Ration based on the Methodology adopted by Dr. C. Rangarajan Expert-Group was incorrect for the state for 2011-12 in relation to the population of the State :

129 / 150

129. Steps of Recombinant DNA technology are given below :

(a) Identification and isolation of the genetic material.

(b) Fragmentation of DNA.

(c) Obtaining the foreign gene product.

(d) Downstream processing.

(e) Ligation of DNA fragmentation into the vector.

(f) Isolation of desired DNA fragments.

(g) Amplification of gene of interest.

(h) Transfer of Recombinant DNA into the host cell/organism.

The correct sequence of steps is

130 / 150

130. Who among the following Maratha Chieftains was the first to offer nazr (gift) at the Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti of Ajmer?

131 / 150


132 / 150

132. Physiograpghic region of India covering the maximum area is :

133 / 150

133. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below :

List-I (Human Rights Documents)

(a) The National Commission for Backward Classes Act

(b) Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation Act)

(c) Persons with Disabilities (Equal opportunities, Protection of Rights and full Participation) Act

(d) The National Commission for Minorities Act

List-II (Year)

(I) 1990 (1992)

(II) 1995

(III) 1986

(IV) 1993

Codes :

134 / 150

134. The Veer Bharat Society was established at Kota by

135 / 150

135. The following Pie-Chart indicates the monthly domestic budget of a family where

A = Food, B = Conveyance, C = Clothing, D = House rent, E = Miscellaneous expenses, F = Saving

If the monthly saving of the family is ₹ 4,500, the monthly income is

136 / 150

136. In which country teacher’s day is called ‘Hari Guru’?

137 / 150

137. Which of the following forests is known as the “lungs of the planet earth”?

138 / 150

138. The ratio of an external angle and an internal angle of a regular polygon is 1 : 5 The number of sides in the polygon is

139 / 150

139. Agricultural practices done by tribes in South-East hilly areas of Rajasthan is known as

140 / 150

140. Match List-I with List-II and identify correct answer from the codes given below :

List-I (Constitutional Provision)

(a) Fundamental Rights

(b) Directive Principles of State Policy

(c) Cabinet Government

(d) Union-State Relations

List-II (Source)

(I) British Constitution

(II) Canadian Constitution

(III) Irish Constitution

(IV) U.S. Bill of Rights

Codes :

141 / 150

141. Read the following statements and select the correct answer.

Statement (a) : Rivers flow from Himalaya are perennial rivers.

Reason (r) : Source of Himalayan rivers are located in glaciers.

142 / 150

142. Which one of the following officials was not a part of the Mauryan administration?

143 / 150

143. During the reign of which of the following rulers the Delhi-Shivalik pillar inscription was inscribed?

144 / 150

144. x, y and z can complete a piece of work in 9, 18 and 24 days respectively. They started working together, but y and z left the work 3 days and 2 days before the completion of the work respectively. What was the ratio of contribution of y to that of z in the completed piece of work?

145 / 150

145. The Goga Navami is called

146 / 150

146. Unicode encoding scheme represents a character as a group of

147 / 150

147. ‘Mawat’ occurs due to

148 / 150

148. “Got-Manglodh” area is related to which mineral?

149 / 150

149. If Q + R > P + S and P + Q > R + S, then it is definite that: (P, Q, R, S are positive whole numbers) :

150 / 150

150. Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has been in the news, because

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