Rajasthan VDO Pre Solved Question Paper 2021 (27-12-2021) Second Phase

General Information about Rajasthan Village Development Officer (VDO) Preliminary Examination 2021 (27-12-2021) Second Phase

Exam BoardRajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB)
Exam NameVillage Development Officer (VDO) Preliminary Exam
Exam Date27-12-2021
Exam PhaseSecond Phase (Evening Shift)
First Answer Key issue date31-01-2022
Final Answer key issue date12-04-2022
Exam ModeOffline
Question paper languageHindi & English
Question paper typeObjective
Total Question100
Maximum Marks100
Negative MarkingNegative marking is not applicable.
Time2 Hours

Note :- The answers to all the questions given in this question paper have been taken from the official answer key of Rajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB).

This question paper includes questions related to the following subjects :-

  1. Current Affairs (State, National and International Level)
  2. Geography and Natural Resources. (World, India and Rajasthan)
  3. Agriculture and economic development with special reference to India and Rajasthan.
  4. History and culture. (India and Rajasthan)
  5. General mental ability.
  6. Reasoning power and analytical ability.
  7. English
  8. Hindi
  9. Mathematic
  10. Administrative structure in Rajasthan at state, district, tehsil and panchayat level.
  11. Basic knowledge of computer.

Question 1. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below-

(a) Khamsin(I) West Africa
(b) Bora(II) Egypt
(c) Loo(III) Adriatic Sea
(d) Harmattan(IV) Northern Plains of India

Code :

  • (A) a-I, b-II, c-III, d-IV
  • (B) a-IV, b-III, c-II, d-I
  • (C) a-II, b-III, c-IV, d-I
  • (D) a-III, b-I, c-II, d-IV
Answer- (C) a-II, b-III, c-IV, d-I

Question 2. “The Peacock Throne” was made during which Mughal ruler’s reign?

  • (A) Jahangir
  • (B) Shah Jahan
  • (C) Akbar
  • (D) Humayun
Answer- (B) Shah Jahan

Question 3. Which of the following (Place – Rebel Leader) pair is not correctly matched?

  • (A) Rohilkhand – Khan Bahadur Khan
  • (B) Allahabad – Liaquat Ali
  • (C) Jhansi – Lakshmi Bai
  • (D) Kanpur – Begum Hazrat Mahal
Answer- (D) Kanpur – Begum Hazrat Mahal

Question 4. “Bamrasia” is a famous folk dance form of which region?

  • (A) Vagad
  • (B) Mewar
  • (C) Shekhawati
  • (D) Alwar-Bharatpur
Answer- (D) Alwar-Bharatpur

Question 5. Who has composed the “Rao Jaitsi Ro Chhand”?

  • (A) Beethu Suja
  • (B) Chand Bardai
  • (C) Suryamal Misran
  • (D) Muhnot Nainsi
Answer- (A) Beethu Suja

Question 6. Which one of the following is the largest (Area-wise) agro-climatic zone of Rajasthan?

  • (A) II-A
  • (B) II-B
  • (C) I-B
  • (D) I-C
Answer- (D) I-C

Question 7. World famous “Old Faithful Geyser” is located in-

  • (A) New Zealand
  • (B) Iceland
  • (C) United States of America
  • (D) Japan
Answer- (C) United States of America

Question 8. In which event of Tokyo Paralympics 2021, Avani Lekhara won Gold Medal?

  • (A) Discus Throw
  • (B) Javelin Throw
  • (C) Shooting
  • (D) High Jump
Answer- (C) Shooting

Question 9. Which one of the following (Wildlife Sanctuary – District/Districts) is not correctly matched?

