RPSC RAS Pre Question Paper 2013 (19-11-2013) Test

General Information about RPSC RAS Prelims Question Paper 2013 (19-11-2013)

Exam BoardRajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC)
Exam NameRajasthan State and Subordinate Services Combined Competitive (Preliminary) Examination, 2013
Exam Date19-11-2013
Exam ModeOffline
Question paper languageHindi & English
Question paper typeObjective
SubjectGeneral Knowledge and General Science
Total Question150
Maximum Marks200
Negative Marking1/3
Time03.00 Hours

Note :- The answers to all the questions given in this question paper have been taken from the official answer key of Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC).

This question paper includes questions related to the following subjects :-

  1. History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan
  2. Indian History
  3. Geography of World
  4. Geography of India
  5. Geography of Rajasthan
  6. Indian Constitution, Political System & Governance
  7. Political and Administrative System of Rajasthan
  8. Economic Concepts and Indian Economy
  9. Economy of Rajasthan
  10. Science & Technology
  11. Reasoning & Mental Ability
  12. Current Affairs

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General information about the test :-

Test NameRPSC RAS Pre Exam Question Paper 2013 (19-11-2013)
Test FeeFree
Test ModeOnline
Total Question150
Time Period03.00 hours
Minimum Passing Marks40%

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RPSC RAS Pre Exam Question Paper 2013 (19-11-2013) Test

In this test, all the questions asked in the question paper of RPSC RAS Pre exam 2013 (19-11-2013) have been included.

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1. NASA’s first mission capable of finding Earth size and smaller planets around other stars is-

2 / 150

2. If in a certain language, GOOD is coded as HQRH, which word will be coded DRFAM (DREAM) in the same language?

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3. Rajasthan Agriculture Competitiveness Project has been launched during 2012-13. This project is mainly emphasizing :

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4. What was the target of fiscal deficit as prescribed under the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget management Act, 2005?

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5. On an outline map of Rajasthan 1, 2, 3 and 4 depicts the location of four irrigation projects, which one is not correctly shown on the map?

6 / 150

6. The Grandmaster from Bhilwara, who won the Commonwealth Chess Championship in July 2013 in South Africa is :

7 / 150

7. In a LAN network every system is identified by-

8 / 150

8. The Twelfth Five Year Plan of India mainly focuses on :

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9. President of the International Olympic Committee is :

10 / 150

10. How many sessions of 13th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly took place?

11 / 150

11. Match the following and select the correct answer using the code given below :


(a) Bhor Ghat

(b) Goran Ghat

(c) Pal Ghat

(d) Thal Ghat


(I) Udaipur-Sirohi-Jalore

(II) Mumbai with Pune

(III) Nasik with Mumbai

(IV) Coimbatore with Kochi

Codes :

12 / 150

12. Match the following lists :

List-X (Dronacharya Awardee Coach of Year 2013)

(a) Poornima Mahto

(b) Mahaveer Singh

(c) K. P. Thomas

(d) Raj Singh

List-Y (Related sport)

(I) Hockey

(II) Athletics

(III) Archery

(IV) Wrestling

(V) Boxing

Codes :

13 / 150

13. Which of the following atomspheric gases are responsible for green house effect?

(I) Carbon dioxide

(II) Methane

(III) Oxygen

(IV) Nitrogen

Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

14 / 150

14. Which of following is not recommended by the Second Administrative Reforms Commission for functions of State Public Service Commission?

15 / 150

15. Match the following lists :


(a) INS Chakra

(b) INS Aridhaman

(c) INS Arihant

(d) INS Sindhurakshak


(I) Submarine, partially sank on 14th August, 2013

(II) Akula class Nuclear Submarine on lease from Russia

(III) India’s second-to-be indigenously built Nuclear Submarine

(IV) India’s First indigenously built Nuclear submarine

Codes :

16 / 150

16. Which one of the following inscriptions indicates the influence of Vasudeva cult on Indo-Greeks?

17 / 150

17. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists :


(a) Aerometer

(b) Ammeter

(c) Anemometer

(d) Altimeter


(I) Measurement of altitude

(II) Measurement of engine speed

(III) Measurement of electric current

(IV) Measurement of wind speed

(V) Measurement of air/gas density/weight

Codes :

18 / 150

18. Match the following and select the correct answer using the code given below :

Iron-Ore deposit – State

(a) Mayurbhanj – (I) Karnataka

(b) Kudermukh deposits – (II) Orissa

(c) Bailadila – (III) Jharkhand

(d) Bonai range – (IV) Chhattisgarh

Codes :

19 / 150

19. Who has been awarded Bal Sahitya Puraskar of 2013 in Rajasthani language by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi?

