Rajasthan VDO Pre Solved Question Paper 2021 (28-12-2021) Fourth Phase

General Information about Rajasthan Village Development Officer (VDO) Preliminary Examination 2021 (28-12-2021) Fourth Phase

Exam BoardRajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB)
Exam NameVillage Development Officer (VDO) Preliminary Exam
Exam Date28-12-2021
Exam PhaseFourth Phase (Evening Shift)
First Answer Key issue date31-01-2022
Final Answer key issue date12-04-2022
Exam ModeOffline
Question paper languageHindi & English
Question paper typeObjective
Total Question100
Maximum Marks100
Negative MarkingNegative marking is not applicable.
Time2 Hours

Note :- The answers to all the questions given in this question paper have been taken from the official answer key of Rajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB).

This question paper includes questions related to the following subjects :-

  1. Current Affairs (State, National and International Level)
  2. Geography and Natural Resources. (World, India and Rajasthan)
  3. Agriculture and economic development with special reference to India and Rajasthan.
  4. History and culture. (India and Rajasthan)
  5. General mental ability.
  6. Reasoning power and analytical ability.
  7. English
  8. Hindi
  9. Mathematic
  10. Administrative structure in Rajasthan at state, district, tehsil and panchayat level.
  11. Basic knowledge of computer.

Question 1. What is the rank of India in Tokyo Olympics, 2021?

  • (A) `10^{th}`
  • (B) `25^{th}`
  • (C) `40^{th}`
  • (D) `48^{th}`
Answer- (D) `48^{th}`

Question 2. KAZIND-21 is a joint training exercise between which countries?

  • (A) India-Maldives
  • (B) India-Kazakhstan
  • (C) India-Russia
  • (D) India-USA
Answer- (B) India-Kazakhstan

Question 3. Which Indian-American woman astronaut travelled into space in July, 2021?

  • (A) Sunita Williams
  • (B) Mamta Tripathi
  • (C) Suman Dholkiya
  • (D) Sirisha Bandla
Answer- (D) Sirisha Bandla

Question 4. Sial, Sima and Nife are-

  • (A) Earthquake waves
  • (B) Layers of the Earth
  • (C) Volcanic topographies
  • (D) Types of mountains
Answer- (B) Layers of the Earth

Question 5. In which folk dance the musical instruments Dafli, Ghuraliyo, Khanjari and Pungi are used?

  • (A) Kachhi Ghodi
  • (B) Kalbeliya
  • (C) A fire dance
  • (D) Gair
Answer- (B) Kalbeliya

Question 6. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

  • (A) Avani Lekhara – Weightlifting
  • (B) Apurvi Chandela – Shooting
  • (C) Arjun Lal Jat – Rowing
  • (D) Devendra Jhajharia – Javelin throw
Answer- (A) Avani Lekhara – Weightlifting

Question 7. Which volcanic region is known as the valley of Ten Thousand Smokes?

  • (A) Cotopaxi
  • (B) Katmai
  • (C) Etna
  • (D) Chimborazo
Answer- (B) Katmai

Question 8. Which among the following (Desert – Country) is correctly matched?

  • (A) Nubian – Mexico
  • (B) Chihuahuan – China
  • (C) Atacama – Chile
  • (D) Sonoran – Australia
Answer- (C) Atacama – Chile

Question 9. Which among the following is correctly matched?

(I) Khejarli Movement – Amrita Devi

(II) Chipko Movement – Gaura Devi

(III) Appiko Movement – Karnataka

Codes :

  • (A) I and II
  • (B) I and III
  • (C) Only I
  • (D) I, II and III
Answer- (D) I, II and III

Question 10. Which of the following statements are correct?

(I) Potwar Plateau is located in Pakistan.

(II) Patagonian Plateau is situated at the foothills of Andes Mountain.

(III) Tibet Plateau is located between Himalaya and Kunlun Mountain.

Codes :

  • (A) I, II and III
  • (B) I and III
  • (C) Only III
  • (D) I and II
Answer- (A) I, II and III

Question 11. What is ‘Palan’?

  • (A) The seat to be placed on the horse
  • (B) The seat to be placed on the camel
  • (C) Synonym of Gorband
  • (D) A folk musical instrument
Answer- (B) The seat to be placed on the camel

Question 12. For which fort Col. James Tod said, “If he is offered a Jagir in Rajasthan, he will choose this fort”?