  • (A) Bassi – Chittorgarh
  • (B) Band Baretha – Alwar
  • (C) Todgarh Raoli – Pali, Ajmer and Rajsamand
  • (D) Phulwari Ki Nal – Udaipur
Answer- (B) Band Baretha – Alwar

Question 10. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below-

List-I (Lake/Dam)List-II (District)
(a) Talab-e-Shahi(I) Pali
(b) Gaib Sagar(II) Banswara
(c) Kadana(III) Dholpur
(d) Hemawas(IV) Dungarpur

Codes :

  • (A) a-I, b-II, c-III, d-IV
  • (B) a-III, b-IV, c-II, d-I
  • (C) a-II, b-III, c-I, d-IV
  • (D) a-III, b-II, c-IV, d-I
Answer- (B) a-III, b-IV, c-II, d-I

Question 11. Which one of the following (Breed – Livestock) is not correctly matched?

  • (A) Barbari – Goat
  • (B) Chanothar – Sheep
  • (C) Lohi – Buffalo
  • (D) Kankrej – Cattle
Answer- (C) Lohi – Buffalo

Question 12. “Krishak Kalyan Kosh” has been constituted on …… in Rajasthan for ‘ease of doing farming’ for the farmers.

  • (A) `16^{th}` December, 2019
  • (B) `16^{th}` August, 2018
  • (C) `16^{th}` August, 2017
  • (D) `26^{th}` January, 2019
Answer- (A) `16^{th}` December, 2019

Question 13. “Swasth Dhara Khet Hara” is the tagline of-

  • (A) Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana
  • (B) Soil Health Card Scheme
  • (C) Sub-Mission on Agro-forestry
  • (D) Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana
Answer- (B) Soil Health Card Scheme

Question 14. The ‘Damore’ tribe is mostly found at-

  • (A) Kota and Baran
  • (B) Bhilwara
  • (C) Dungarpur and Banswara
  • (D) Pratapgarh
Answer- (C) Dungarpur and Banswara

Question 15. “Ratwai” folk dance is related to-

  • (A) Hadoti Region
  • (B) Mewat Region
  • (C) Malwa Region
  • (D) Mewar Region
Answer- (B) Mewat Region

Question 16. Which Lok Devta is worshipped as “God of Camels” (Oonton ke Devta)?

  • (A) Ramdevji
  • (B) Tejaji
  • (C) Devnarayan JI
  • (D) Pabuji
Answer- (D) Pabuji

Question 17. The depiction of hunting by women is characteristic of which painting style?

  • (A) Jodhpur Style
  • (B) Mewar Style
  • (C) Kota Style
  • (D) Uniara Style
Answer- (C) Kota Style

Question 18. Which amongst the following is not an ornament of the neck?

  • (A) Timaniya
  • (B) Amla
  • (C) Kanthala
  • (D) Mandaliya
Answer- (B) Amla

Question 19. ‘Padma Bhushan Award’ for the year 2020-21 in the field of civil service is awarded to-

  • (A) Sumitra Mahajan
  • (B) Krishnan Nair
  • (C) Trilochan Singh
  • (D) Nripendra Misra
Answer- (D) Nripendra Misra

Question 20. Match List-I with List-II and choose the correct answer using the code given below-

List-I (Book)List-II (Writer)
(a) Amarakosha(I) Bhas
(b) Kavya Mimansa(II) Gunadhya
(c) Brihatkatha(III) Amarasimha
(d) Svapnavasvadattam(IV) Rajashekhara

Codes :

  • (A) a-III, b-IV, c-II, d-I
  • (B) a-IV, b-I, c-III, d-II
  • (C) a-I, b-II, c-III, d-IV
  • (D) a-IV, b-I, c-II, d-III
Answer- (A) a-III, b-IV, c-II, d-I

Question 21. ‘Rindhrohi’ is composition by-

  • (A) Paras Arora
  • (B) Chandra Prakash Deval
  • (C) Malchand Tiwari
  • (D) Arjun Deo Charan
Answer- (D) Arjun Deo Charan

Question 22. Who wrote a book entitled ‘Rajput Painting’ in 1916 A.D.?

  • (A) Ananda Coomaraswamy
  • (B) Jai Singh Neeraj
  • (C) Vachaspati Gairola
  • (D) Raikrishan Das
Answer- (A) Ananda Coomaraswamy

Question 23. What is ‘Pal’?