20 / 150

20. The 288th term of the series a,b,b,c,c,c,d,d,d,d,e,e,e,e,e,f,f,f,f,f,f,………. is.

21 / 150

21. The following princely states of Rajputana signed treaty with East India Company in 1817-1818 A.D.-

(I) Kota

(II) Jodhpur

(III) Karauli

(IV) Udaipur

Which sequence given below is correct chronologically?

22 / 150

22. Biodiversity hotspots resulting from extremely dense human population leading to destruction of natural habitats are found in :

(I) Bangladesh

(II) China

(III) India

(IV) Indonesia

Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

23 / 150

23. Which one of the following statements is correct?

24 / 150

24. Consider the following regarding High Court Bench at Jaipur :

(I) The permanent Bench of High Court of Rajasthan was established in 1977.

(II) The order for establishment of permanent bench was mad by Governor of Rajasthan.

(III) The order was made for establishment of bench under State Reorganization Act, 1956.

(IV) Jaipur bench has not been given the status of principal bench.

Select the correct answer by using code given below :

25 / 150

25. Consider the following statements about Rajendra-I :

(I) He sent a successful military expedition in Gangetic Valley.

(II) He built a new capital at Gangaikonda Cholapuram.

(III) He defeated Mahendra V, the king of Sri Lanka.

(IV) He despatched a mission of merchants to China.

Which of the above statements are true?

26 / 150

26. If 5% of x is added to x and the 5% of the result is substracted from the result, then the value of x :

27 / 150

27. In August, 2013, the FIBA Asia Championship for men was held at :

28 / 150

28. Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of adolescent girls named ‘Sabla’ includes the girls of the age group :

29 / 150

29. The domestic electric appliances, these days, have star ratings (upto 5 stars) on them. The number of stars on them denotes that, more the number of stars-

(I) longer the life span of the appliance

(II) higher the energy efficiency of the appliance.

(III) better performance of the appliance.

Which of the above statement/s is/are true?

30 / 150

30. Where ‘Rajasthan State Chemical Works’ industry is located?

31 / 150

31. Which one of the following is not a Sanctuary in Rajasthan?

32 / 150

32. The language which has not been used in Ashokan inscription, is :

33 / 150

33. Two statements are given, followed by four conclusions. It is required to find out which of the conclusions logically follow from the given statements ?

Statements :

All knowledge is good.

All knowledge is difficult.

Conclusions :

(I) Some good things are difficult.

(II) All difficult things are knowledge.

(III) All good things are difficult.

(IV) Easy things are not knowledge.

34 / 150

34. The following map shows the location of coal-fields in Jharkhand as (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv). Identify and answer the correct sequence as given below the map.

35 / 150

35. Among the following, which Hindi Novel has been written by Rajendra Yadav?

36 / 150

36. Central Research Institute of arid horticulture is located at

37 / 150

37. According to Constitution Amendment (Ninety one) Act, 2004, what will be maximum strength of Council of Ministers in the State?

38 / 150

38. Which country was the first to launch artificial satellite?

39 / 150

39. The following map shows the location of oil refineries in India as (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv). Identify and answer the correct sequence as given below map.

40 / 150

40. Consider the following objectives of Rajasthan Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy-2010.

(I) To encourage rapid growth of sectors in which Rajasthan has natural or strategic advantages

(II) To promote rural industrialization

(III) To achieve optimal development of human capital and promote a knowledge led growth

(IV) Enhance employment opportunities for growing youth population

Select the correct answer by using code given below :

41 / 150

41. Which amongst the following buildings are the part of Imperial Haram Sara section of Fatehpur Sikri?

(I) Jodha Bai’s Palace

(II) Panch Mahal

(III) Maryam’s House

(IV) Birbal’s House

Choose the correct option :

42 / 150

42. Which one of the following statements in not correct?

43 / 150

43. India’s first film to be awarded the best film in Cannes Film Festival in 1946 is :

44 / 150

44. Which of the following two districts are having highest forest area in Rajasthan?

45 / 150

45. The coin of which princely state of Rajputana had the face of Queen Victoria and “Victoria Empress” written in English on one side and the name of Maharaja written in Nagari and Urdu on the other side-

46 / 150

46. Match the following :

Agriculture Development Programme-

(a) National Food Security Mission

(b) Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana

(c) National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture

(d) Rainfed Area Development Programme


(I) Focussing on small and marginal farmers covering integrated farming in order to enhance farmer’s income

(II) To enhance the production of rice, wheat and pulses.