  • (A) Chittorgarh
  • (B) Bhainsrorgarh
  • (C) Nahargarh
  • (D) Ranthambhor
Answer- (B) Bhainsrorgarh

Question 13. Who called the Britishers ‘Mulk Ra Metha thug’?

  • (A) Shankardan Samore
  • (B) Bankidas
  • (C) Kesari Singh Barhath
  • (D) Nathusingh Mahiyariya
Answer- (A) Shankardan Samore

Question 14. Among the following which of the ornament is not worn by women?

  • (A) Rakhdi
  • (B) Memand
  • (C) Kandora
  • (D) Morkha
Answer- (D) Morkha

Question 15. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer with the help of code given below-

List-I (National Park)List-II (Location)
(a) Manas National Park(I) Karnataka
(b) Nagarhole National Park(II) Kerala
(c) Silent Valley National Park(III) Assam
(d) Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary(IV) Tamil Nadu

Codes :

  • (A) a-IV, b-I, c-III, d-II
  • (B) a-III, b-I, c-IV, d-II
  • (C) a-II, b-IV, c-I, d-III
  • (D) a-I, b-II, c-III, d-IV
Answer- (B) a-III, b-I, c-IV, d-II

Question 16. ‘Nimadi and Ragadi’ are sub-dilects of which dilect?

  • (A) Mewati
  • (B) Marwari
  • (C) Malvi
  • (D) Hadoti
Answer- (C) Malvi

Question 17. Who wrote the booklet ‘Popa Bai ki Pol’?

  • (A) Bhanwarlal Saraf
  • (B) Jaynarayan Vyas
  • (C) Aanandraj Surana
  • (D) Mathuradas Mathur
Answer- (B) Jaynarayan Vyas

Question 18. Which of the following statements are correct about East Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP)?

(I) This project has been made for permanent solution to drinking water problem of 13 districts of Eastern Rajasthan.

(II) It proposes to provide irrigation water for 2.8 lakh hectares of land through 26 different large and medium projects.

(III) Navnera Barrage is an integral part of this project.

(IV) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared this project as a national project recently.

Codes :

  • (A) I, II and III
  • (B) I and III
  • (C) II and III
  • (D) I, II, III and IV
Answer- (A) I, II and III

Question 19. Who were the leader of the Rebellion of 1857 in Kota?

  • (A) Jai Dayal and Mehrab Khan
  • (B) Shravan Singh and Jaiveer
  • (C) Ram Singh and Takhta Singh
  • (D) Maqbool Khan and Bakhta Singh
Answer- (A) Jai Dayal and Mehrab Khan

Question 20. Which one of the following (National Geological monument – Site) is correctly matched?

  • (A) Sendra Granite – Pokaran (Jaisalmer)
  • (B) Akal Wood Fossil Park – Mandore (Jodhpur)
  • (C) Stromatolite Fossil Park – Talwara (Banswara)
  • (D) Great Boundary Fault – Satur (Bundi)
Answer- (D) Great Boundary Fault – Satur (Bundi)

Question 21. Where is the ‘Moosi Rani ki Chhatri’ located?

  • (A) Udaipur
  • (B) Jaisalmer
  • (C) Alwar
  • (D) Jodhpur
Answer- (C) Alwar

Question 22. Which Rammat artist presented the book ‘Swatantra Bawani’ to Mahatma Gandhi?

  • (A) Tej Kavi Jaisalmeri
  • (B) Tulsiram
  • (C) Phagu Maharaj
  • (D) Sua Maharaj
Answer- (A) Tej Kavi Jaisalmeri

Question 23. Which folk deity is celebrated in Terahtali dance?

  • (A) Devnarayanji
  • (B) Tejaji
  • (C) Ramdevji
  • (D) Pabuji
Answer- (C) Ramdevji

Question 24. Where is the Institute of Tropical Medicine and Virology being set up?

  • (A) Jodhpur
  • (B) Udaipur
  • (C) Jaipur
  • (D) Alwar
Answer- (C) Jaipur

Question 25. Which one (ornament – body part) is not matched correctly?

