Rajasthan VDO Pre Question Paper 2021 (27-12-2021) First Phase (Test)

General Information about Rajasthan Village Development Officer (VDO) Preliminary Examination 2021 (27-12-2021) First Phase

Exam BoardRajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB)
Exam NameVillage Development Officer (VDO) Preliminary Exam
Exam Date27-12-2021
Exam PhaseFirst Phase (Morning Shift)
First Answer Key issue date31-01-2022
Final Answer key issue date12-04-2022
Exam ModeOffline
Question paper languageHindi & English
Question paper typeObjective
Total Question100
Maximum Marks100
Negative MarkingNegative marking is not applicable.
Time2 Hours

Note :- The answers to all the questions given in this question paper have been taken from the official answer key of Rajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB).

This question paper includes questions related to the following subjects :-

  1. Current Affairs (State, National and International Level)
  2. Geography and Natural Resources. (World, India and Rajasthan)
  3. Agriculture and economic development with special reference to India and Rajasthan.
  4. History and culture. (India and Rajasthan)
  5. General mental ability.
  6. Reasoning power and analytical ability.
  7. English
  8. Hindi
  9. Mathematic
  10. Administrative structure in Rajasthan at state, district, tehsil and panchayat level.
  11. Basic knowledge of computer.

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General information about the test :-

Test NameRajasthan Village Development Officer (VDO) Preliminary Exam Question Paper 2021 (27-12-2021) First Phase
Test FeeFree
Test ModeOnline
Total Question100
Time Period2 hours
Minimum Passing Marks40%

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Instructions :-

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  • After the completion of time the test will be automatically submitted.
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Rajasthan Village Development Officer (VDO) Prelims Exam Question Paper 2021 (27-12-2021) First Phase (Test)

In this test, all the questions asked in the question paper of Rajasthan Village Development Officer (VDO) Prelims exam 2021 (27-12-2021) First Phase have been included.

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1. The Department of Tourism in Rajasthan was established in-

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2. Read the statements carefully-

(I) The Governor shall declare that he reserves the Bill for the consideration of the President. (Article-200)

(II) The President may direct the Governor to return the Bill to the house (Article-201)

Which of the following option is correct?

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3. Which one of the following (Biosphere Reserve Are – State) is not matched correctly?

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4. On whose recommendation Abu and Dilwara Tehsil were merged in Rajasthan?

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5. P, Q, R and S are to be seated in a row. But R and S cannot be together. Also, Q cannot be at the third place, then which of the following must be false?

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6. The Anatolian Plateau is located in-

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7. In the following figure number of

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8. In which year the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) has been merged with Zila – Parishad in Rajasthan?

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9. Let the currently selected/active MS Excel cell is M130, on pressing “Home” button on keyboard, selection will move to which of the following cell?

10 / 100

10. If we travel along the Luni River from its origin to the end, in which order would we find its tributaries?

(I) Jawai, (II) Bandi, (III) Sukari, (IV) Guhiya

Codes :

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11. The highest peak in Rocky Mountains is-

12 / 100

12. Who among the following Chief Minister had to resign after the Deeg shootout and when did he resign?

13 / 100

13. समास-विग्रह की दृष्टि से असुमेलित विकल्प का चयन कीजिए-

14 / 100

14. The maximum number of dust storms occur in May and June in which district of Rajasthan?

15 / 100

15. As per Agricultural Census 2015-16 total number of male operational land holdings in Rajasthan is-

16 / 100

16. A is the son of B. C is sister of B. C has son D and daughter E, F is the maternal uncle of D. How many nephews does F have?

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17. Which one of the following (Topography – Location) is not correctly matched?

18 / 100

18. Which language is being used as the basis for the Japanese fifth generation computers?

19 / 100

19. Where is the Rajasthan Civil Services Appellate tribunal located?

20 / 100

20. Arrange the following words as found in the dictionary, now what will be the fourth letter from the left in the last word?


21 / 100

21. ‘Abhanga’ means-

22 / 100

22. Match the words in (A) with their synonyms in (B)-

(A) Words- (B) Synonyms

(a) Amend – (I) Rebuild

(b) Revamp – (II) Increase

(c) Enhance – (III) Reduce

(d) Diminish – (IV) Modify

23 / 100

23. Which one of the following (Breed – Animal) is not matched correctly?

24 / 100

24. In a certain code, DEAF is written as 3587 and FILE is written as 7465. How is IDEAL written in that code?

25 / 100

25. Which of the following is a couple dance?

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26. If two circles (x-1)2 + (y-3)2 = r2 and x2 + y2 – 8x + 2y + 8 = 0 intersect in two distinct points, then-

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27. Which of the following (Book – Author) is correctly matched?

