Rajasthan Police Sub Inspector Exam Question Paper-II (GK & GS) 2021 (14-09-2021)

General Information about Rajasthan Police Sub Inspector Exam Question Paper-II (General Knowledge & General Science) 2021

Exam BoardRajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC)
Exam NameSub Inspector & Platoon Commander (RPSC SI)
Exam Date14-09-2021
Exam Time03.00 PM to 05.00 PM
Answer Key issue date2023
Final Answer key issue date19-10-2023
Exam ModeOffline
Question paper languageHindi & English
Question paper typeObjective
SubjectGeneral Knowledge and General Science (GK & GS)
Total Question100
Maximum Marks200
Negative Marking1/3
Time2 Hours

Note :- The answers to all the questions given in this question paper have been taken from the official answer key of RPSC.

Question 1. Who were Naynar?

  • (A) Shaiv Saint
  • (B) Vaishnav Saint
  • (C) Sikh Saint
  • (D) Christian Saint
Answer- (A) Shaiv Saint

Question 2. Who founded the city of Agra?

  • (A) Bahlol Lodi
  • (B) Ibrahim Lodi
  • (C) Sikandar Lodi
  • (D) Mahmood Lodi
Answer- (C) Sikandar Lodi

Question 3. Hot desert regions are found mostly in the western part of the continents between which latitudes?

  • (A) 15° – 30° North/ South
  • (B) 30° – 60° North/ South
  • (C) 60° – 75° North/ South
  • (D) 75° – 90° North/ South
Answer- (A) 15° – 30° North/ South

Question 4. Which is the highest plateau in the world?

  • (A) Deccan Plateau of India
  • (B) Arab Plateau
  • (C) Plateau of Turkey
  • (D) Plateau of Tibet
Answer- (D) Plateau of Tibet

Question 5. Which one of the following is not a tree of coniferous forest?

  • (A) Spruce
  • (B) Larch
  • (C) Fir
  • (D) Mahogany
Answer- (D) Mahogany

Question 6. The Hurda conference called in 1734 A.D. was presided by

  • (A) Sawai Jai Singh
  • (B) Zorawar Singh
  • (C) Durjan Sal
  • (D) Jagat Singh
Answer- (D) Jagat Singh

Question 7. Birmingham is famous for :

  • (A) Cotton Textile Industry
  • (B) Iron & Steel Industry
  • (C) Electric Equipments
  • (D) Aluminium Industry
Answer- (B) Iron & Steel Industry

Question 8. Which of the following landforms is a mountain range rather than a pass?

  • (A) Thal Ghat
  • (B) Bhor Ghat
  • (C) Pal Ghat
  • (D) Western Ghat
Answer- (D) Western Ghat

Question 9. Which one of the following States of India is not producing Rubber?

  • (A) Karnataka
  • (B) Telangana
  • (C) Kerala
  • (D) Tamil Nadu
Answer- (B) Telangana

Question 10. Which type of iron ore has magnetic properties?

  • (A) Magnetite
  • (B) Haemetite
  • (C) Limonite
  • (D) Siderite
Answer- (A) Magnetite

Question 11. Which iron & steel plant was installed with British Technological support?

  • (A) Bhilai
  • (B) Durgapur
  • (C) Rourkela
  • (D) Bokaro
Answer- (B) Durgapur

Question 12. Sea of Marmara is located in between ________.

  • (A) Azov sea and Aegean sea
  • (B) Aegean sea and Black sea
  • (C) Myrtoan sea and Crete sea
  • (D) Ionian sea and Levantine sea
Answer- (B) Aegean sea and Black sea

Question 13. Mukandra Hills are located in :

  • (A) Hadoti Plateau
  • (B) Bhorat Plateau
  • (C) Arawali Hills
  • (D) Chhappan Plains
Answer- (A) Hadoti Plateau

Question 14. Som-Kamla-Amba Irrigation project constructed for which district?

  • (A) Udaipur
  • (B) Chittorgarh
  • (C) Dungarpur
  • (D) Rajsamand
Answer- (C) Dungarpur

Question 15. Cement sheets, tiles, filters, boilers and other heat resistant items made from which mineral?