(III) To enhance public investment in agriculture

(IV) To transform Indian agriculture into a climate resilient production system

Codes :

47 / 150

47. Consider the following statements :

(I) Nanotechnology is based on nanometre scale.

(II) Nanomaterials may be characterized by electron microscopy.

(III) Plasma synthesis is the physical technique for synthesis of nanomaterials.

Which of the above statement/s is/are true?

48 / 150

48. Which Political Party considers that the present Indian State is the organ of the class rule of the Bourgeoisie and Landlords led by the big Bourgeoisie?

49 / 150

49. The following Festivals are celebrated in Rajasthan at different times-

(I) Chhoti Teej

(II) Akha Teej

(III) Gangaur

(IV) Kajli (Badi) Teej

Their chronological order according to calendar year is-

50 / 150

50. In ancient India the head of the guild (shreni) was known as :

51 / 150

51. Assertion (I) : ‘Communalism fundamentally and above all is an Ideology’. (Bipin Chandra)

Reason (II) : Communalism may flourish without the occurrence of communal violence.

Select the correct codes :

52 / 150

52. The correct sequence in descending order of the rice producing states according to percentage of total rice production of the country is :

53 / 150

53. Which one of following is not the member of the committee constituted for the appointment of the State Chief Information Commissioner and State Information Commissioner?

54 / 150

54. If XoY means X is the wife of Y; X*Y means X is the son of Y and X▢Y means X is the sister of Y. Which of the following would mean that A is the daughter of B?

55 / 150

55. “Roundup Ready”- the first crop engineered for glyphosphate resistance contains modified genes for the enzyme-

56 / 150

56. Consider the following statements about State Election Commission in Rajasthan :

(I) It was constituted in July under the Article 243 k of Constitution of India.

(II) It is a Multimember commission headed by the State Election Commissioner.

(III) It has a secretary who is also the State Electoral Officer of the State.

(IV) It prepares electroal rolls and conducts elections for Panchayati Raj Institutions and Municipal bodies.

Select the correct answer by using code given below :

57 / 150

57. A sum of Rs. 671 is divided among A, B, C such that if there shares be increased by Rs. 3, Rs. 7 and Rs. 9 respectively. The resulting share shall be in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3, then B’s share is :

58 / 150

58. Match the following and select the correct answer using the code given below :

National Highway Number – Route

(a) 3 – (I) Varanasi to Kanyakumari

(b) 7 – (II) Agra to Mumbai

(c) 8 – (III) Delhi to Lucknow

(d) 24 – (IV) Delhi to Mumbai

Codes :

59 / 150

59. Consider the following about financial committees of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly :

(I) There are three financial committees.

(II) Each committee has fifteen members.

(III) The Chairmen of committees are appointed by the Legislative Assembly’s Speaker.

(IV) The committees submit their report to the Legislative Assembly.

Select the correct answer by using code given below :

60 / 150

60. After the enactment by Parliament of India, the Date of commencement of ‘Right to Information Act’ is :

61 / 150

61. Assertion (I) : On the front side of an ambulance, the letters are usually written as

Reason (II) : Images formed in mirrors are laterally inverted.

Select the correct answer using the code given below :

Codes :

62 / 150

62. In which region of Rajasthan, Central Arid Zone Research Institute is conducting project on standardization, conservation and propagation techniques of economically important shrubs and herbs?

63 / 150

63. The minimum number of different colours that can be filled in the portions of the figure given below where no two colours are same in adjoining portions is :

64 / 150

64. Examine the following statements and select the correct answer using the code given below :

(I) Suez canal was constructed by an Anglo-French Company.

(II) It was opened for traffic in 1869.

(III) It shortens the London-Indian West coast distance to 6100 miles.