  • (A) Mundari – Finger
  • (B) Tadda – Arm
  • (C) Nevri – Feet
  • (D) Ramjhol – Waist
Answer- (D) Ramjhol – Waist

Question 26. Match the following-

List-I (Branch of Ramsnehi sect)List-II (Establisher)
(a) Shahpura(I) Saint Hariram Das ji
(b) Sinhthal(II) Saint Ramdas ji
(c) Khedapa(III) Saint Dariyav ji
(d) Ren(IV) Saint Ram Charan ji

Codes :

  • (A) a-IV, b-I, c-III, d-II
  • (B) a-IV, b-I, c-II, d-III
  • (C) a-I, b-II, c-III, d-IV
  • (D) a-II, b-III, c-IV, d-I
Answer- (B) a-IV, b-I, c-II, d-III

Question 27. Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Churu are included in which Agro-climatic Zone of Rajasthan?

  • (A) Internal Drainage Dry Zone
  • (B) Arid Western Plain
  • (C) Hyper Arid Partial Irrigated
  • (D) Irrigated North-Western Plain
Answer- (C) Hyper Arid Partial Irrigated

Question 28. Recently the large deposits of uranium have found in Rajasthan at-

  • (A) Rohil (Sikar)
  • (B) Saladipur (Sikar)
  • (C) Anandpur Bhukia (Banswara)
  • (D) Amet (Udaipur)
Answer- (A) Rohil (Sikar)

Question 29. Where does Kesariyaji fair take place?

  • (A) Dhulev
  • (B) Jhalarapatan
  • (C) Parbatsar
  • (D) Kiradu
Answer- (A) Dhulev

Question 30. ‘Spring Tide’ occurs on-

  • (A) Only Full Moon
  • (B) Only New Moon
  • (C) Both Full Moon and New Moon
  • (D) Neither Full Moon nor New Moon
Answer- (C) Both Full Moon and New Moon

Question 31. Which one among the following is not correctly matched in reference to land utilisation (2018-19)?

  • (A) Net Area Sown- 51.85%
  • (B) Forest- 8.05%
  • (C) Current fallow land- 5.22%
  • (D) Non Agriculture Area- 8.10%
Answer- (D) Non Agriculture Area- 8.10%

Question 32. The writer of the book “Stargazing : The Players in My Life” is-

  • (A) Sunil Gavaskar
  • (B) Ravi Shastri
  • (C) Sachin Tendulkar
  • (D) Virat Kohli
Answer- (B) Ravi Shastri

Question 33. Which one of the following (Temple – Place) is not matched correctly?

  • (A) Sirre Mandir- Jalore
  • (B) Tripura Sundari Mata Mandir- Tilwara (Barmer)
  • (C) Sundha Mata Mandir- Bhinmal (Jalore)
  • (D) Vibhishan Mandir- Kaithoon (Kota)
Answer- (B) Tripura Sundari Mata Mandir- Tilwara (Barmer)

Question 34. When did the Mangarh Massacre happen?

  • (A) `13^{th}` October, 1913
  • (B) `17^{th}` November, 1913
  • (C) `21^{st}` January, 1914
  • (D) `23^{rd}` March, 1914
Answer- (B) `17^{th}` November, 1913

Question 35. Pushkar lake is surrounded by how many Ghats?

  • (A) 42
  • (B) 46
  • (C) 52
  • (D) 58
Answer- (C) 52

Question 36. ‘Elder line’, the first Pan-India toll-free helpline number for senior citizen is-

  • (A) 10987
  • (B) 12468
  • (C) 14567
  • (D) 12345
Answer- (C) 14567

Question 37. What is head of the village called in the Garasia Tribe?

  • (A) Mukhi
  • (B) Patel
  • (C) Ladvi
  • (D) Kotwal
Answer- (B) Patel
  • This question has been removed by Rajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB) in the final answer key.
  • Question 38. The petroleum producing area in the Rajasthan is spread over how many districts?

    • (A) 9
    • (B) 12
    • (C) 14
    • (D) 16
    Answer- (C) 14

    Question 39. National Education Policy 2020 aims to achieve 100% Gross Enrolment Ratio in school education by-

    • (A) 2025
    • (B) 2030
    • (C) 2035
    • (D) 2040
    Answer- (B) 2030

    Question 40. Which of the following is the first desert park in Jaipur?