  • (A) Felspar
  • (B) Dolomite
  • (C) Asbestos
  • (D) Wollastonite
Answer- (C) Asbestos

Question 16. When did the Ganganagar Sugar Mills Limited start making sugar from sugarbeets?

  • (A) 1968
  • (B) 1967
  • (C) 1963
  • (D) 1969
Answer- (A) 1968

Question 17. Which of the following pipeline transports gas only?

  • (A) Naharkatiya – Noonmati – Barauni
  • (B) Salaya – Koyali – Mathura
  • (C) Hazira – Bijaipur – Jagdishpur
  • (D) Mumbai – Ankleshwar
Answer- (C) Hazira – Bijaipur – Jagdishpur

Question 18. By which of the following Act Dyarchy was established in Centre?

  • (A) Council of India Act, 1891
  • (B) Council of India Act, 1909
  • (C) Government of India Act, 1919
  • (D) Government of India Act, 1935
Answer- (D) Government of India Act, 1935

Question 19. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:

List-I (Provision of Indian Constitution)List-II (Borrowed from Foreign Constitution)
(a) Law making procedure(I) French Constitution
(b) Power of judicial review(II) British Constitution
(c) Principles of liberty and equality(III) United States of America Constitution
(d) Residual powers(IV) Canadian Constitution
  • Codes :
  • (A) a-II, b-III, c-IV, d-I
  • (B) a-II, b-III, c-I, d-IV
  • (C) a-I, b-II, c-III, d-IV
  • (D) a-III, d-IV, c-II, d-a
Answer- (B) a-II, b-III, c-I, d-IV

Question 20. Sonari breed of sheep is found in which district of Rajasthan?

  • (A) Pali
  • (B) Nagaur
  • (C) Sirohi
  • (D) Udaipur
Answer- (D) Udaipur

Question 21. Whose statement is “I am agree with your view that although our constitution contains provisions which give such power to the centre in which the independence of the provinces is abolished, yet it is a federal constitution”?

  • (A) Prof. K.C. Wheare
  • (B) Morris Jones
  • (C) Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar
  • (D) K.M. Munshi
Answer- (C) Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar

Question 22. The state can impose compulsory service for public purposes. In imposing such service the state shall not made any discrimination on which of the following grounds?

  • (A) Religion, race, caste or class
  • (B) Sex, religion, race or caste
  • (C) Race, caste, descent, place of birth
  • (D) Religion, race, descent, residence
Answer- (A) Religion, race, caste or class

Question 23. To whom will the Lok Sabha Speaker address his resignation?

  • (A) President of India
  • (B) Prime Minister of India
  • (C) Vice-President of India
  • (D) Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
Answer- (D) Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

Question 24. Which group of states have a bicameral legislature?

  • (A) Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
  • (B) Bihar, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka
  • (C) Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Goa
  • (D) Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka
Answer- (B) Bihar, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka

Question 25. A motion for removal of a judge of the Supreme Court of India has to be passed by:

  • (A) A simple majority of the lower House of the Parliament.
  • (B) A two-third majority of the upper House of the Parliament.
  • (C) A majority of the total membership of each House.
  • (D) A majority of the total membership in each House and by a majority of not less than two-thirds of that House present and voting.
Answer- (D) A majority of the total membership in each House and by a majority of not less than two-thirds of that House present and voting.

Question 26. In which of the following circumstance, special meeting of the Gram Sabha may be convened under Rajasthan Panchayati Raj (Modification of Provisions in their Application to the Scheduled Area) Rules, 2011?

  • (A) On the basis of the written information given to the secretary by atleast 5 percent of total members of Gram Sabha or 25 members, whichever is more.
  • (B) On the basis of the written information given to the secretary by atleast 10 percent of total members of Gram Sabha or 25 members, whichever is more.
  • (C) On the basis of the written information given to the secretary by atleast 5 percent of total members of Gram Sabha or 50 members, whichever is more.
  • (D) On the basis of the 10 percent of total members of Gram Sabha or 50 members, whichever is more.
Answer- (A) On the basis of the written information given to the secretary by atleast 5 percent of total members of Gram Sabha or 25 members, whichever is more.