  • (A) Bhils’ settlement
  • (B) Meenas’ settlement
  • (C) Sahariyas’ settlement
  • (D) Farming done by tribes
Answer- (A) Bhils’ settlement

Question 24. The institution which was not the part of the group that developed 5Gi technology is-

  • (A) Centre of Excellence in Wireless Technology (CEWiT)
  • (B) IIT – Bombay
  • (C) IIT – Madras
  • (D) IIT – Hyderabad
Answer- (B) IIT – Bombay

Question 25. ‘Ring of Fire’ is located at-

  • (A) Atlantic Ocean
  • (B) Pacific Ocean
  • (C) Indian Ocean
  • (D) Arctic Ocean
Answer- (B) Pacific Ocean

Question 26. Leading Lac producing state in India is-

  • (A) Chhattisgarh
  • (B) West Bengal
  • (C) Madhya Pradesh
  • (D) Jharkhand
Answer- (D) Jharkhand

Question 27. The bank of Mahi river is called-

  • (A) Chappan
  • (B) Thali
  • (C) Kanthal
  • (D) Deval
Answer- (C) Kanthal

Question 28. Which of the following pairs of major cattle fairs and their related sites in Rajasthan is not correctly matched?

  • (A) Shri Baldev cattle fair – Karauli
  • (B) Shri Gogamedi cattle fair – Nohar, Hanumangarh
  • (C) Shri Mallinath cattle fair – Tilwara, Barmer
  • (D) Shri Chandrabhaga cattle fair – Jhalrapatan, Jhalawar
Answer- (A) Shri Baldev cattle fair – Karauli

Question 29. The Vindhyan scarplands are part of-

  • (A) The Southern Aravalli Range
  • (B) The Norther Aravalli Range
  • (C) South Eastern Rajasthan Plateau
  • (D) Mahi Basin
Answer- (C) South Eastern Rajasthan Plateau

Question 30. As on December 2020, the installed power capacity of Rajasthan is-

  • (A) 21836 MW
  • (B) 21148 MW
  • (C) 20613 MW
  • (D) 19764 MW
Answer- (A) 21836 MW

Question 31. Pashupata Shaiva sect was propounded by-

  • (A) Ishan
  • (B) Shankaracharya
  • (C) Lakulisha
  • (D) Madhvacharya
Answer- (C) Lakulisha

Question 32. Which Indian site is included in UNESCO world heritage list in July, 2021?

  • (A) Meenakshi Temple
  • (B) Corbett National Park
  • (C) Qutub Minar
  • (D) Ramappa Temple
Answer- (D) Ramappa Temple

Question 33. Rao Rai Singh was called ‘Karna of Rajputana’ by-

  • (A) Munshi Devi Prasad
  • (B) Gangananda Maithil
  • (C) Bithu Suja
  • (D) Chintamani Bhatt
Answer- (A) Munshi Devi Prasad

Question 34. Who was the British Political Agent in the Bharatpur state at the time of revolt of 1857?

  • (A) Shawers
  • (B) Morrison
  • (C) Burton
  • (D) Mason
Answer- (B) Morrison

Question 35. Brown Waterfalls are situated in-

  • (A) Peru
  • (B) Norway
  • (C) New Zealand
  • (D) Switzerland
Answer- (C) New Zealand

Question 36. As per the recently released UNESCO 2021 State of the Education Report, the access to the internet in schools all over India is-

  • (A) 42%
  • (B) 29%
  • (C) 22%
  • (D) 19%
Answer- (D) 19%

Question 37. India’s first manned ocean mission is named as-

  • (A) Samudrayan
  • (B) Matsyayan
  • (C) Varunyan
  • (D) Vishnuyan
Answer- (A) Samudrayan

Question 38. Which is the only continent through which the Tropic of Cancer, the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn pass?