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28. Which of the following statement is/are correct about the Rajasthan State Women Commission?

(I) The chairperson and members are appointed by the Governor.

(II) The commission was formed on 15 May, 1999.

(III) It is a non-constitutional and advisory body.

(IV) Its function is to hear and investigate complaints related to harassment of women.

29 / 100

29. Which one of the following (Tropical Cyclone – Affecting Area) is not correctly matched?

30 / 100

30. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below-

List-I (Animal Fair) – List-II (Place)

(a) Veer Tejaji – (I) Barmer

(b) Shivratri – (II) Bharatpur

(c) Chandrabhaga – (III) Parbatsar

(d) Mallinath – (IV) Jhalrapatan

Codes :

31 / 100

31. Which of the following produces the best quality graphics reproduction?

32 / 100

32. निम्न में से किस विकल्प के सभी शब्द परस्पर पर्यायवाची शब्द नहीं हैं?

33 / 100

33. Which tree is called the ‘Flame of the Forest’ in Rajasthan?

34 / 100

34. The new name given to the Industry Department by Rajasthan Government is-

35 / 100

35. ‘Furious Fifties’ winds are associated with-

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36. Answer the question based on the set of numbers given below-

429, 738, 273, 894, 156

If the positions of the first two digits in each number are reversed, then the difference between the first digit of the greatest number as well as of the lowest number is equal to-

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37. ‘Vande Bharat Mission’ is related to-

38 / 100

38. The two famous painters who came to India during Humayun’s region were-

39 / 100

39. The value of 12 + 32 + 52 + 72 + ……….. + 192 is-

40 / 100

40. Select the correct sentence from the given options which rightly transforms the Direct speech sentence in reported speech-

Sentence : She said to me, “I though I heard you coming down the stairs”.

41 / 100

41. किस वाक्यांश के लिए प्रयुक्त शब्द सार्थक नहीं है?

42 / 100

42. Folk drama Charbait is related to which of the following cities?

43 / 100

43. In which generation, transistor was used?

44 / 100

44. In context of flow chart symbols, choose an invalid pair-

45 / 100

45. In an office, \frac{3}{5} of total employees are females and rest are males. If \frac{2}{9} part of females and \frac{1}{4} part of males are absent, then what part of total employees are absent?

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46. The Headquarters of Merwara Battalion formed in 1822 was-

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47. Extension of Scheduled Area Act-1996 is related to-

48 / 100

48. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below-

List-I (Saint) – List-II (Sect)

(a) Ramanuja – (I) Shuddhadvaita

(b) Madhvacharya – (II) Dvaitadvaita

(c) Nimbarka – (III) Vishishtadvaita

(d) Vallabhacharya – (IV) Dvaita

Codes :

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49. किस शब्द का संधि-विच्छेद सही किया गया है?

50 / 100

50. The probability of a shooter hitting a target is 0.75. How many minimum number of times must he/she fire so that the probability of hitting the target at least once is more than 0.99?

51 / 100

51. The Mascot of Tokyo Olympics is-

52 / 100

52. Read the following information carefully to answer the question given below-

(I) P × Q means P is brother of Q

(II) P + Q means Q is mother of P

(III) P – Q means Q is sister of P

(IV) P ÷ Q means P is father of Q

Which of the following means T is nephew of R?

53 / 100

53. तत्सम-तद्भव की दृष्टि से कौन-सा युग्म सही नहीं है?

54 / 100

54. निम्न में से किस विकल्प के सभी शब्द शुद्ध हैं?

55 / 100

55. Here, a statement is followed by some conclusions. Choose the conclusion which logically follows from the given statement-

Statement : Most of the teachers are honest. Rekha is honest.

Conclusion :

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56. The musical instrument, which is played in Kachchi Godi dance is-

57 / 100

57. In a PowerPoint presentation-

58 / 100

58. Fill in the blank space in the sentence by choosing the correct form of the verb/tense from the given options-

“As soon as she …… the book, she informed the publisher.”