    • (A) Ram Bagh
    • (B) Kishan Bagh
    • (C) Laxman Bagh
    • (D) Hari Bagh
    Answer- (B) Kishan Bagh

    Question 41. In the following question, there are four choices of words with their letters jumbled up. Three of them are alike and one is different. Find the odd one out-

    • (A) C A R F A I
    • (B) A A I S
    • (C) R P O U E E
    • (D) I I A D N
    Answer- (D) I I A D N

    Question 42. Here, three different views of a cube are given. Based on these diagrams answer the question given below:

    Which of the following indicates the correct pair of opposite faces?

    • (A) a – d
    • (B) d – f
    • (C) f – e
    • (D) b – d
    Answer- (D) b – d

    Question 43. In a certain code, ‘DELHI’ is written as ‘CDKGH’ and ‘MADRAS’ as ‘LZCQZR’, the how will ‘PATNA’ be coded?

    • (A) OZTMZ
    • (B) OZSTM
    • (C) OZSMZ
    • (D) OZMSZ
    Answer- (C) OZSMZ

    Question 44. From the original position given in below figure, points A and B move one arm length clockwise and then cross over to the corner diagonally opposite, C and D move one arm length anti-clockwise and cross over the corner diagonally opposite. the original setting ADBC has how changed to-

    • (A) CDAB
    • (B) CBDA
    • (C) DCAB
    • (D) BCAD
    Answer- (B) CBDA

    Question 45. In a survey of 25 students, it was found that 15 had taken Mathematics, 12 had taken Physics and 11 had taken Chemistry, 5 had taken Mathematics and Chemistry, 9 had taken Mathematics and Physics, 4 had taken Physics and Chemistry and 3 had taken all the three subjects. Find the number of students who had taken both Physics and Chemistry but not Mathematics.

    • (A) 1
    • (B) 5
    • (C) 4
    • (D) 2
    Answer- (A) 1

    Question 46. Here, a statement is followed by three assumptions numbered I, II and III. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions, decide which of the assumption/assumptions is/are implicit in the statement and choose your answer accordingly.

    Statement : “Do not lean out of the moving train.”- A warning in the railway compartment.

    Assumptions :

    (I) Leaning out of a moving train is dangerous.

    (II) Such warning will have some effect.

    (III) It is the duty of railway authorities to take care of passengers’ safety.

    • (A) Only assumptions I and II are implicit.
    • (B) Only assumptions II and III are implicit.
    • (C) Assumptions I, II and III all are implicit.
    • (D) Only assumptions I and III are implicit.
    Answer- (C) Assumptions I, II and III all are implicit.

    Question 47. In a family of six members P, Q, R, S, X and Y. R is sister of Y. Q is brother of X’s husband. S is the father of P and grandfather of Y. There are two fathers. three brothers and a mother in this family. How many male members in the family?

    • (A) 3
    • (B) 4
    • (C) 5
    • (D) Can’t predict
    Answer- (B) 4

    Question 48. If 20-10 means 200, 8÷4 means 12, 6×2 means 4 and 20+5 means 4, then 100-10×1000÷1000+100×10= ?

    • (A) 0
    • (B) 10
    • (C) 1090
    • (D) 1910
    Answer- (A) 0

    Question 49. In the given figure, number of triangles is equal to-

    • (A) 28
    • (B) 26
    • (C) 24
    • (D) 22
    Answer- (A) 28

    Question 50. Find the missing number-

    • (A) 54
    • (B) 81
    • (C) 135
    • (D) 145
    Answer- (C) 135

    Question 51. The total number of eight digit numbers, in which have all digits are different, is-

    • (A) `9\lfloor9`
    • (B) `\frac{9\lfloor9}{2}`
    • (C) `\lfloor9`
    • (D) `\frac{9\lfloor9}{4}`
    Answer- (B) `\frac{9\lfloor9}{2}`

    Question 52. Average of 11 results is 55, if the average of first six results is 52 and the average of last six results is 57, then the sixth result is-