Question 27. A no-confidence motion was moved in the Legislative Assembly against the ‘caretaker government’ of which of the following Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

  • (A) Jai Narayan Vyas
  • (B) Tika Ram Paliwal
  • (C) Mohanlal Sukhadia
  • (D) Hari Dev Joshi
Answer- (B) Tika Ram Paliwal

Question 28. Who appoints the State Chief Information Commissioner?

  • (A) Chief Minister
  • (B) President
  • (C) Prime Minister
  • (D) Governor
Answer- (D) Governor

Question 29. Vishakha guideline issued by Supreme Court of India in case of Vishaka v/s Rajasthan Govt. relates to

  • (A) Crime against Children
  • (B) To check woman domestic atrocities
  • (C) To check sexual harassment
  • (D) Woman’s forced labour
Answer- (C) To check sexual harassment

Question 30. Comptroller and Auditor General of India has term of:

  • (A) five years
  • (B) three years
  • (C) six years
  • (D) two years
Answer- (C) six years

Question 31. If the office of the Vice-President is vacant, the President of India shall tender his resignation addressing which of the following?

  • (A) The Chief Justice of India
  • (B) The Speaker of the House of the People
  • (C) The Vice-President
  • (D) The Deputy Chairman of the Council of States
Answer- (C) The Vice-President

Question 32. Which is not correct about ‘Rajasthan Guaranteed Delivery of Public Services Act’?

  • (A) In the beginning Act covered 108 services of 15 major government departments.
  • (B) Government made a provision of the penalty imposed for failing to provide a service or for a delay.
  • (C) When calculating the deadline, public holidays will not be included.
  • (D) Fees will be payable with first appeal, second appeal and revision requirement.
Answer- (D) Fees will be payable with first appeal, second appeal and revision requirement.

Question 33. Which of the following are the conditions of the Governor’s office?

(I) He is a citizen of India.

(II) He shall not be a member of either House of Parliament or a House of Legislature of any state.

(III) He shall not hold any other office of profit.

(IV) He has completed the age of thirty five years.

Choose the correct option :

  • (A) Only I and IV
  • (B) Only II and III
  • (C) Only I, II and III
  • (D) I, II, III, and IV
Answer- (B) Only II and III

Question 34. Narsimhan Committee is related to-

  • (A) Higher Education Reforms
  • (B) Tax Structure Reforms
  • (C) Banking Structure Reforms
  • (D) Planning Implementation Reforms
Answer- (C) Banking Structure Reforms

Question 35. What was the main theme of twelfth five year plan of India?

  • (A) More rapid and more inclusive growth
  • (B) Rapid, more inclusive and sustainable growth.
  • (C) Growth with justice and equality.
  • (D) Sustainable development.
Answer- (B) Rapid, more inclusive and sustainable growth.

Question 36. Social justice is the balance between-

  • (A) Individual rights and social control
  • (B) Society and individual
  • (C) Fundamental rights and judicial system
  • (D) Individual and family
Answer- (A) Individual rights and social control

Question 37. The Government of India announced a remedial and reform package (Atamnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan) comprising of stimulus package amounts to what percent of India’s Gross Domestic Product?

  • (A) 5 Percent
  • (B) 10 Percent
  • (C) 20 Percent
  • (D) 25 Percent
Answer- (B) 10 Percent

Question 38. Public wants which are satisfied on the basis of consumer’s choice are termed as:

  • (A) Merit wants
  • (B) Collective wants
  • (C) Social wants
  • (D) Utility oriented wants
Answer- (A) Merit wants

Question 39. Union Government’s ‘PAHAL’ Scheme is related to :

  • (A) Toilets construction in schools.
  • (B) LPG subsidy transfer in consumer’s account.
  • (C) Promoting girls education.
  • (D) Ensuring health facilities to senior citizens.
Answer- (B) LPG subsidy transfer in consumer’s account.