(IV) The Suez canal directly links West Europe to Australian route and even eastern coasts of North America and Monsoon Asian trading is also served by this route.

Codes :

65 / 150

65. Iran and P5+1 talks were held in Geneva in October, 2013. In this ‘+1’ stands for :

66 / 150

66. Which one of the following, is the India’s First indegenous aircraft carrier?

67 / 150

67. Consider the following statements :

(I) Vitamins are a class of nutrients that cannot be biosynthesized by the human body except vitamins A and D.

(II) Vitamins E and K are water soluble.

(III) Vitamins B and C are fat soluble.

Which of the above statement/s is/are true?

68 / 150

68. The following map shown the location of industrial regions in Japan as (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv). Identify and answer the correct sequence as given below the map.

69 / 150

69. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below :

List-I (Highest Peak)

(a) Kilimanjaro

(b) Mt. Cook

(c) Mt. Mackinley

(d) Aconcagua

List-II (Country)

(I) Argentina

(II) United States of America

(III) New Zealand

(IV) Tanzania

Codes :

70 / 150

70. Assertion (I) : Coal based thermal power stations contribute to acid rain.

Reason (II) : Oxides of carbon are emitted when coal burns.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

Codes :

71 / 150

71. Three different positions of the same dice have shown in the following figures. Which of the colour will be opposite to the red surface?

72 / 150

72. Assertion (I) : After the Supreme Court verdict in Maneka Gandhi Case, 1978 practically the doctrine of ‘Due process of Law’ is followed in India.

Reason (II) : According to Article 14 of the Constitution, State can not indulge in arbitrariness.

Select the correct codes :

73 / 150

73. Which group of the following is the correct sequence of the mountain peaks of Rajasthan in descending order according to their heights?

74 / 150

74. In Rajasthan, which of the following groups of districts having less then 100 population density in 2011?

75 / 150

75. Assertion (I) : Aravalli mountain range is a water dividor in Rajasthan.

Reason (II) : Desertification is restricted by the Aravalli mountain ranges.

Select your answer using the following codes :

76 / 150

76. Match List-I with List-II and select correct answer by using code given below :

List-I (Comment about District Collector)

(a) Compare the District Collector with that tortoise on whose back stood the elephant of Government of India

(b) District Collector should be a lawyer, an accountant, a surveyor and a ready writer of state papers

(c) There is not, and never has been, an official quite like the Collector anywhere else

(d) Linchpin of administration

List-II (Given by)

(I) Report of Indian Statutory Commissions, 1930

(II) Prime Minister’s address given on 20th May 2005

(III) Ramsay Macdonald

(IV) K. K. Dass

Codes :

77 / 150

77. Which of the following statements are correct about Harappan Seals?

(I) Most of the seals are square in shape.

(II) Most of the seals are made up of steatite.

(III) Some seals have only writing, but no motif.

Choose the correct answer :

78 / 150

78. For how many years, the Telegram Service in India operated, before it was closed forever on July 14th, 2013?

79 / 150

79. Consider the following regarding the power of the Governor to reserve a bill passed by the legislature for the reconsideration of the President of India :

(I) If it is in the direct opposition to the Directive Principles of State Policy.

(II) If the bill passed by the state legislature is of grave national importance.

(III) If it endangers the position of the High Court.

(IV) If the bill deals with the compulsory aquisition of property under Article 31 (3) of Indian Constitution.

Select the correct answer by using code given below :

80 / 150

80. Nanotechnology is related to

81 / 150

81. Consider the following Statements :

(I) Virat Kohli scored faster ODI century by an Indian at Jaipur on 16th October, 2013.

(II) He scored century in 50 balls.

(III) He broke the record of Virender Sehwag, who scored century in 60 balls.

(IV) Kohli is the 10th fastest century scorer in ODIs in the world.

Indentify the correct statement/s using the codes given below :

82 / 150

82. Which two months in a year have the same calendar?

83 / 150

83. Match the following lists :

List-I – List-II

(a) Rajpura-Dariba – (I) Copper

(b) Nathra-Ki-Pal – (II) Lead and Zinc

(c) Kho-Dariba – (III) Beryllium

(d) Bandar-Sindari – (IV) Iron ore

Select your correct answer using the codes given below :

Codes :

84 / 150

84. Which five year plan showed highest growth rate in Rajasthan so far, on the basis of NSDP at 2004-05 prices?

85 / 150

85. India’s Mars Orbiter Mission on 5th November, 2013 was launched by the Rocket :

86 / 150

86. Study the following bar graph, then answer the question given below it :

Which state has twice the percentage of villages electrified in comparison to state ‘D’ ?