    • (A) 50
    • (B) 42
    • (C) 48
    • (D) 49
    Answer- (D) 49

    Question 53. A bag contains coins of Rs. 2, Rs. 1 and 50 paisa in the ration 6 : 7 : 15 respectively. If the total amount in the bag is Rs. 1590, then the number of 50 paisa coins in the bag is-

    • (A) 900
    • (B) 800
    • (C) 700
    • (D) 600
    Answer- (A) 900

    Question 54. If in a triangle ABC, AD is bisector of angle A, AB = 8 cm, AC = 10 cm and BC = 13.5 cm, then the value of BD is-

    • (A) 6 cm
    • (B) 5 cm
    • (C) 9 cm
    • (D) 4 cm
    Answer- (A) 6 cm

    Question 55. If 32x-3 = \frac{1}{27^{x-4}}, then value of x is-

    • (A) 1
    • (B) 2
    • (C) 3
    • (D) 0
    Answer- (C) 3

    Question 56. If \left|\vec{a}\right| = \left|\vec{b}\right| = \left|\vec{c}\right| and \vec{a} + \vec{b} = \vec{c}, then angle between \vec{a} and \vec{b} is-

    • (A) `\frac{\pi}{2}`
    • (B) `\pi`
    • (C) `\frac{2\pi}{3}`
    • (D) `\frac{\pi}{4}`
    Answer- (C) `\frac{2\pi}{3}`

    Question 57. The maximum value of

    5 cos θ + 3 cos (\theta+\frac{\pi}{3}) + 3 is-

    • (A) 8
    • (B) 10
    • (C) 11
    • (D) 15
    Answer- (B) 10

    Question 58. The equation of the curve passing through (1, 0) and satisfying the differential equation (1 + y2)dx – xydy = 0 is-

    • (A) x2 + y2 = 1
    • (B) x2 – y2 = 1
    • (C) 2x2 + y2 = 2
    • (D) y2 = 4x
    Answer- (B) `x^{2} – y^{2} = 1`

    Question 59. A man is known to speak truth 3 out of 4 times. He throws a die and reports that it is a six. The probability that is actually a six is-

    • (A) `\frac{1}{8}`
    • (B) `\frac{3}{8}`
    • (C) `\frac{1}{3}`
    • (D) `\frac{5}{8}`
    Answer- (B) `\frac{3}{8}`

    Question 60. Let f : R → R such that f (1) = 3 and f (1) = 6. Then, \displaystyle\lim_{x\to 0}\left[\frac{f(1+x)}{f(1)}\right]^{\frac{1}{x}} =

    • (A) 1
    • (B) `e^{\frac{1}{2}}`
    • (C) `e^{2}`
    • (D) `e^{3}`
    Answer- (C) `e^{2}`

    Question 61. Where is the cantonment Board established in Rajasthan?

    • (A) Chittorgarh
    • (B) Bhiwadi
    • (C) Beawar
    • (D) Nasirabad
    Answer- (D) Nasirabad

    Question 62. Which of the following statement is incorrect about Lokayukta in Rajasthan?

    • (A) He is appointed by chief justice.
    • (B) He considers the cases of corruption and mal-administration.
    • (C) His job is to investigate grievances.
    • (D) First lokayukta was appointed in 1973.
    Answer- (A) He is appointed by chief justice.

    Question 63. In which of the following Legislative Assembly-election, the number of members of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly was increased from 184 to 200?

    • (A) Second Assembly Election
    • (B) Fourth Assembly Election
    • (C) Sixth Assembly Election
    • (D) None of the above
    Answer- (C) Sixth Assembly Election

    Question 64. In which part of Indian Constitution the union and the states administrative relations are mentioned?

    • (A) Part-XI, Chapter-III
    • (B) Part-XI, Chapter-II
    • (C) Part-XI, Chapter-I
    • (D) Part-XIX, Chapter-II
    Answer- (B) Part-XI, Chapter-II

    Question 65. Whose responsibility is to get the survey of those living below the poverty line?

    • (A) Sub Divisional Officer (SDO)
    • (B) Block Development Officer (BDO)
    • (C) District Supply Officer (DSO)
    • (D) Statistics Officer
    Answer- (A) Sub Divisional Officer (SDO)

    Question 66. Which is incorrect statement in the following?