Question 40. Which of the following is not an indicator of Human Development Index (HDI)?

  • (A) Standard of Living
  • (B) Education
  • (C) Life Expectancy
  • (D) Condition of Environment
Answer- (D) Condition of Environment

Question 41. Under the Scheme of Mukhya Mantri Rajshree Yojana, the girl child belonging to State of Rajasthan is eligible for financial assistance born on or after the first of :

  • (A) May, 2016
  • (B) June, 2016
  • (C) July, 2016
  • (D) August, 2016
Answer- (B) June, 2016

Question 42. What is the ratio of share of centre and state for all categories of farmers under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana – Micro Irrigation (PMKSYMI)

  • (A) 40 : 60
  • (B) 50 : 50
  • (C) 60 : 40
  • (D) 70 : 30
Answer- (C) 60 : 40

Question 43. As per the Rajasthan Sustainable Development Goals Index 1.0, which district scored highest marks?

  • (A) Jhunjhunu
  • (B) Udaipur
  • (C) Kota
  • (D) Jaipur
Answer- (A) Jhunjhunu

Question 44. According to the census 2011, the district with lowest female literacy rate in Rajasthan is :

  • (A) Jalore
  • (B) Sirohi
  • (C) Barmer
  • (D) Banswara
Answer- (A) Jalore

Question 45. In Rajasthan, Navjivan Yojana has been started for:

  • (A) The persons, communities engaged in manufacturing of illegal liquor.
  • (B) Providing employment opportunities to drug addicts.
  • (C) Providing scholarship to specially abled students in state government schools.
  • (D) Providing skill training to prisoners.
Answer- (A) The persons, communities engaged in manufacturing of illegal liquor.

Question 46. Accounting covers :

(I) Data collection system and reporting of information from that system.

(II) Transaction tracking.

(III) Financial reporting

  • (A) I only
  • (B) I and II
  • (C) I and III
  • (D) I, II and III
Answer- (D) I, II and III

Question 47. Which of the following is not an instrument of fiscal policy?

  • (A) Tax
  • (B) Government Expenditure
  • (C) Bank Rate
  • (D) Public Borrowings
Answer- (C) Bank Rate

Question 48. Why does a person climbing a mountain bends forward?

  • (A) Due to fatigue
  • (B) To increase velocity
  • (C) To increase stability
  • (D) Due to religious beliefs
Answer- (C) To increase stability

Question 49. In human body Glucose is stored in the form of

  • (A) Starch
  • (B) Glycogen
  • (C) Fructose
  • (D) Maltose
Answer- (B) Glycogen

Question 50. It is the hardest substance in human body:

  • (A) Keratin
  • (B) Bone
  • (C) Tooth Enamel
  • (D) Amino acid
Answer- (C) Tooth Enamel

Question 51. Tharparkar is the breed of which animal?

  • (A) Cow
  • (B) Buffalo
  • (C) Goat
  • (D) Sheep
Answer- (A) Cow

Question 52. Which of the following aggregate is called National Income?

  • (A) Net National Product at market price
  • (B) Net National Product at factor cost
  • (C) Gross Domestic Product at market price
  • (D) Gross National Product at factor cost
Answer- (B) Net National Product at factor cost

Question 53. Which of the following vegetable is not a root?

  • (A) Potato
  • (B) Carrot
  • (C) Radish
  • (D) Turnip
Answer- (A) Potato

Question 54. Which of these is the smallest possible unit of data?

  • (A) Bit
  • (B) Byte
  • (C) Kilobyte
  • (D) Megabyte
Answer- (A) Bit

Question 55. Which one is water soluble vitamin?

  • (A) Vitamin A
  • (B) Vitamin B1
  • (C) Vitamin D
  • (D) Vitamin E
Answer- (B) Vitamin B1

Question 56. Which of the following gases are main contributors to acid rain?

  • (A) Oxygen and carbon monoxide
  • (B) Sulphur dioxide and oxygen
  • (C) Sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide
  • (D) Sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide
Answer- (D) Sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide

Question 57. Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute located at which location in Rajasthan?