87 / 150

87. Arrange the sequence in which terms related to ‘Liberty’ appear in the Preamble of the Constitution; Liberty of ………

88 / 150

88. Which one of the following regions is the major centre for study on agri-silvi-horti-system under irrigation system in Rajasthan?

89 / 150

89. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?

90 / 150

90. Blue tooth technology is used in-

91 / 150

91. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists :


(a) Dhobie itch

(b) Malaria

(c) Pneumonia

(d) Mumps


(I) Virus

(II) Bacteria

(III) Protozoa

(IV) Fungi

(V) Worms

Codes :

92 / 150

92. If it is possible to make a meaningful word with the second, the fourth, the seventh and the eighth letters of the word CONTROVERSIAL, which of the following will be the first letter of that word? If more than one such word can be made, given ‘M’ as the answer. If no such word can be made, give ‘X’ as the answer, then correct answer is :

93 / 150

93. Match the following lists :

List-X (Presidents of India)

(a) Rajendra Prasad

(b) Zakir Hussain

(c) V. V. Giri

(d) Neelam Sanjeev Reddy

List-II (Electoral description)

(I) Elected Un-opposed

(II) Counting of Second preference

(III) Elected for two terms

(IV) Died in office

Codes :

94 / 150

94. Identify the incorrect pair of middle tier of Panchayati Raj Institutions and the concerned state :

95 / 150

95. On 23rd October, 2013 when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was visiting China, Prime Ministers of two other countries also began their visit to China; these two countries are :

96 / 150

96. The metro service has a train giving from Mumbai to Pune and Pune to Mumbai every hour. The first one at 6 am. The trio from one city to other takes 4.30 hours and all trains travel at the same speed. How many trains through a passenger will pass while going from Mumbai to Pune if he starts at 12 noon?

97 / 150

97. Match List-I and List-II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below the lists-

List-I – List-II

(a) Dwarkadheesh – (I) Kota

(b) Srinathji – (II) Nathdwara

(c) Mathuradheesh – (III) Jaipur

(d) Govind Devji – (IV) Kankroli

Codes :

98 / 150

98. The Planning Commission has updated recently the poverty estimates for the year 2011-12. According to these estimates what are the percentages of population below the poverty line in Rajasthan?

99 / 150

99. Among the following which Assembly Constituency of Rajasthan is numbered as 1 by Election Commission of India?

100 / 150

100. Consider the following statements :

(I) The Man Booker Prize, 2013 has been won by Eleanor Catton.

(II) She belongs to Australia.

(III) It has been conferred on her book ‘The Luminaries’.

(IV) She has the youngest Literature to have won it.

Identify the correct statement/s using the codes given below :

101 / 150

101. In which princely state of Rajputana Azad Morcha was established?

102 / 150

102. Among the following, who was not a member of the Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly?

103 / 150

103. The subject matter of medieval work ‘Man kauthuhal’ is :

104 / 150

104. Assertion (I) : There is a sharp fall in tax buoyancy in 2011-12.

Reason (II) : During 2011-12, both direct and indirect tax revenues grew at a very fast rate.

Examine these two statements and select the answer using the code given below :

105 / 150

105. The National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC) in India was set up in :

106 / 150

106. Which of the following fact/facts is/are correct?

(I) Rajasthan has a rich mineral base, making up 22 percent of the industrial mineral production of the country.

(II) Mining alone contributes about 5 percent of GDP of Rajasthan.

(III) Western Rajasthan has substantial deposits of lignite.

107 / 150

107. A bag contains 25 paisa, 50 paisa and 1 Re. coins. There are 220 coins in all and the total amount in the bag is Rs. 160. If there are thrice as many as 1 Re. coins as there are 25 paisa coins, then what is the number of 50 paisa coins ?

108 / 150

108. Damman is an oranment worn in-

109 / 150

109. Consider the objectives of National Manufacturing Policy, 2011 and select correct answer by using code given below :

(I) To increase manufacturing sector growth to 12-14 percent over the medium term.