    • (A) Parliamentary Secretaries are appointed to assist Ministers.
    • (B) State governments have been appointing Parliamentary Secretaries from among MLAs.
    • (C) Chief Minister appoints Parliamentary Secretary and administer oath of office.
    • (D) The Third Schedule contains the form of oath or affirmation for Parliamentary Secretaries.
    Answer- (D) The Third Schedule contains the form of oath or affirmation for Parliamentary Secretaries.

    Question 67. When did Rajasthan Lokayukta and Up-Lokayukta Act receive the assent of the President?

    • (A) 1973
    • (B) 1977
    • (C) 1983
    • (D) 1985
    Answer- (A) 1973

    Question 68. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee is related to-

    • (A) Local Self Governance
    • (B) State Administration
    • (C) Centre State Relations
    • (D) Revenue Reform
    Answer- (A) Local Self Governance

    Question 69. Which of the following subject is not listed in the 11th schedule of Indian Constitution?

    • (A) Animal Husbandry
    • (B) Poverty Eradication Programme
    • (C) Minor Forest Product
    • (D) Kanji House
    Answer- (D) Kanji House

    Question 70. Which of the following (Articles – Provisions) pair is incorrect?

    • (A) Article 161- Power of Governor to grant pardon
    • (B) Article 167- Duties of Chief Minister
    • (C) Article 213- Power of Governor to promulgate ordinances
    • (D) Article 165- Special address by the governor
    Answer- (D) Article 165- Special address by the governor

    Question 71. Compact Disk-Recordable (CD-R) is a ……….

    • (A) Read only disk
    • (B) Write, erase, re-write disk
    • (C) Semi-conductor disk
    • (D) Write Once Read Many (WORM) disk
    Answer- (D) Write Once Read Many (WORM) disk

    Question 72. IBM 1401 is-

    • (A) First Generation Computer
    • (B) Second Generation Computer
    • (C) Third Generation Computer
    • (D) Fourth Generation Computer
    Answer- (B) Second Generation Computer

    Question 73. Which of the following is false?

    • (A) TCP enable dataflow for monitoring.
    • (B) TCP avoids network saturation.
    • (C) TCP makes communication between server and client.
    • (D) In TCP/IP model, internet layer is closest to the user.
    Answer- (D) In TCP/IP model, internet layer is closest to the user.

    Question 74. Which of the following is a valid set of High Level Languages?

    • (A) {COBOL, PNG, LIST}
    • (B) {RPG, LISP, SNOBOL}
    • (C) {C#, LPG, Python}
    • (D) {Java, Anaconda, Snowflake}
    Answer- (B) {RPG, LISP, SNOBOL}

    Question 75. In context of MS PowerPoint Presentation, the valid ordered pair to fill in the blanks is-

    A printout of ………. is strictly for the ………. .

    • (A) hand-outs, speaker
    • (B) notes, speaker
    • (C) notes, audience
    • (D) outlines, audience
    Answer- (B) notes, speaker

    Question 76. When was the world’s first Laptop computer introduced in the market and by whom?

    • (A) Hewlett-Packard, 1980
    • (B) Epson, 1981
    • (C) Laplink Traveling Software Inc, 1982
    • (D) Tandy Model-200, 1985
    Answer- (B) Epson, 1981

    Question 77. Which file is responsible to start MS Word?

    • (A) windword.exe
    • (B) win.exe
    • (C) word.exe
    • (D) wordwin.exe
    Answer- (A) windword.exe
  • This question has been removed by Rajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB) in the final answer key.
  • Question 78. If you want to enter current date in an MS Excel cell, then you can use-

    • (A) Shift + , (Comma)
    • (B) Alt + . (Dot)
    • (C) Ctrl + ; (Semicolon)
    • (D) Shift + Alt + D
    Answer- (C) Ctrl + ; (Semicolon)

    Question 79. Consider following statements:

    (I) A proxy firewall filters at the application layer.

    (II) A packet-filter firewall filters at the network or transport layer.

    Which of the above statements is/ are true?