  • (A) Avikanagar, Tonk
  • (B) Jorbeer, Bikaner
  • (C) Tabiji, Ajmer
  • (D) Durgapura, Jaipur
Answer- (A) Avikanagar, Tonk

Question 58. The term ‘Nano-technology’ was first used by-

  • (A) Norio Taniguichi
  • (B) Shinya Yamanaka
  • (C) Yoshinori Ohsumi
  • (D) Hiroshi Kimura
Answer- (A) Norio Taniguichi

Question 59. Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI) of CSIR is located at-

  • (A) Lucknow
  • (B) Pilani
  • (C) Ajmer
  • (D) New Delhi
Answer- (B) Pilani

Question 60. The unit of electrical resistance is-

  • (A) ampere
  • (B) volt
  • (C) coulomb
  • (D) ohm
Answer- (D) ohm

Question 61. Which of the following chemical is released during allergic reactions?

  • (A) Hapten
  • (B) Histamine
  • (C) Heparin
  • (D) Sulphuric acid (H2SO4)
Answer- (B) Histamine

Question 62. When was Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) established?

  • (A) 1st August, 1969
  • (B) 10th August, 1966
  • (C) 12th August, 1969
  • (D) 15th August, 1969
Answer- (D) 15th August, 1969

Question 63. Statement : “Many people, affected by flood in the area, were assembled for food, water and shelter in the relief camp.”

Assumptions :

I. There is sufficient material in relief camp to provide food and water for flood affected people.

II. The people whose house are completely drowned in water will be provided temporary shelter.

III. There are many more flood affected people who are unable to reach in the relief camp.

Then, which assumption(s) is/are implied by the statement?

  • (A) All implies
  • (B) Only I and II imply
  • (C) Only I and III imply
  • (D) None imply
Answer- (B) Only I and II imply

Question 64. Assertion (A) : Leaves are green in colour.

Cause (R) : Chlorophyll, a green pigment present in the leaves.

Choose the correct option :

  • (A) Both (A) and (R) correct and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).
  • (B) Both (A) and (R) correct and (R) is not the correct explanation of (A).
  • (C) (A) is correct but (R) is incorrect.
  • (D) (A) is incorrect but (R) is correct.
Answer- (A) Both (A) and (R) correct and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).

Question 65. The primary radioactive nuclides released in the Fukushima Daiichi (Japan) nuclear disaster, were-

  • (A) Fluorine & Calcium
  • (B) Oxygen 18 & Barium
  • (C) Iodine-131 & Chlorine
  • (D) Iodine-131 & Cesium-137
Answer- (D) Iodine-131 & Cesium-137

Question 66. The number in place of the question mark (?) in the given number series, is :

12, 6, 18, 9, 26, 13, 36, 18, ?

  • (A) 48
  • (B) 21
  • (C) 46
  • (D) 60
Answer- (A) 48

Question 67. In a certain code language

134 means ‘good and tasty’

478 means ‘see good pictures’

729 means ‘pictures are faint’

Which of the following digits stands for ‘see’?

  • (A) 9
  • (B) 2
  • (C) 1
  • (D) 8
Answer- (D) 8

Question 68. Six members A, B, C, D, E and F of a family are travelling together, ‘B’ is son of ‘C’ but ‘C’ is not the mother of ‘B’. ‘A’ and ‘C’ is a married couple. ‘E’ is brother of ‘C’. ‘D’ is daughter of ‘A’. ‘F’ is brother of ‘B’. So how many male members are there in the family?

  • (A) 3
  • (B) 2
  • (C) 4
  • (D) 5
Answer- (C) 4

Question 69. How many triangles are in the given shape?