(II) To create 100 million additional jobs by 2025 in manufacturing sector.

(III) To enhance global competitiveness of Indian manufacturing through appropriate policy support.

(IV) To increase manufacturing exports at the rate of 25 percent per annum during XII plan period.

Codes :

110 / 150

110. In recent years, composition of tax revenue collected by the Union Government is showing that :

111 / 150

111. In the 15th Lok Sabha, between the two nominated members from Anglo Indian Community, one is from Kerala, and another is from :

112 / 150

112. Assertion (I) : Coniferous forest is found in both the hemispheres between 50°-70° latitudes.

Reason (II) : Annual rainfall varies between 30-50 cm and 5°C isotherm demarcates its northern limit while 10°C (summer) delimits its southern limit.

Which one of the following is the correct choice?

113 / 150

113. Gandhiji sent an eleven points demand note to Lord Irwin before starting the Civil Disobedience Movement.

Which of the following was/were not included in it?

(I) Fifty percent reduction in land revenue and abolition of the salt tax

(II) Lowering of the rupee-sterling exchange rate

(III) Fifty percent cut in military expenditure and expenditure on civil administration

(IV) Amnesty to Bhagat Singh and Batukeshvar Dutta

Choose the correct option :

114 / 150

114. The age of Ena is twice as old as Seema. What is the difference in their ages?

Statements :

(I) After five years, the ratio of their ages would be 9 : 5.

(II) Before ten years, the ratio of their ages was 3 : 1.

Then which one is sufficient?

115 / 150

115. Match List-I with List-II and choose your answer from the code given below :


(a) Murid

(b) Murshid

(c) Abhanga

(d) Pushti


(I) Devotional poetry dedicated to Vithoba

(II) Sufi disciple

(III) Sufi teacher/guide

(IV) Grace of God

Codes :

116 / 150

116. Narendra Dabholkar was the Editor of a renowned Marathi Weekly, called :

117 / 150

117. Match List-I with List-II regarding growth targets of 12th five year plan of Rajasthan for different sectors of the economy :

List-I (Sector) – List-II (Growth Target)

(a) Agriculture – (I) 7.7

(b) Industry – (II) 9.5

(c) Services – (III) 8.0

(d) All sectors – (IV) 3.5

Codes :

118 / 150

118. Match the following :

Irrigation Project-

(a) Chambal Project

(b) Mahi-Bajaj Sagar Project

(c) Beas Project

(d) Sidhmukh Project

Participatory State/States-

(I) Only Rajasthan

(II) Rajasthan and M.P.

(III) Rajasthan and Gujarat

(IV) Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan

(V) Punjab and Rajasthan

Codes :

119 / 150

119. The hours hand and minutes hand of a clock are 4 cm and 6 cm long respectively. Then the ratio of distances travelled by tip of hours hand in 2 days and tip of minutes hand in 3 days is :

120 / 150

120. Consider the following statements :

(I) In Rajasthan rainfall decreases from South and South-East to North and North-West.

(II) Arabian Sea branch of Monsoon is the main source of rainfall in Rajasthan.

(III) Western Rajasthan received rainfall only during winter season.

(IV) More than 50 percent Rajasthan is having Arid and Semi-Arid climate.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

121 / 150

121. The missing number in following figure is :

122 / 150

122. Estimated percentage of persons below the poverty line in 2011-12 by Tendulkar method using mixed reference period in India is :

123 / 150

123. In an alarm clock, the alarm hand because of mechanical defect moves 1 minute faster in every half hour. If the alarm is set for 3 afternoon at 12 noon, then alarm will ring at :

124 / 150

124. The deepest Railway tunnel inaugurated by Prime Minister R. T. Erdogan recently in Turkey is called :

125 / 150

125. A condition of slow economic growth and relative high unemployment combined with a persistent rise in general price level is termed as :

126 / 150

126. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

127 / 150

127. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists :

List-I (Research Centres)

(a) Coriander

(b) Horse

(c) Mustard

(d) Sheep

List-II (Districts)

(I) Ajmer

(II) Bharatpur

(III) Bikaner

(IV) Kota

(V) Tonk

Codes :

128 / 150

128. If k = x – y + 2z where -2≤x≤1, -1≤y≤2 and 3≤z≤6, then

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129. What was the most worrisome result of the population census of 2011 in Rajasthan as compared to 2001?