  • (A) Europe
  • (B) Asia
  • (C) Africa
  • (D) North America
Answer- (C) Africa

Question 39. As per the State Budget Speech 2021-22, Rajasthan Institute of Advanced Learning will be established as a Deemed University in-

  • (A) Jaipur
  • (B) Jodhpur
  • (C) Kota
  • (D) Ajmer
Answer- (A) Jaipur

Question 40. ‘Mand’ was the ancient name of-

  • (A) Pratapgarh
  • (B) Jaisalmer
  • (C) Karauli
  • (D) Bundi
Answer- (B) Jaisalmer

Question 41. Study the following statement and answer the question given below.

Some friends are sitting on a bench. A is sitting next to B and C is sitting next to D. D is not sitting with E. E is on the left end of the bench and C is on second position from right side. A is on the right side of B and to the right side of E. A and C are sitting together.

A is sitting between-

  • (A) B and D
  • (B) B and C
  • (C) E and D
  • (D) C and D
Answer- (B) B and C

Question 42. Here, a statement is followed by four conclusions numbered I, II, III and IV. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from the commonly know facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follow from the given statements, disregarding commonly known facts.

Statement : Some Jokers are man. No man is cycle.

Conclusion :

(I) No Joker is cycle.

(II) No man is joker.

(III) Some Jokers are cycles.

(IV) Some man are jokers.

  • (A) Only I and III follow
  • (B) Only IV follows
  • (C) Only I, II and IV follow
  • (D) All follow
Answer- (B) Only IV follows

Question 43. Find out the wrong term in the following number series-

325, 259, 202, 160, 127, 105, 94

  • (A) 259
  • (B) 202
  • (C) 160
  • (D) 127
Answer- (B) 202

Question 44. Following question is based on the information provided below-

(I) ‘A × B’ means ‘A is mother of B’.

(II) ‘A – B’ means ‘A is brother of B’.

(III) ‘A + B’ means ‘A is sister of B’.

(IV) ‘A ÷ B’ means ‘A is father of B’.

How is K related to M in R ÷ M – K?

  • (A) Son
  • (B) Daughter
  • (C) Nephew
  • (D) K is either brother or sister of M
Answer- (D) K is either brother or sister of M

Question 45. Count the number of triangles in the figure below:

  • (A) 13
  • (B) 15
  • (C) 16
  • (D) 17
Answer- (C) 16

Question 46. In the following figure, the number in place of question mark sign will be-

  • (A) 64
  • (B) 125
  • (C) 216
  • (D) 27
Answer- (B) 125

Question 47. Here, some of the letters are missing which are given in that order as one of the alternatives below it. Choose the correct alternative-


  • (A) yyxwyz
  • (B) yyzwyx
  • (C) xzxyww
  • (D) xxzwyz
Answer- (D) xxzwyz

Question 48. A cube of side 10 cm is coloured red with a 2 cm wide green strip along all the sides on all the faces. The cube is cut into 125 smaller cubes of equal sizes. How many cubes have atleast one face coloured?

  • (A) 89
  • (B) 98
  • (C) 76
  • (D) 102
Answer- (B) 98

Question 49. If in a certain code language, DAN = 357; SON = 458, LOTS = 1248; LOAN = 1345; SCOTLAND = 12345678, then code of “C” is equal to-

  • (A) 4
  • (B) 5
  • (C) 6
  • (D) 7
Answer- (C) 6

Question 50. In a certain code language, “123” means “hot filtered coffee”, “356” means “very hot day” and “589” means “day and night”. Which digit means “very”?

  • (A) 3
  • (B) 5
  • (C) 6
  • (D) 9
Answer- (C) 6

Question 51. The difference of 65% and 35% of the same number is 22.20, then 50% of that number is-

  • (A) 37
  • (B) 74
  • (C) 65
  • (D) 32.5
Answer- (A) 37

Question 52. The number of terms in the expansion of [(x-3y)2(x+3y)2]3 is-

  • (A) 7
  • (B) 6
  • (C) 14
  • (D) 8
Answer- (A) 7

Question 53. A bag contains coins of ₹ 1, 50 paise and 25 paise in the ratio of 2 : 3 : 5. If the total value of these coins is ₹ 228, then the number of 50 paise coins in that bag is-