  • (A) 15
  • (B) 30
  • (C) 18
  • (D) 16
Answer- (D) 16

Question 70. The ratio of income of two persons A and B is 8 : 5 and ratio of their expenditure is 5 : 3. If the savings of A and B are ₹ 2,400 and ₹ 2,000 respectively, then income of A (in rupees) is :

  • (A) 21,400
  • (B) 22,400
  • (C) 23,400
  • (D) 24,400
Answer- (B) 22,400

Question 71. A city of Rajasthan has population 3,00,000. Out of which 1,80,000 are male and 50% of the total population is literate. If 70% of the male are literate, then the number of illiterate female is :

  • (A) 93,000
  • (B) 94,000
  • (C) 96,000
  • (D) 97,000
Answer- (C) 96,000

Question 72. At a fixed rate of interest on any wealth, the simple interest of two years is ₹ 120 and compound interest is ₹ 129, then the interest rate will be-

  • (A) 15%
  • (B) 12½%
  • (C) 9%
  • (D) 51%
Answer- (A) 15%

Question 73. Tiangong is :

  • (A) Newly launched Chinese Interplanetary Mission
  • (B) Chinese Space Station
  • (C) Chinese Mission for Mars Landing
  • (D) Chinese Mission for Moon Landing
Answer- (B) Chinese Space Station

Question 74. The value of (1 – 1/3) (1 – 1/4) (1 – 1/5) ……. (1 – 1/n) is equal to :

  • (A) 1/n
  • (B) 2/n
  • (C) n/2
  • (D) 4/n
Answer- (B) 2/n

Question 75. Who is the 24th Chief Election Commissioner of India?

  • (A) Sunil Arora
  • (B) Nasim Zaidi
  • (C) Sushil Chandra
  • (D) Om Prakash Rawat
Answer- (C) Sushil Chandra

Question 76. The “India Energy Outlook Report 2021” is released by-

  • (A) Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
  • (B) Ministry of Power
  • (C) NITI Aayog
  • (D) International Energy Agency
Answer- (D) International Energy Agency

Question 77. Who introduced the much talked about Farm Bill (2020) in the Indian Parliament?

  • (A) Narendra Modi
  • (B) Surinderjeet Singh Ahluwalia
  • (C) Narendra Singh Tomar
  • (D) Dharmendra Pradhan
Answer- (C) Narendra Singh Tomar

Question 78. Who among the following was Chairman of the committee that drafted the National Education Policy-2020?

  • (A) E. Sreedharan
  • (B) K. Kumaramangalam
  • (C) K. Karunakaran
  • (D) K. Kasturirangan
Answer- (D) K. Kasturirangan

Question 79. Weight-lifter Mirabai Chanu belongs to which Indian State?

  • (A) Manipur
  • (B) Assam
  • (C) Tripura
  • (D) Arunachal Pradesh
Answer- (A) Manipur

Question 80. Talcher Thermal Power Plant decommissioned in March, 2021 is located in

  • (A) Karnataka
  • (B) Odisha
  • (C) Kerala
  • (D) Tamil Nadu
Answer- (B) Odisha

Question 81. The ‘Al-Aqsa Mosque’ is located at-

  • (A) Kabul
  • (B) Jerusalem
  • (C) Gaza Strip
  • (D) Istanbul
Answer- (B) Jerusalem

Question 82. The Headquarters of Marwar Regional Tribal Development Board is proposed to be established at-

  • (A) Jodhpur
  • (B) Pali
  • (C) Barmer
  • (D) Udaipur
Answer- (A) Jodhpur

Question 83. Read the following statements about Mukhyamantri Corona Bal Kalyan Yojana in Rajasthan :

(I) Under the scheme, ₹ 1 lakh will be given as an immediate grant to the child who got orphaned due to Covid-19.

(II) Such orphaned child will also receive ₹ 3,500 per month till 18 years of age.

Choose the correct option :

  • (A) Only I is true.
  • (B) Only II is true.
  • (C) Neither I nor II is true.
  • (D) Both the statements I & II are true.
Answer- (A) Only I is true.

Question 84. Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme in Rajasthan commenced on-

  • (A) 1st May, 2021
  • (B) 1st May, 2020
  • (C) 31st December, 2020
  • (D) 1st February, 2021
Answer- (A) 1st May, 2021

Question 85. What is “Coviself”?