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130. The National Highway, which connects Hyderabad to Bangluru is :

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131. Match the following and select the correct answer using the code given below :

Iron and Steel Plant-

(a) Bhilai Iron and Steel Plant

(b) Rourkela Iron and Steel Plant

(c) Durgapur Iron and Steel Plant

(d) Pasco Steel, Paradwip

Technical co-operation

(I) Germany

(II) South Korea

(III) Russia

(IV) United Kingdom

Codes :

132 / 150

132. Which of the following are battle tanks?

133 / 150

133. In sultanate period ‘Sondhar’ was :

134 / 150

134. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below :

List-I (Industry)

(a) Hindustan Machine Tools

(b) White Cement

(c) Fertilizer

(d) Electric Metres

List-II (Location)

(I) Gadepan

(II) Jaipur

(III) Ajmer

(IV) Gotan

Codes :

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135. Consider the following regarding the meaning of allegation under the Rajasthan Lokayukta and Up-Lokayakta Act :

(I) It means any affirmation that such public servant has abused his position as such to obtain, any gain or favour himself or any other person or to cause undue harm or hardship to other person.

(II) Any action or failure to take action in performance of duty by a public servant for some advantage.

(III) Public servant was actuated in the discharge of his functions as public servant by personal interest or improper or corrupt motives.

(IV) Public servant is guilty of corruption or lack of integrity in his capacity as such public servant.

Select the correct answer by using code given below :

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136. Consider the following statements regarding Punchhi Commission :

(I) The Commission has proposed localising Emergency provisions under Article 355 and 356

(II) Governor’s 5 years tenure should be fixed.

(III) Governor’s removal should be only by Parliament.

(IV) Appointment of the Governor should be entrusted to a committee comprising the Prime Minister, Leader of the opposition in Lok Sabha and Chief Minister of the concerned State.

Identify the correct statement/s using the codes given below :

137 / 150

137. Which of the following is not a component of Vedangas?

138 / 150

138. World’s first genetically modified dairy calf has been named as-

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139. “A Survey Work of Ancient sites along the lost Saraswati river” is the work of-

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140. Read the statements (I) and (II) and choose the correct answer from the codes given below :

(I) Policy of free trade was introduced from the Charter Act of 1813.

(II) From 1813 onwards the economic policies of India were determined by the interests of the industrial bourgeoisie class of England.

Codes :

141 / 150

141. Which one of the following was included in the ‘Word Heritage List’ by UNESCO in 2010 A.D.?

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142. Assertion (I) : Insect resistant transgenic cotton has been produced by inserting Bt gene.

Reason (II) : The Bt gene is derived from insects.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

Codes :

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143. Consider the following statements :

(I) Principle of Harmonious construction has been adopted to give effect to both Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy as much as possible.

(II) In Minerva Mills Case, 1980 the Supreme Court has established the preference of Directive Principles mentioned in Articles 39 (b) and (c) over the Fundamental Rights mentioned in Article 14 and 19.

Select the correct code :

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144. The two digit number when divided by sum of the digits and product of the digits respectively the remainder is same and the difference of quotients is one, then the number is :

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145. Consider the following statements :

(I) The Comptroller and Auditor General is the Head of Indian Audit and Accounts Service.

(II) Shashi Kant Sharma is the 11th Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Select the correct code :

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146. Head of the government of which country cancelled his/her official visit to United States of America in October, 2013 as a protest against its electronic surveillance under Prism Program?

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147. According to Human Development Report, 2013 India’s rank in human development index is :

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148. Which agency is working as the nodel agency of the Government of Rajasthan to facilitate investments in various sectors in the state?

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149. Study the following pie chart and answer the question given below it :

A- Paper

B- Advertisement

C- Binding

D- Printing

E- Royalty

F- Miscellaneous

How much percent more is spent on advertisement than that on binding?

150 / 150

150. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer by using the code given below :

List-I (National Park)

(a) Van Vihar

(b) Valley of Flowers

(c) Mannar

(d) Kanger

List-II (State)

(I) Uttarakhand

(II) Madhya Pradesh

(III) Chhattishgarh

(IV) Tamil Nadu

Codes :

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