  • (A) 240
  • (B) 144
  • (C) 96
  • (D) 48
Answer- (B) 144

Question 54. The pair of straight lines x2 – 4xy + y2 = 0 together with the line x + y + 4\sqrt{6} = 0 form a triangle which is-

  • (A) right angled but not isosceles
  • (B) right isosceles
  • (C) scalene
  • (D) equilateral
Answer- (D) equilateral

Question 55. The Harmonic Mean (H.M.) of the roots of the equation (5+\sqrt{2})x2 – (4+\sqrt{5})x + (8+2\sqrt{5}) = 0 is-

  • (A) 2
  • (B) 4
  • (C) 6
  • (D) 8
Answer- (B) 4

Question 56. On throwing two dice, the probability that sum of the numbers on the faces is 7 or 11, is-

  • (A) `\frac{1}{6}`
  • (B) `\frac{2}{9}`
  • (C) `\frac{1}{18}`
  • (D) `\frac{7}{36}`
Answer- (B) `\frac{2}{9}`

Question 57. The number of ways of arrangements of 10 persons in four chairs is-

  • (A) 4050
  • (B) 5020
  • (C) 5040
  • (D) 6000
Answer- (C) 5040

Question 58. A metal sphere of 8 cm radius is melted and small balls of radius 0.5 cm are being made from it. The number of small balls are-

  • (A) 1728
  • (B) 4096
  • (C) 3375
  • (D) 2744
Answer- (B) 4096

Question 59. If b+\frac{1}{c}=1 and a+\frac{1}{b}=1, then abc = ?

  • (A) 4
  • (B) 2
  • (C) -1
  • (D) Cannot be determined
Answer- (C) -1

Question 60. If a regular hexagon and an equilateral triangle has equal perimeter, then the ratio of areas of regular hexagon and equilateral triangle is-

  • (A) 8 : 5
  • (B) 2 : 3
  • (C) 3 : 2
  • (D) 5 : 4
Answer- (C) 3 : 2

Question 61. Provision of appointment of State Governors by the centre, has been taken from-

  • (A) Canada
  • (B) Ireland
  • (C) Switzerland
  • (D) United States of America
Answer- (A) Canada

Question 62. Rajasthan Foundation Day is celebrated on-

  • (A) `03^{rd}` March
  • (B) `23^{rd}` March
  • (C) `30^{th}` March
  • (D) `31^{st}` March
Answer- (C) `30^{th}` March

Question 63. How many members are there in District Planning Committee in Rajasthan?

  • (A) 25
  • (B) 30
  • (C) 35
  • (D) 40
Answer- (A) 25

Question 64. When did Ajmer become a Sixth Division of Rajasthan?

  • (A) 1987
  • (B) 1977
  • (C) 1982
  • (D) 1991
Answer- (A) 1987

Question 65. Who among the following was not an incumbent of the Chairman of State Women Commission?

  • (A) Kanta Kathuria
  • (B) Tara Bhandari
  • (C) Lad Kumari Jain
  • (D) Girija Vyas
Answer- (D) Girija Vyas

Question 66. Who is the head of the District Disaster Management Authority?

  • (A) Commissioner Municipal Corporation
  • (B) CEO (Zila Parishad)
  • (C) District Collector
  • (D) Superintendent of police
Answer- (C) District Collector

Question 67. Match list-I with list-II and identify the correct answer from the code given below-

(a) Mont-Ford Report(I) 1928
(b) Motilal Nehru Report(II) 1919
(c) J.V.P. Committee(III) 1948
(d) Morley-Minto Reform(IV) 1909

Codes :

  • (A) a-II, b-I, c-III, d-IV
  • (B) a-IV, b-III, c-I, d-II
  • (C) a-IV, b-I, c-III, d-II
  • (D) a-IV, b-III, c-II, d-I
Answer- (A) a-II, b-I, c-III, d-IV

Question 68. Which of the following is incorrect statement?