  • (A) A new COVID-19 vaccine developed by Dr. Reddy’s Lab.
  • (B) The portal created by Union Government for the registration of vaccination.
  • (C) An anti-COVID-19 drug developed by DRDO.
  • (D) A rapid antigen test kit for COVID-19.
Answer- (D) A rapid antigen test kit for COVID-19.

Question 86. What is “Traceability Provision” in the IT Rules of 2021?

  • (A) A GPS based system, which will trace every vehicle on the road.
  • (B) Social media platform’s legal obligation to provide identification of the first originator of any information.
  • (C) Unique digital identification mark which will be put on each digital device in order to prevent theft.
  • (D) Digital mapping of land and ownership for better property tax collection.
Answer- (B) Social media platform’s legal obligation to provide identification of the first originator of any information.

Question 87. Number of medals won by India in Tokyo Olympics 2020:

  • (A) Seven
  • (B) Eight
  • (C) Six
  • (D) Five
Answer- (A) Seven

Question 88. The crater on lunar surface whose images were captured by Chandrayan 2 orbitor :

  • (A) Sarabhai Crater
  • (B) Kalam Crater
  • (C) Ramanna Crater
  • (D) Bhabha Crater
Answer- (A) Sarabhai Crater

Question 89. After exile from Marwar which post was given to Durgadass in Mewar?

  • (A) Senapati
  • (B) Hakim
  • (C) Pradhan
  • (D) Mansabdar
Answer- (B) Hakim

Question 90. “Atpati Pagri” is related with which school of painting?

  • (A) Bundi
  • (B) Kotah
  • (C) Mewar
  • (D) Amer
Answer- (C) Mewar

Question 91. Evidence of ploughed field has been found at-

  • (A) Kalibanga
  • (B) Mohanjodaro
  • (C) Banwali
  • (D) Harpappa
Answer- (A) Kalibanga

Question 92. The Mangarh massacre took place in the year

  • (A) 1911 A.D.
  • (B) 1912 A.D.
  • (C) 1913 A.D.
  • (D) 1914 A.D.
Answer- (C) 1913 A.D.

Question 93. The slogan “Back to the Vedas” was given by-

  • (A) Swami Vivekanand
  • (B) Swami Dayanand Saraswati
  • (C) Swami Shraddhanand
  • (D) Ramkrishna Paramhans
Answer- (B) Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Question 94. In which style ‘Bani-Thani’ painting is?

  • (A) Mewar
  • (B) Bundi
  • (C) Bikaner
  • (D) Kishangarh
Answer- (D) Kishangarh

Question 95. Evidence of fire altaras found at-

  • (A) Mohanjodaro
  • (B) Chanhudaro
  • (C) Lothal
  • (D) Kalibanga
  • This question has been removed by RPSC in the final answer key.
  • Question 96. Which leader of Rajasthan is known as “Loknayak”?

    • (A) Mohanlal Sukhadiya
    • (B) Heeralal Shastri
    • (C) Jai Narayan Vyas
    • (D) Hari Dev Joshi
    Answer- (C) Jai Narayan Vyas

    Question 97. Who is known as father of Modern India?

    • (A) Maharshi Devendra Nath Tagore
    • (B) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
    • (C) Keshub Chandra Sen
    • (D) Raja Rammohan Roy
    Answer- (D) Raja Rammohan Roy

    Question 98. The festival of “Kajali Teej” is celebrated on-

    • (A) Bhadrapad Krishna tritya
    • (B) Asadha Krishna tritya
    • (C) Shravan Shukla tritya
    • (D) Chaitra Shukla tritya
    Answer- (A) Bhadrapad Krishna tritya

    Question 99. Which fort is called armoured fort by Abul Fazal?

    • (A) Chittor Fort
    • (B) Kumbhalgarh Fort
    • (C) Mehrangarh Fort
    • (D) Ranthambhore Fort
    Answer- (D) Ranthambhore Fort

    Question 100. Subhash Chandra Bose addressed Mahatma Gandhi as Rashtrapita on-

    • (A) 16th July, 1944
    • (B) 6th July, 1944
    • (C) 16th July, 1945
    • (D) 6th July, 1945
    Answer- (B) 6th July, 1944

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