    • (A) Only I
    • (B) Only II
    • (C) Both I and II
    • (D) Neither I nor II
    Answer- (C) Both I and II

    Question 80. The communication order of I/O system is-

    • (A) OS ⟷ Device Controller ⟷ Device Drivers ⟷ I/O Devices
    • (B) OS ⟷ Device Drivers ⟷ Device controllers ⟷ I/O Devices
    • (C) Device Controller ⟷ Device Drivers ⟷ I/O Devices ⟷ OS
    • (D) I/O Devices ⟷ OS ⟷ Device Drivers ⟷ Device Controllers
    Answer- (B) OS ⟷ Device Drivers ⟷ Device controllers ⟷ I/O Devices

    Question 81. Choose the correct option that expresses the meaning of the underlined idiom:

    Smugglers tried to fish in the troubled waters during World War II.

    • (A) to take double benefit
    • (B) to work hard to survive
    • (C) to take advantage from a chaotic situation
    • (D) try to destroy the enemy
    Answer- (C) to take advantage from a chaotic situation

    Question 82. Select the appropriate phrasal verb from the given options to fill the blank space and complete the sentence-

    “Ten candidates ………. for the interview.”

    • (A) turned over
    • (B) turned up
    • (C) turned out
    • (D) turned down
    Answer- (B) turned up

    Question 83. Match the words given in column (A) with their antonyms listed in column (B)-

    (A) Words(B) Antonyms
    (a) Approximately(I) Questionably
    (b) Precisely(II) Invisibly
    (c) Accurately(III) Exactly
    (d) Conspicuously(IV) Roughly

    Codes :

    • (A) a-II, b-III, c-IV, d-I
    • (B) a-IV, b-III, c-I, d-II
    • (C) a-II, b-IV, c-I, d-III
    • (D) a-III, b-IV, c-I, d-II
    Answer- (D) a-III, b-IV, c-I, d-II

    Question 84. Fill in the blank with the correct conjunction :

    He commands me ………. he were my boss.

    • (A) as
    • (B) however
    • (C) as if
    • (D) but
    Answer- (C) as if

    Question 85. Match the parts of sentences listed in Column (A) with those of the ones given in Column (B) so as to frame appropriately meaningful sentences-

    Column (A)Column (B)
    (a) Unless you work hard ………(I) ………. you would probably spend much.
    (b) If you were rich ……….(II) ………. got the prize.
    (c) The boy who stood first ……….(III) ………. before the train arrived.
    (d) We reached the station ……….(IV) ………. you will fail.

    Codes :

    • (A) a-II, b-I, c-IV, d-III
    • (B) a-II, b-III, c-IV, d-I
    • (C) a-IV, b-I, c-II, d-III
    • (D) a-III, b-II, c-IV, d-I
    Answer- (C) a-IV, b-I, c-II, d-III

    Question 86. The sentence: “Where did you buy this pen from?” (will be read in passive voice as)-

    • (A) From where had the pen been bought by you?
    • (B) From where is the pen bought by you?
    • (C) From where has the pen been bought by you?
    • (D) From where was this pen bought by you?
    Answer- (D) From where was this pen bought by you?

    Question 87. Fill in the blank with the correct option :

    A speech given without preparation is called ……….

    • (A) Urge
    • (B) Exhortation
    • (C) Rhetorical
    • (D) Extempore
    Answer- (D) Extempore

    Question 88. Choose the correct option-

    He said, “Give me some food, please.” (Change into Indirect Speech)

    • (A) He said to me that give him food, please.
    • (B) He requested me that give me some food.
    • (C) He told me to give him food, please.
    • (D) He requested me to give him some food.
    Answer- (D) He requested me to give him some food.

    Question 89. Fill in the blank with the correct preposition-

    Mr. Mohan divided his property ………. his four sons equally.

    • (A) for
    • (B) in
    • (C) between
    • (D) among
    Answer- (D) among

    Question 90. Out of the following proverbs, which one is correctly framed or does not have any error in its form?

    • (A) A apple a day keeps the doctor away
    • (B) Don’t judge a book by their cover
    • (C) Where their’s a will, their’s a way
    • (D) Cleanliness is next to Godliness
    Answer- (D) Cleanliness is next to Godliness

    Question 91. किस विकल्प में सभी शब्द तत्सम हैं-

    • (A) जृम्भिका, तेवर, दस, दाम
    • (B) पीत, पूर्ण, पाश, पुण्य
    • (C) अर्ध, आज, पनहा, पाद
    • (D) अवसर, आलस, ईख, ईंट
    Answer- (B) पीत, पूर्ण, पाश, पुण्य

    Question 92. निम्न में से किस शब्द का संधि-विच्छेद सही नहीं है?