  • (A) Advocate General for the state is appointed by Chief Justice of High Court.
  • (B) It shall be the duty of the Advocate General to give advice to the Government of the state on legal matters.
  • (C) The Advocate General shall hold office during the pleasure of the Governor.
  • (D) The Advocate General shall hold office during the pleasure of the Governor.
Answer- (A) Advocate General for the state is appointed by Chief Justice of High Court.

Question 69. How many seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly?

  • (A) 22
  • (B) 24
  • (C) 28
  • (D) 33
Answer- (B) 24
  • This question has been removed by Rajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB) in the final answer key.
  • Question 70. Under which article of the Indian Constitution the Chief Minister is appointed in Rajasthan?

    • (A) Article 60
    • (B) Article 164
    • (C) Article 270
    • (D) Article 350
    Answer- (B) Article 164

    Question 71. Which of the following internet service is appropriate to access the computer of your office from home?

    • (A) Telnet
    • (B) FTP
    • (C) IRC
    • (D) WWW
    Answer- (A) Telnet

    Question 72. Which of the following is used in main memory?

    • (A) SRAM
    • (B) DRAM
    • (C) PRAM
    • (D) DDR
    Answer- (B) DRAM

    Question 73. Consider Column-1 and Column-2 in context of computer generations-

    (a) Transistors(I) Fourth generation
    (b) VLSI(II) Fifth generation
    (c) Machine language(III) Second generation
    (d) PARAM(IV) First generation

    Match of column-1 and column-2 is-

    • (A) a-III, b-I, c-IV, d-II
    • (B) a-II, b-IV, c-I, d-III
    • (C) a-IV, b-II, c-III, d-I
    • (D) a-III, b-IV, c-II, d-I
    Answer- (A) a-III, b-I, c-IV, d-II

    Question 74. Interpreter is used as a translator for-

    • (A) Low level language
    • (B) High level language
    • (C) COBOL
    • (D) C++
    Answer- (B) High level language

    Question 75. In MS PowerPoint, key used to run the Slide Show from the beginning is-

    • (A) Shift+F5
    • (B) F7
    • (C) F11
    • (D) F5
    Answer- (D) F5

    Question 76. Who built the world’s first electronic calculator using telephone relays, light bulbs and batteries?

    • (A) George Stibits
    • (B) Konard Zuse
    • (C) Claude Shannon
    • (D) Howard H. Aliken
    Answer- (A) George Stibits

    Question 77. In context of MS Word-2019, consider following statements-

    I. By pressing Ctrl+N, you can create a new document.

    II. The template provides the formats that give a document its appearance.

    Which of the above statement is/are true?

    • (A) Only I
    • (B) Only II
    • (C) Both I and II
    • (D) Neither I nor II
    Answer- (C) Both I and II

    Question 78. Consider the following ordered sequence of actions in MS Excel-

    (I) Select cell range A1 : E10

    (II) Press 100 on keyboard

    (III) Press ‘Ctrl+Enter’

    Choose the true statement, after above actions-

    • (A) 100 is entered in each call of the range.
    • (B) 100, 101, 102, …… 150 entered in cells of the range.
    • (C) 100 is entered in cell A1 only.
    • (D) 100 is entered in cell A1 and cell E10.
    Answer- (A) 100 is entered in each call of the range.

    Question 79. IEEE-1394 is-

    • (A) Fire Wire
    • (B) USB Port
    • (C) Serial Port
    • (D) Parallel Port
    Answer- (A) Fire Wire

    Question 80. Which of the following statement is false?

    • (A) A bar-code reader uses laser-beam scanning technology.
    • (B) Bar-codes are printed using special ink containing iron oxide.
    • (C) On goods, postal packages, books etc. we use bar-code for unique identification.
    • (D) Bar-codes represents data using combination of vertical lines.
    Answer- (B) Bar-codes are printed using special ink containing iron oxide.