59 / 100

59. In context of Internet news groups, ………… deals with rules of framing messages that will not hurt others.

60 / 100

60. Which one of the following is not a type of sand dune in Rajasthan?

61 / 100

61. Which dialect did Grierson also call as dialect of Bhil tribe?

62 / 100

62. In which Article of Indian Constitution the definition of “Gram Sabha” is mentioned?

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63. ‘X’ can complete a work in 14 days and ‘Y’ can complete in 21 days. They begin together but 3 days before the completion of the work, ‘X’ leaves off. What is the total number of days to complete the work?

64 / 100

64. If the selling price of 16 items is equal to the cost price of 20 items, then profit of loss percent is-

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65. As compared to 2001, the sex ratio in urban regions of Rajasthan as per census 2011, has been improved by how many females per 1000 males?

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66. The Sea of Marmara connects-

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67. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate phrasal verb :

How did you ……… (come) that rare diamond?

68 / 100

68. Fill in the blank with the correct article :

He works in ………… L.I.C. of India.

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69. The value of \sqrt{\frac{1-sin\theta}{1+sin\theta}} is-

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70. Match the items in column (A) with appropriate items in column (B) so as to form meaningful sentences :

Column (A)-

(a) If you had tried……

(b) Unless you tell me the truth……

(c) If you are going abroad……

(d) Do you know……

Column (B)-

(I) ……whether the match has been postponed.

(II) ……you’ll need a lot of money.

(III) ……I’ll not let you go.

(IV) ……you would have succeeded.

71 / 100

71. Suppose \vec{v}=2\hat{i}+\hat{j}-\hat{k} and \vec{w}=\hat{i}+3\hat{k}. If \hat{u} is unit vector, then the maximum value of scalar triple product [\hat{u}\hat{v}\hat{w}] is-

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72. The ‘S’ shaped oceanic ridge is-

73 / 100

73. The correct increasing order of the following three districts of Rajasthan with minimum population (as per census-2011) is-

74 / 100

74. What is the unit digit in product of (4387)245 × (621)72?

75 / 100

75. विलोम शब्द की दृष्टि से अनुचित युग्म का चयन कीजिए-

76 / 100

76. समश्रुत भिन्नार्थक शब्द की दृष्टि से असंगत युग्म चुनिए-

77 / 100

77. Which of the following (Ruler – Painting Style) is not correctly matched?

78 / 100

78. In context of MS Word-2019, keystroke “Ctrl+Shift+F5” is related to-

79 / 100

79. Change into passive voice :

There is no form to reject.

80 / 100

80. A cube is painted on all its faces and it is cut into 64 identical smaller cubes. The difference between number of smaller cubes which are painted on one face and two faces, is-

81 / 100

81. One whose only motive is to earn money is :

82 / 100

82. The medieval ruler who significantly contributed in the development of Khayal style of classical music-

83 / 100

83. Who was the architect of Taj Mahal?

84 / 100

84. How many general elections of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly have been held till 2018?

85 / 100

85. Kamala and Ilaichi are the foremost women painters of which school of painting?

86 / 100

86. प्रत्यय की दृष्टि से असुमेलित विकल्प बताइए-

87 / 100

87. Which of the following is not a type of hard disk?

88 / 100

88. Mirzai, Dutai and Dagla are the types of-

89 / 100

89. How many urban local bodies have been declared open defecation free under Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) Phase-I?

90 / 100

90. The first solar power plant under the PM-KUSUM Scheme has been set up in India at-

91 / 100

91. To whom does the Lokayukta present the annual report in Rajasthan?

92 / 100

92. When was vacuum tube invented?

93 / 100

93. How many times the elections of Panchayati Raj Institutions have been held till the year 2020?

94 / 100

94. Choose the correct alternative from the given options to fill in the blank space in the sentence-

“She is …… than her sister.”

95 / 100

95. In the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana – Micro Irrigation (PMKSY-MI) the funding pattern with respect to centre : state is-

96 / 100

96. Out of the following proverbs, which one is correctly framed or does not have any error in its form :

97 / 100

97. Fill in the mission value-

98 / 100

98. “तबेले की बला बन्दर के सिर” उक्त लोकोक्ति का उचित भावार्थ है-

99 / 100

99. Dajiya and Chimata are associated with which tribe of Rajasthan?

100 / 100

100. If a, b, c are in arithmetic progression and x, y, z are in geometric progression, then the value of xb-c yc-a za-b is equal to-

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