    • (A) आविष्कृत = आविः + कृत
    • (B) गुर्वृण = गुरु + ऋण
    • (C) पित्रादि = पितृ + अदि
    • (D) अन्वेषण = अनु + एषण
    Answer- (C) पित्रादि = पितृ + अदि

    Question 93. अर्थ की दृष्टि से अंसगत मुहावरे का चयन कीजिए-

    • (A) एक घाट का पानी पीना- एकता और सहिष्णुता होना।
    • (B) कमान से तीर निकल जाना- अवसर चूक जाना।
    • (C) ऊँचे-नीचे पैर पड़ना- आँगन का समतल न होना।
    • (D) कंधे से कंधा छिलना- अत्यधिक भीड़ होना।
    Answer- (C) ऊँचे-नीचे पैर पड़ना- आँगन का समतल न होना।

    Question 94. कौनसा शब्द युग्म अर्थ की दृष्टि से संगत नहीं है?

    • (A) चरित्र – चरित्रा = आचरण, इमली का पेड़
    • (B) यष्टि – याष्ठि = लाठी, मोती माला
    • (C) निशामुख – निशामृग = नाखून, घोंसला
    • (D) मंजरी – मंजीर = कोंपल, नूपुर
    Answer- (C) निशामुख – निशामृग = नाखून, घोंसला

    Question 95. पर्यायवाची शब्दों के संबंध में असंगत युग्म चुनिए-

    • (A) तरणी, द्रोणी, उडुप- नाव
    • (B) अंभसार, इंदुमणि, प्रवाल- मोती
    • (C) पाशहस्त, सावित्रेय, कृतांत- बलराम
    • (D) सलिलेश, क्षीरधि, अर्णव- समुद्र
    Answer- (C) पाशहस्त, सावित्रेय, कृतांत- बलराम

    Question 96. कौनसा वाक्यांश युग्म संगत नहीं है?

    • (A) जो हृदय को पिघला दे- हृदयद्रावक
    • (B) कोई काम करने की इच्छा- चरिष्णु
    • (C) जो पहले कभी न हुआ हो- अभूतपूर्व
    • (D) आकाश में असंख्य तारों का प्रकाश पुंज- नीहारिका
    Answer- (B) कोई काम करने की इच्छा- चरिष्णु

    Question 97. किस विकल्प में विलोम-युग्म अनुचित है?

    • (A) तामसिक – सात्विक
    • (B) व्यक्त – गृहीत
    • (C) यौवन – वार्धक्य
    • (D) यथार्थ – परार्थ
    Answer- (D) यथार्थ – परार्थ
  • This question has been removed by Rajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB) in the final answer key.
  • Question 98. निम्न में से किस विकल्प के सभी शब्द अशुद्ध हैं?

    • (A) अनुगृहीत, अतिथि, श्रृंगार
    • (B) दृष्ट्व्य, दम्पति, पृथकीकरण
    • (C) पड़ोसी, द्वारका, दुरवस्था
    • (D) लम्ब-प्रतिष्ठ, अहर्निश, निष्प्रभा
    Answer- (B) दृष्ट्व्य, दम्पति, पृथकीकरण

    Question 99. कौनसा विकल्प द्वन्द्व समास का उदाहरण नहीं है?

    • (A) भक्ष्याभक्ष्य, पच्चीस
    • (B) कृष्णार्जुन, कंकर-पत्थर
    • (C) मकरध्वज, अंशुमाली
    • (D) थोड़ा-बहुत, उचितानुचित
    Answer- (C) मकरध्वज, अंशुमाली

    Question 100. ‘इक नागिन अरू पंख लगायी’ उक्त लोकोक्ति का उचित भावार्थ है-

    • (A) नागिन के पंख लग जाना
    • (B) सोच-समझकर कार्य करना
    • (C) अत्यधिक ज़हर चढ़ना
    • (D) एक दोष के साथ दूसरे का जुड़ जाना
    Answer- (D) एक दोष के साथ दूसरे का जुड़ जाना

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