    Question 81. Match the idioms in Column (A) with their meanings listed in Column (B)-

    Column- (A) IdiomsColumn- (B) Meanings
    (a) A red-letter day(I) to suspect something wrong
    (b) To smell a rat(II) to make every possible effort
    (c) To leave no stone unturned(III) to make a fresh start
    (d) To turn over a new leaf(IV) A special/noteworthy/memorable occasion

    Codes :

    • (A) a-III, b-IV, c-I, d-II
    • (B) a-II, b-III, c-IV, d-I
    • (C) a-IV, b-I, c-II, d-III
    • (D) a-II, b-III, c-I, d-IV
    Answer- (C) a-IV, b-I, c-II, d-III

    Question 82. Choose the correct meaning of the idiom-

    ‘Feeling under the weather’ means-

    • (A) rejuvenate
    • (B) refreshed
    • (C) to feel ill
    • (D) bad weather
    Answer- (C) to feel ill

    Question 83. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate phrasal verb-

    Raja Ram Mohan Roy urged Indians to …… (do) untouchability.

    • (A) do away with
    • (B) do without
    • (C) do upon
    • (D) do at
    Answer- (A) do away with

    Question 84. Match the words listed in Column (A) with their synonyms in Column (B)-

    Column- (A) WordsColumn- (B) Synonyms
    (a) Access(I) Improve
    (b) Retrieve(II) Change
    (c) Ameliorate(III) Approach
    (d) Alter(IV) Restore

    Codes :

    • (A) a-III, b-IV, c-I, d-II
    • (B) a-II, b-I, c-IV, d-III
    • (C) a-II, b-III, c-IV, d-I
    • (D) a-IV, b-III, c-II, d-I
    Answer- (A) a-III, b-IV, c-I, d-II

    Question 85. “The lion is a fierce wild animal.”

    In this sentence (the underlined words) ‘The lion‘ stands for-

    • (A) the whole class of lions
    • (B) a single lion
    • (C) a particular lion
    • (D) a lion formally discussed
    Answer- (A) the whole class of lions

    Question 86. Fill in the blank spaces in the given sentence selecting appropriate set of words from the following options-

    Sentence : Contrary to popular …… that money is power, I …… that knowledge is power.

    • (A) belief, believe
    • (B) believe, belief
    • (C) beliefs, believes
    • (D) believes, beliefs
    Answer- (A) belief, believe

    Question 87. Change the voice of the following and choose the correct option-

    There is no charge to make against him. (Change into Passive Voice)

    • (A) There is no charge made against to him.
    • (B) There is no charge to be made against him.
    • (C) There is no charge to have made against him.
    • (D) There was no charge to be made against him.
    Answer- (B) There is no charge to be made against him.

    Question 88. Choose the correct option :

    ‘Do you know when she will go home?’ I said to him. (Change into indirect speech)

    • (A) I asked him that did he know when she would go home.
    • (B) I asked him if he knew when she would go home.
    • (C) I asked him if he know when she would go home.
    • (D) I asked him if he knew when she will go home.
    Answer- (B) I asked him if he knew when she would go home.

    Question 89. Complete the sentence selecting the correct preposition from the given options-

    “A new bridge is being built …… the river Niger.”

    • (A) in
    • (B) at
    • (C) during
    • (D) on
    Answer- (D) on

    Question 90. Fill in the blank space in the sentence choosing the right alternative from the given options-

    “A kangaroo can jump …… a rabbit.”

    • (A) highest than
    • (B) higher than
    • (C) higher to
    • (D) highest to
    Answer- (B) higher than

    Question 91. किस विकल्प में तत्सम शब्द प्रयुक्त हुए हैं?

    • (A) वत्स, उलूक
    • (B) खंभा, मूसल
    • (C) नाज़ी, सेमिनार
    • (D) आसमान, श्यालक
    Answer- (A) वत्स, उलूक

    Question 92. संधि की दृष्टि से असुमेलित विकल्प का चयन कीजिए-

    • (A) मधु + अरि = मध्वरि
    • (B) वधु + इच्छा = वध्विच्छा
    • (C) गति + अवरोध = गत्यवरोध
    • (D) भ्रातृ + उपकार = भ्रात्रुपकार
    Answer- (B) वधु + इच्छा = वध्विच्छा

    Question 93. निम्नलिखित सूची-I के मुहावरों को सूची-II में उनके अर्थ के साथ सुमेलित कीजिए-

    (I) सिर पर भूत सवार होना(क) बिना मतलब दखल देना
    (II) दाल-भात में मूसलचंद(ख) किसी के काम न आने वाला
    (III) गूलर का फूल हो जाना(ग) धुन लग जाना
    (IV) ताड़ का वृक्ष(घ) कम दिखना

    Codes :

    • (A) I-ग, II-ख, III-क, IV-घ
    • (B) I-क, II-ख, III-ग, IV-घ
    • (C) I-ग, II-घ, III-क, IV-ख
    • (D) I-ग, II-क, III-घ, IV-ख
    Answer- (D) I-ग, II-क, III-घ, IV-ख

    Question 94. ‘अंधकारि-अंधकारी’ उक्त शब्द-युग्म का सही अर्थ चुनिए-

    • (A) निरादर, विरक्त
    • (B) महादेव, एक राग विशेष
    • (C) कमल, अंधकार युक्त
    • (D) धूपबत्ती, एक शासक विशेष
    Answer- (B) महादेव, एक राग विशेष

    Question 95. किस विकल्प में सभी शब्द परस्पर पर्यायवाची हैं-

    • (A) संध्या, साँझ, गोधुलि, मराल
    • (B) रोहित, सारंग, चक्रांग, कृष्णसार
    • (C) धनंजय, पार्थ, कौन्तेय, गुडाकेश
    • (D) मयूर, शिखी, बलाहक, पंचनख
    Answer- (C) धनंजय, पार्थ, कौन्तेय, गुडाकेश

    Question 96. असंगत विकल्प का चयन कीजिए-

    • (A) जिसने ऋण चुका दिया है- उत्तमर्ण
    • (B) पर्वत का निचला मैदानी भाग- उपत्यका
    • (C) निंदा के बहाने प्रशंसा करना- व्याजस्तुति
    • (D) प्रशंसा के बहाने निंदा करना- व्याजनिंदा
    Answer- (A) जिसने ऋण चुका दिया है- उत्तमर्ण

    Question 97. किस विकल्प में विलोम युग्म है-

    • (A) पूर्वरात्र – अपराह्न
    • (B) मसृण – विमल
    • (C) मूर्त – गौण
    • (D) मौलिक – अनूदित
    Answer- (D) मौलिक – अनूदित

    Question 98. निम्न में से किस विकल्प के सभी शब्द शुद्ध हैं?

    • (A) शताब्दी, साधूवाद, मुहुर्त
    • (B) चन्द्रमौलि, समाविष्ट, मुनिजन
    • (C) शशीभूषण, जयन्ति, ऊर्ध्वगामी
    • (D) कीरिट, भार्यापति, आध्यात्म
    Answer- (B) चन्द्रमौलि, समाविष्ट, मुनिजन

    Question 99. निम्न में से किस विकल्प में सभी शब्द मूलतः द्विगु समास के उदाहरण हैं?

    • (A) दशानन, यथेच्छा
    • (B) चतुर्भुज, प्रत्यक्ष
    • (C) त्रिलोचन, चौबीस
    • (D) सप्ताह, शताब्दी
    Answer- (D) सप्ताह, शताब्दी

    Question 100. उपसर्ग से निर्मित शब्दों के संदर्भ में कौन-सा विकल्प संगत है?

    • (A) प्र- प्रगति, प्रतिवाद, प्रभाव
    • (B) आ- आक्षेपित, आंगिक, आसक्ति
    • (C) नि- निष्णात, निष्पक्ष, निष्ठा
    • (D) सु- स्वल्प, सौहार्द, सुषुप्त
    Answer- (D) सु- स्वल्प, सौहार्द, सुषुप्त

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